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Meanwhile, Alternis reports Edea's treason to the Council of Six. Now that they know the vestal's group is travelling into Florem, Victor and Victoria, two other members of the council, decide to stop the vestal themselves.

Miasma Woods[edit]

The Miasma Woods is located at the northeastern region of Harena. It is previously inaccessible due to the hazardous miasma, but now that the wind is blowing again, the fog is dispersed to bearable levels. However, there are still puddles of poisonous swamp on the ground. Walking into these patches will cause your whole party to be poisoned, so watch your step. If one of your characters have the Dungeon Master support command enabled, you can actually take shortcuts past some swampland to traverse this dungeon faster!

The woods are home to a bunch of new enemies. Great Moths can inflict Confuse status with Wing Scales, which will make the affected character behave unpredictably unless you hit them out of it. Treants are also very annoying, as they can put your whole party to Sleep. Scorpions are more standard enemies that inflict Poison. Lastly, Myconids are unique enemies that can generate copies of themselves whenever they're hit with physical attacks. They are pretty good to grind on, since every new Myconid gives you experience and job points as well.

At the entrance to the forest, there is a talking fox with the same inventory as the one in Yulyana. The first section of the Miasma Woods is pretty straightforward. Head north and go around the large poison swamp, then round the corner and go north again. Near the exit, go west and around the curve to find a Remedy. Head through the exit up north to enter the central region of Miasma Woods.

Here, head east past a blue chest, then north between several poison swamps. Follow the dirt path and you should come across a chest with 2000 pg along the way, and one with a Scimitar at the dead end. Backtrack to the intersection west of the blue chest and head north. Go east into the small branching path to find a Phoenix Down within a chest. Continue north and west to reach the final section of Miasma Woods.

Hug the northern wall to safely reach a chest containing a Hi-Potion. Follow the southern path between two swamps, then do a U-turn toward the east and head into the second eastern exit. You'll be back at the central section, where you can find an X-Potion. Return to the northern region and continue down the path to the west. Head north when you get the chance to reach a chest with an Ether. Head south and continue south at the intersection. Follow the dirt path around to find an Earthing Rod within the chest. Head west again, and carefully travel down the thin passage between the swamp to get to a chest containing a Turbo Ether. Start heading north when you're back on the main path. Make a detour east to a chest for a Remedy, then hurry north. Restock and save with the Adventurer if you want, then exit into the Florem region!

Florem, Land of Radiant Flowers[edit]

Somewhere else, Alternis requests the help of the Bloodrose Legion, the Eternian forces operating in Florem. After the cutscene ends, start heading west toward the city of Florem. It lies at the center of a river delta, so you'll have to cross several bridges to get there. Upon arrival, Agnes will state that Florem is a city populated exclusively with women, but some things have changed. While Florem used to be a devout Crystalist city, the locals seem more concerned about beauty and materialism. Perhaps the matriarch of the town knows what caused this change.

The extravagant city of Florem is split into two sections. The City Entrance contains all of the standard amenities: an inn, an armory, an item's shop and a magic shop. You can get scrolls for level 3 White and Black Magic as well as level 2 Time Magic here. Inspect the area to the left of the bush closest to the exit to find an Ether, then check the railing of the bridge to the scroll shop to get a Bomb Fragment. Go north to enter the Florem Plaza. There's an extravagant stage said to be used for the Sacred Flower Festival's fashion show. Head around the right perimeter of the stage until you can Inspect to get a Lilith's Kiss.

More importantly, the Plaza also contains the entrance to the Matriarch's Hall. Go inside. It appears that the Matriarch is aware of the changes in the attitude's of the residents in Florem, but laments that she can do nothing to stop it. Apparently, the water vestal has gone into hiding for a while. No one knows where she is, but you should go to the Temple of Water to look for clues. Once you regain control of the party, inspect the hall's right wall to find a Star Pendant, then check the flower ornament behind the Matriarch for a Tengu Yawn.

