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Tiz wakes up to the Innkeeper's friendly voice. He finds himself back in Caldisla, apparently just after agreeing to stop some people burning houses down in town. While he first thinks it's all just a dream, Agnes, Ringabel and Edea all meet him with full recollection of their adventure. Time seems to have turned back to before they awakened the crystals! The group decides to split up to find out what happened.

A new beginning in Caldis[edit]

You're now solely in control of Tiz. If you talk to Ringabel or Edea, you'll discover that Agnes has left town. Move out and head through Norende Ravine. You'll find stronger versions of Goblins called Kobolds here instead. On the other side, you can still see the Great Chasm and meet with Agnes. Their progress have been undone, but now that they're closer allies, they are determined to awaken the crystals again to save Luxendarc!

Return to Caldisla and head to the burnt house to talk to Ringabel. He has been comparing the two journals, but still hasn't regained his memory. He also notes that the townspeople have never met him, despite them being familiar with him the first time around. Next, talk to Edea along the path leading to the church by the cliff. She is curious about how she is with the party, even though she should currently be fighting for the Eternian Sky Knights. Head back to the inn.

After some more discussion, the party agrees to begin their adventure anew. Just then, Datz finds them and invites them on to the Grandship. It seems that both the ship and its crew has survived the trip back in time. Since you can fly anywhere right from the start, awakening the crystals should be much easier!

Other than the main objective of reawakening every crystal, you can also replay all of the sub-scenarios, which is particularly useful if you've missed any previous asterisks.

Sub-scenario: Rematch by the lake[edit]

Upon going to the lake where the Eschalot landed, you'll come across Barras and Holly yet again. It seems they were just defeated by Tiz and Agnes in this timeline, and are dismayed that there are now 4 of you, including Edea. However, this rematch will be no walk in the park, as Holly had completely healed her and Barras's wounds after the last fight. Now, you must take on this odd couple a second time!

As a running theme in this chapter, you'll find that any bosses you've faced will be using the same tactics as before, only scaled to your current health and strength. Barras and Holly are no exception. Barras still spams Invigorate and attack, while Holly supports with Protect and Cura. Barras will be your primary target, since you can easily do more damage in a single turn than Holly's healing spells and restore. Wear him down and defend against his frequent backfires to get him out of the way, after which Holly should go down easily as well.

Even though they are still as mean-spirited as before, the group notes that Barras and Holly seem different, almost a bit more sympathetic in this world.

Sub-scenario: Panicked Crowe[edit]

When you enter the Ruins of Centro Keep, the door to the left chamber will already be unlocked. Go inside to find Ominas Crowe alone. Ominas seems shocked when he sees Edea with the vestal, attacking in a confused rage. Regardless of his mental state, Ominas's acts of arson must be stopped, even if it requires a rematch with him.

Once again, Crowe likes scorch your whole party with Fira, as well as use Poison, Sleep and Silence to inflict upon your party. You've come a long way since the first fight with him, so you can respond with many magic attacks of your own, or equip immunities to render certain spells useless. No matter how much stronger you are, status ailments can still greatly disrupt your strategy and flow, so make sure you have multiple ways to deal with them both with prevention and curing.

Crowe is soundly defeated, but the group still wonders why he seems so shocked, almost petrified when he saw Edea. Ringabel theorizes that the Edea in this world gave Ominas a good beating before storming off on her own.

Sub-scenario: A knight's resolve[edit]

At the top of Lontano Villa, Heinkel awaits the arrival of the party. He's not pulling any sly tricks this time around, and instead berates Edea on her defection and failure to uphold the knight's code. He intends to teach her the knight's resolve the hard way, and you have no choice but to fight back.

Like before, Heinkel starts the fight with two Sky Archers which he will shield with Protect Ally. Fortunately, you have many more group-targeted moves that ignore Protect Ally, such as summons, combat items and Crescent Moon. Heinkel will still use Ironclad and Shield Strike to increase his defense, but he seems to spam Stomp more on low health. As one of the few asterisk bosses with elemental weaknesses, you should be able to wear him down with various lightning attacks that ignore his tough P.Def.

The Heinkel in this world certainly seems more honorable and his defeat feels undeserving. He has never stormed Caldisla castle or try to trick Agnes and the rest by escaping to the Eschalot. The Eternian Sky Knights is still an enemy, so besting him would at least bring peace back to Caldisla.

Reawakening the Wind Crystal[edit]

Reawakening the Water Crystal[edit]

Reawakening the Fire Crystal[edit]

Boss: Kikyo[edit]

  • pg: 0
  • EXP: 0
  • JP: 999
  • Items Dropped: Kunai

Physical attacks in general are not effective because she uses Utsusemi combined with Transience to evade and counter. She uses Shippûjinrai to attack and will usually target the party member with the lowest health. One possible strategy is to have one member with high physical defense have the Protect Ally ability. Let one of your other party member's health get below 20%. Kikyo's attacks will be useless and you can focus on defeating her with magic or item attacks.

Reawakening the Earth Crystal[edit]