Weapons Armor Accessories
Name Cost Name Cost Name Cost
Scimitar 2000 Cross Shield 1000 Earthing Rod 2000
Valkyrie Halberd 1850 Yggdrasil Helm 700 Peace Ring 2000
Rod of Fire 1500 Laurel Wreath 650
Jade Crozier 1200 Acron Hat 600
Frenzy Dagger 1200 Yggdrasil Armor 1000
Composite Bow 1950 Floral Robe 1500
Spiked Knuckles 1200 Mirage Vest 1600
Trader Spells
Name Cost Name Cost
Potion 100 Cura 800
Hi-Potion 150 Raise 800
Phoenix Down 100 Esuna 800
Ether 1000 Fira 800
Antidote 10 Blizzara 800
Eye Drops 20 Thundara 800
Echo Herbs 25 Haste 400
Wakeup Bell 50 Teleport 400
Balsam 100 Quara 400
Remedy 500
Teleport Stone 100

Temple of Water[edit]

To get to the Temple of Water, simply cross the western bridge from Florem and travel south. The appearance of this temple might look similar to the Temple of Wind. However, there are no enemies at all inside; this place is deserted, not attacked. There are plenty of loot you can get with ease. From the start, go into the narrow corridor to the west and head south to find a chest containing a Remedy. Now, head east to the room you can Inspect. Head to the bottom-left corner and move through the false wall between the two bookshelves. Follow the path east to find a Rebuff Locket.

Where you could find steps in the Temple of Wind, you can now find chests. At the southeastern corner of the temple, there are two chests containing a Hi-Potion and a Phoenix Down respectively. In the northeastern corner, you will find an Ice Charm and an X-Potion within the chests instead. Head west into the northwestern narrow corridor and go down to the dead end to find an Ether. It's time to check out the altar. It appears that the water vestal is gone, but has still left a barrier on the Crystal of Water as protection. It wasn't quite enough seeing as the seas have rotted.

Entering a fashion show?[edit]

Return to Florem and talk to the Matriarch again. There's not a single clue about the water vestal's whereabouts, but Ringabel makes a bizarre suggestion: have Agnes join the fashion competition. Hopefully Olivia will realize that the wind vestal is searching for her, but Agnes is too plain looking currently. You must ask around to know about the latest trends.

First, speak to the girl outside the Matriarch's Hall, who says that spirit hairpins are the latest trend. It isn't stocked in the local shops, a fact that you can confirm with the Trader at the City Entrance. She points you to a blue-haired girl. Talk to her and she will tell you about Petalhue dye, then suggests asking the nearby man. The Ancheim citizen wants to see something sexy, and points out another girl as an example. Talk to her and she says an old sage comes to town regularly to sell sexy clothes. Finally, talk to the Matriarch again. Apparently, the old sage is the same one who lives in the Yulyana Needleworks. A dangerous passage connects these two regions together: Mount Fragmentum.

Sub-scenario: Dye to die for[edit]

After talking to the Matriarch about the sage, two sub-scenarios become available to you. The first one can be completed pretty quickly. Talk to the girl outside the Matriarch's Hall to hear her rambling on about Petalhue dye. At the City Entrance, you can find the merchant selling Petalhue dye...for a million pg! After talking to the salesgirl, talk to the dye-crazy girl at the plaza again. Now stop by at the item shop. The shopkeeper doesn't want to stock Petalhue dye, but says the merchants come from the east.

To the Twisted Treetop[edit]

Exit from Florem and head east past several bridges, then to the northern woods. Move east through a valley between two mountain ranges. You will encounter the dye-seller, who, after some persuasion, tells you about the dye. It is made by extracting a substance from serpentine creatures called orochi living in the woods. The dye also contains a chemical that is extremely addictive, causing the residents of Florem to obsess over it.

After telling you about the dye, the salesgirl realizes she has been tricked, and sics two Bloodrose minions upon you. You'll fight a Bloodrose Mage and a Bloodrose Impaler. The Bloodrose Mage can cast Silence to debuff and Gravity to do damage. The Bloodrose Impaler is more physically-oriented, and she often uses Execution to do extra damage. She is weak to electric magic like Thunder. Both enemies are normal goons, so you'll be able to defeat them with ease. Keep heading east and north until you see a single large tree among a forest of wilted trees. Approach it to enter the Twisted Treetop.

Boss: Artemia Venus[edit]

The corpses of dead orochi are strewn about in this small area. It turns out that Artemia Venus, youngest of the Venus sisters, is responsible for causing this. She only listens to her sister Einheria and lives solely to hunt. Telling her to stop only irritates her more, causing her to antagonize the party. The hunt is on...and you're the prey!

Artemia is a skilled Ranger, and uses her bow for her attacks. She is accompanied by a Legion Impaler and a Legion Mage. Her most threatening move is Multiburst, which deals a ton of damage randomly spread out across your party. However, it costs a significant amount of BP, and thus Artemia will use Default very often to build up BP. Artemia can ignore Default defense from your side with Targeting, which she will use very often. Because she wears an animal hide, she is very vulnerable to fire magic.

Your first priority is to defeat Artemia's assistants, as they can be annoying and potentially disruptive if left alive. Some concentrated attacking and electric magic should kill them off quickly. With your focus on Artemia, you should play very defensively. Use Default in anticipation of her Multiburst, and don't worry about getting hit by Targeting. She uses Multiburst very sparingly, and never does another Multiburst within two turns, so you should be more aggressive after blocking a Multiburst. Continue on with this strategy of baiting a Multiburst and then attacking in the aftermath to wear her down. Artemia's liberal use of Default won't make this easy, but you can use the turns she spends Defaulting to heal and cast buffs on your party. A Black Mage or a Spell Fencer with fire magic will be very effective against her, so use these spells liberally to end the fight quickly.

Artemia drops the Ranger asterisk. Rangers are extremely accurate and skilled with Bows and Daggers. Most of the abilities they learn deal extra damage to specific enemy types, but they are powerful physical attackers with just their normal attacks.

Sub-scenario: Secret of the hairpins[edit]

This sub-scenario is triggered by talking to the armory shopkeeper. She says that two children went off to Florem Gardens to the west to search for spirit hairpins, and asks you to rescue them. Exit Florem and head northwest, into the field of flowers on the overworld. Suddenly, you'll see two girls surrounded by enemies. It's time for a fight! You'll enter a battle with six Alraunes. Their sheer number makes them a threat, but you can make quick work of them with group cast fire magic.

Florem Gardens[edit]

Despite the danger, the kids insist on finding the spirit hairpins. You must follow them northwest to a large rock jutting out of the fields. Enter it to arrive in the Florem Gardens. This dungeon contains a nasty new hazard: Silence pollen. Walking on to patches of purple flowers will cause your entire party to be Silenced. The purple flowers are more subtle than the hazards you've previously encountered, so keep your eyes peeled. As usual, using Dungeon Master not only lets you explore more freely, but also take shortcuts.

Much of the enemies here are members of the Bloodrose Legion. The Legion Archer can inflict Confuse, the Legion Mage does damage with Gravity and disables with Silence, while the Legion Impaler is the strongest damage dealer. Alraunes also attack in groups within here, but the real threat are the Dryads, which can inflict Charm on one of your allies, causing them to turn against the party. Hitting a Charmed character knocks them out of this state. Finally, Poison Moths can be encountered deeper into the dungeon and simply spreads Poison with Poison Scales.

From the start, head north and steer clear of the purple flowers, going up the east passage. 500 pg awaits you at the very end of the passage. Go west then south for a chest containing a Hi-Potion. Continue west until you reach the edge of the river, then move south, carefully avoiding the purple flowers, to find an X-Potion inside a chest on a cape. Go north and you will be presented with a choice of two passages. Either one will let you progress, but you'll have to take the long way around to get every chest unless you want to brave a group Silence from the flowers.

To get all the chests quickly, first go into the eastern exit. Go east until you find a chest within an alcove containing a Tomahawk. Return to the South area and use the western exit. You can get to two chests here, which contain an Ether and 1000 pg respectively. Follow the winding path while avoiding the flowers and you should reach the exit up north. Don't worry about the single remaining chest; it's locked and inaccessible until much later.

You've arrived at the Interior of the gardens, and the flower patches are larger than ever. Head up the western path and make a U-turn around the bend. Go south to reach a chest containing a Remedy. You're forced to walk past some flower patches for the remaining chests. First, there is a chest in an alcove at the center with a Turbo Ether, accessible from the middle-eastern passage. The second chest is located at the southeast, surrounded by a field of purple flowers, and it contains a Tengu Yawn. When you're ready, stock up and save with the Adventurer and venture north.

Boss: Mephilia Venus[edit]

You've reached the Florie Dwelling, home to the pixie-like Flories. However, it turns out that one of the Venus sisters, Mephilia the Summoner, has been killing them off to make spirit hairpins. The two children succumb to desire and start fighting with each other for their own hairpins. This twisted poaching must be stopped, and the only way to do this is with an asterisk battle!

Mephilia has a simple fighting style. She doesn't use Braves or Defaults, preferring to just attack and use magic each turn. Her physical attack is actually pretty strong, so it's something you must account for. However, the true threat in battle is Girtablulu, a summoned monster that deals immense Earth elemental damage to your entire party. She will cast it roughly every 3 turns, so you must absolutely be ready for it. Finally, she can use Summon Soldiers to call in a Legion Archer and Legion Impaler to battle.

Your general strategy here is cautious aggression. She doesn't use any defensive abilities and has relatively low defense, so persistent attacking should wear her down with no problem. Girtablulu is a major danger, so you must always make sure your whole party can Default every 3rd turn and heal off the damage immediately. This means careful management of BP, Defaulting often especially before a Girtablulu, then using just enough Braves to make up for lost damage without entering negative BP. When she uses Summon Soldiers, patiently take them out, then resume your focus on her. As long as you can consistently defend against Girtablulu, Mephilia is not too difficult to defeat.

Before she dies, Mephilia makes a curious comment about another soul lying within Tiz. You've obtained the Summoner asterisk! Summoners are mages that can summon monstrous beasts to deal humongous damage, but each cast uses tons of MP. You also get Mephilia's Memo, accessible from the Notes section of D's Journal. The memo contains hints pointing to different areas, which are in fact the locations of powerful wizards that can teach you new summons! The Temple of Wind contains one such wizard, and you will soon meet another as you continue into the main story.

Unfortunately, Mephilia is not the only casualty in this case. Both children lie lifelessly after their own fight. The only way to prevent this tragedy is to spread the word about the hairpins' true nature, which the armory shopkeeper pledges to do.

Mount Fragmentum[edit]

Mount Fragmentum is a cave located north of Miasma Woods. This dungeon looks a lot like Norende Ravine, and has a pretty simple layout as well. The enemies are the biggest threat here. Dryads make a return from Florem Gardens, while a new type of Cait called the White Cait can heal, cast defense buffs, Silence and attack with Aerora. Grizzlies are a real danger, as they can do heavy damage to the whole party with Salmon Swipe. Also appearing here are Chompers, which can inflict Poison status. Their high defense and tendency to run away make them annoying to fight, but a Thief can steal valuable Ether from the creatures.

First, go west to a ring of land with a chest containing a Ripper. Go east now and collect the Remedy from the chest along the way. As you head north, go into the branching path and open the chest for 1000 pg. Continue north and east to progress to the next section. Right next to the entrance is a chest that holds 500 pg. You are given a choice of two paths that both lead to your destination. The top path has a chest with a Hi-Potion, while the bottom path includes a chest containing Ether. The Ether chest is close to the east while the Hi-Potion chest is at the center, so you may wish to travel along the top path first, then turning around for the chest on the bottom.


Take the bottom route and you should find a wizard on a branching path. Talk to him as a Level 4 Summoner and he will offer to teach you Ziusudra's Sin. You must weather an attack from the Anchorite to win. The Anchorite will cast Ziusudra's Sin at the start of the turn, so you can't reduce the damage using Default or other defense buffs. If even one of your characters survives, you'll get Ziusudra's Sin, a powerful humanoid summon that deals heavy water damage. However, if the attack wipes out your whole party, it's a game over, so make sure you've saved before taking on his challenge.

There are two exits at the eastern end of the Slope. Take the northern exit first to enter a ledge with a lone chest containing the Nodachi, a strong katana. Use the southern exit and simply follow the path until you come to an Adventurer. Make your preparations and save, then continue east toward the exit.

Boss: Land Turtle[edit]

Just before you can exit the tunnel, you are attacked by a Land Turtle! This lumbering monster is fairly defensive, making liberal use of Default to build BP. It has a very dangerous ability in Spin Attack, which does high damage while ignoring P.Def, and it will not hesitate to use it multiple times in Braves. Fortunately, it has poor M.Def and is weak to water magic. Even so, the Land Turtle can patch up its weakness with Reflection Angle, which reflects any kind of magic back to your party instead.

It does not pay to be heavily aggressive against a turtling Land Turtle. You must always be prepared for the chain Spin Attacks, and always have your healer ready to heal off the damage. Do not hesitate to use Default liberally if you think it might start spamming Spin Attack. Blizzard and Blizzara can target its weakness against water, so a Black Mage or a Spell Fencer is a major help in this battle. Do watch out for Reflection Angle, and wait for it to expire before you continue casting spells. After a long battle, you'll finally be able to return to Yulyana.

The fashion show[edit]

At the Needleworks, an amusing cutscene occurs, after which Agnes decide to enter the competition in her vestal garb. Reenter the tunnel through Mount Fragmentum and go through it once more to be sent straight to Florem. It seems like some of the contestants have been culled by Victoria, but the competition continues without a hitch. Agnes manages to get her message out, but finishes dead last. Fortunately, you get a letter saying to search the water vestal at a hidden village west of Florem.

Sub-scenario: An urgent warning[edit]

If you exit and reenter the town, you will bump into a girl in a hurry. She drops a note about a planned attack on the hidden village to the north! Go east from Florem and head toward the northern edge of the continent, where the Twisted Treetop is located. The position of the northern hideaway is not very obvious. Keep heading north over a forest of dead trees until you reach a coniferous forest you can enter. Go inside to reach Witherwood!


Witherwood is oddly neat and structured for a wilting forest. It comprises of several large "islands" with narrow bridges connecting them together. It seems that the Bloodrose Legion has already infiltrated this area, and many of its minions roam about. The woods' own beasts are no joke either. D'Gon are mini-dragons whose Fireball attack foes through defenses. Catamounts have a damaging Dual Attack that strikes two of your party members at once. Lastly, Killer Scorpions can summon more of their kind like the Myconids with Pheromones.

Head north to reach the closest island, then go east to reach a chest containing a Remedy. Use the next walkway to continue north, then go east again. Head up the path here, grabbing the 500 pg inside the chest, then use the northern exit. You'll end up in a secluded area of Central Witherwood, where a chest containing a Sleep Blade can be found. This sword has a low chance of inflicting Sleep just by attacking, so it's well worth the trouble. Back at southern Witherwood, take the west path north instead to reach the main area of Central Witherwood. Be sure to get the Phoenix Down from the chest along the way.

This area is a bit more grid-like. Head as far east as you can to find a chest containing an Aeolian Bow. Move north and west to the center island to get a Teleport Stone from the chest. Continue northwest to reach one last chest for 1000 pg. Move to the east to reach the Witherwood Interior. You'll exit into a small square. Go east to get a chest with a Hi-Potion inside, or head south for the Ether inside the chest there. You can go around the square to get both chests. Move south and west for a chest containing an X-Potion. Now, all that's left is to go east and wind around the path until you reach the Adventurer. Do your necessary preparations and venture into the hidden village.

Boss: Einheria Venus[edit]

It turns out that the letter was just a simple trap by the Bloodrose Legion laid by Einheria, and now you're surrounded by the legion's soldiers. Edea appears to be good friends with Einheria before, but differing views forces you to fight against the Valkyrie. It's another asterisk fight, this time against the eldest Venus sister!

Einheria is a fearsome physical attacker with equally fearsome abilities. She will use Crescent Moon very often to strike the entire party. She can also make use of Jump, a two turn attack that strikes one of your characters for three times the damage of her regular attack. Both of these moves cost BP, so Einheria will usually Default before using it, and often leaves herself vulnerable after using an ability. Last but not least, Einheria will cast Spirit Barrier when her health drops low enough. When the barrier is up, your attacks drain her MP instead of HP. She won't stop casting it until you drain all of her MP, so it effectively gives her more health than she actually has.

Your strategy here should be to play defensively. Einheria certainly does a lot of damage, but you can dramatically reduce that damage by keeping your BP positive. Use Default regularly to sponge her attacks, especially if you anticipate a Crescent Moon. This will ensure that you will always be able to act when she uses Jump, so you can use Default on the whole party to defend against it. Despite Einheria's own uses of Default, her BP often drops below 0 due to her skills. Use Braves to take advantage of her lost turns, but as mentioned before, keep an eye on your own BP as well. You know Einheria is close to defeat when she casts Spirit Barrier. It's simply there to lengthen the battle, so your strategy should remain unchanged. Once her barrier fails, it won't be long before she will fall as well.

Einheria gives you the Valkyrie asterisk! This job adept at using Spears and have many skills that expend BP instead of MP. She also drops the Valkyrie Halberd, an excellent starting weapon for a beginner Valkyrie. Before she dies, she gives Edea one last request: face her father, the Grand Marshal, herself, without any intermediaries.

Sub-scenario: The womanizer in red[edit]

Enter Florem at night and make your way toward the magic shop. You'll trigger a cutscene with a man called DeRosa, who goes by the nickname Red. He is a playboy like Ringabel, but claims to be much more successful at attracting girls, especially with his "technique". After the conversation, enter the inn and rest. Ringabel will spend the night thinking about DeRosa's technique, and decides to tail him to find out more.

Exit and reenter Florem at night, then go to the Plaza. Talk to the girl with red hair to hear her delirious rant. Head to the stage to trigger a cutscene where Ringabel follows DeRosa. After that, you must exit and reenter Florem again at night, and return to the stage. The next day, Edea finds out about Ringabel's predicament and offers to help him out. She decides to follow DeRosa by pretending to like him, but ends up becoming infatuated unwittingly. Both of them disappear from the streets, but Ringabel figures out that there is a secret passage on the City Entrance.

Boss: Fiore DeRosa[edit]

The group finds themselves in an odd basement filled with weird chemicals and machines. In a cage, Edea lies unconscious. Just then, they are confronted by DeRosa. His secret technique is actually poisonous chemicals, using it to create love potions that make women fall for him. It turns out that he is working for the Duchy of Eternia, and is using his addictive fashion products to suppress and weaken the influence of Crystalism. An asterisk battle will commence; your opponent: Fiore DeRosa, captain of the Bloodrose Legion!

Fiore is a Red Mage, capable of using both Black and White Magic. He can cast Fear, which inflicts Dread status, as well as Thundara on the whole party. His Captivating Cologne can cause Charm on one of your party members, causing them to turn against their allies, and it affects men as well! However, his most dangerous feature is a passive ability called Revenge, which has a chance of giving him BP every time you hit him! He can effortlessly gain BP without using a single Default. The moment he gets above 0 BP, he will use a Brave combo, usually casting Cura followed by Thundara, but sometimes consecutive Thundaras.

At the start of the battle, Edea will already be charmed, so quickly knock her out of it with a weak attack. Now you can focus on Fiore alone. Your main concern should be Revenge, so limit your attacks per turn to prevent him from building too much BP. Braving for attack chains should be used sparingly if at all, as more attacks means more Revenge procs. Take this battle slow and steady, and take your time to remove Dread and Charm statuses. Fiore will inevitably gain enough BP for a Brave combo. When this happens, have every party member Default and heal off the damage with a group cast Cura the next turn. Fiore is a tough opponent with few exploitable weaknesses unlike previous asterisk bosses, so you'll need to be extra careful to secure victory. With cautious strategizing and a bit of luck with Revenge procs, you'll finally eliminate the mastermind of Florem's corruption, and halt the activities of the Bloodrose Legion.

Fiore grants the Red Mage asterisk. Red Mages can use both Black and White Magic to a limited extent, but they also come with a variety of abilities to restore BP. They can also use a wider range of weapons than specialized mages. After searching the basement, you also gain access to Fiore's book: "The Red Reports". Read it to learn about the Bloodrose Legion's involvement in Crytalist suppression in Florem, and a sinister planned heist at Eternia.

Twilight Ruins[edit]

From Florem, head west to the edge of the sea to find Twilight Ruins. This dungeon is the hardest to navigate yet, as it features floating gems that serve as switches connected to two gates of similar shape, one closed and one open. Interacting with the gems causes the closed gate to open and the opened gate to close.

There are some new enemies here as well. Imps are the first demons you encounter, and they can Drain your health, cast a single-target Fear or group-cast Silence. Minotaurs are this dungeon's brute, and they're able to increase their power with Double Damage. Finally, Aqua Lanterns serve as offensive mages, making use of Blizzara to do damage. All of these foes tend to use Braves often, so you must take them out early before they can do too much damage.

Head north from the entrance and you'll see the first gem. Go through the open gate to reach a chest containing a Hi-Potion. Return to the yellow gem and trigger it to unlock the western passage. Go along it until you reach a hall with two different paths to progress from. Go up the leftmost path to find the green gem. Activate it and continue to the dead end to get an Ether from the chest. Hit the green gem again and head up the middle path to reach the top. Go east for a chest containing a Remedy, then go west to find the stairs downward.

Go east and head north through the gate to get 500 pg from the chest. Trigger the yellow gem and move down. When you reach another choice of pathways, go down the right route to get a Zeus's Wrath at the dead end. Hit the red gem on your way out, then activate the green gem to open the gate east. Go up the newly-opened path and head south when you can. Move to the end of the corridor to reach a chest containing 1000 pg. The room with the stairs is at the middle of the easternmost corridor.

You have a choice of three paths from the steps. Head into the rightmost passage and trigger the green gem to enter the room beyond. You'll find a Birch Bow, which does extra damage against demons like the Imps in this dungeon. Touch the green gem again as you exit, and use the yellow gem at the central room. Enter the left passage and trigger the blue gem to get the Hermes Sandals within the room up north. Activate the blue gem again as you leave and head down the center route this time. Wind around the path and keep heading north past a red gem and get the Ether from the chest. Activate the red gem and move into the hallway to the east. Go north until you arrive at the stairs.

From the steps, travel up the eastern passage through the open gates to get a Turbo Ether within the chest. Activate the red gem outside and head into the western passage to get to a chest containing an X-Potion. Use the green gem and the yellow gem on your way out. Below the passage into the western half of the floor, head south to pass through a false wall. Move south and east until you reach a chest containing a Courage Ring which negates Dread status. Head up the western path and use the blue gem to enter the western chamber for a chest containing a Dark Charm. Inspect the blue gem again and go up the right path to the stairs. Save with the adventurer if you want.

Boss?: Victor and Victoria[edit]

At the hidden village, Agnes has a heartwarming reunion with Olivia. It seems like Olivia was driven into hiding a lot earlier by the Bloodrose Legion, but now that Agnes found her, the vestals can restore the crystals together. She also tells about the death of the fire vestal. As they are celebrating their reunion, they are attacked by Victoria. Olivia is killed shielding an attack from Agnes. Victor joins up with Victoria, and together they plan to kill you all in one fell swoop!

As members of the Council of Six, you can expect Victor and Victoria to be overwhelmingly powerful. In fact, no matter how strong you are, this battle is unwinnable. Victoria can cast Doom to incapacitate a party member after a set number of turns, Poison the entire party and Exterminate to attack poisoned characters. Victor is the support mage, and uses Fairy's Aid to power up Victoria's magic. Don't waste your time and simply Default until all of your characters are KO'd. Before Victoria can finish you off, she is suddenly enters a seizure fit, and both Councilors are forced to depart.

After that one-sided battle, only Tiz will be left alive, and at 1 HP. Use a Potion to heal up for security, then quickly exit outside using a Teleport Zone or the Teleport spell. Hurry back to Florem to bring back your party. Now that the water vestal is dead, it's up to Agnes to awaken the Crystal of Water.

Boss: Rusalka[edit]

At the altar of the Temple of Water, something has changed. Without Olivia's shield, the Crystal has been consumed by darkness. Another deadly monster from the Crystalist scriptures lurks within. You must confront the watery Rusalka!

Rusalka's attacks a pretty weak; it's main strength lies in its spells. She can use Bewitching Voice to Charm one of your characters, and Aqua Regia to deal damage to one character and lower their P.Def. However, her strongest attack is Seep, followed by a Dark Flow. She becomes immune to attacks for one turn after using Seep. Dark Flow the following turn damages our whole party, while creating three Rusalka clones! These clones are much weaker defensively and have no P.Def, but they can use all of Rusalka's attacks bar Seep. As a water elemental, Rusalka is weak to electric magic.

Your main worry in this battle is dealing with Rusalka's clones. There are two tricks to discern the real Rusalka from the fakes. The obvious method is to use the Freelancer's Examine at the start of battle on Rusalka. When surrounded by clones, only the real one would have a health bar. Alternatively, after Dark Flow is used, the real Rusalka will have one less BP than her clones. Regardless, you should focus your attacks on the true Rusalka to defeat her. Getting rid of the clones is optional, and while less clones mean less enemies attacking, they can be quickly replaced with another Dark Flow, so only attempt to do so if you have enough firepower. Additionally, since Seep will always precede Dark Flow, you should your whole party Default the turn she uses Seep and heal off the damage next turn. Spells like Thunder and Thundara are a godsend against her, and you can even group cast them to take out illusions. Keep it up, and you'll eventually slay the Purveyor of Doom!

The Water Crystal awakens[edit]

Without Olivia, Agnes must be the one to awaken the Water Crystal. Like before, press X button until Airy tells you to stop. Once the Water Crystal has been awakened, the seas will turn blue again, and you have one more point to use for your support commands! Back at in Florem, the Matriarch thanks you for your efforts. She tells you that the Fire Crystal is located in the Eisen region, accessible by sea. Even though the Eschalot no longer has a Skystone, it is still a ship, so return to Harena to head for Eisen!

At the exit of the Inner Sea, another cutscene occurs. Edea reveals her identity as the daughter of the Grand Marshal, which causes Agnes to lose her temper. Continue onward to the Sea of Corsairs south of Caldisla. Ringabel spots something on the ocean, and beckons them all to look...