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Control Action
Stylus button Move character on map. Browse D's Journal (left/right). Interact with Noruende.
Start button, Select button, or X button Access menu; activate/cancel Bravely Second (except X button); Skip events (except Start button/Select button).
Up dpad or Down dpad Move cursor up/down in menus.
A button or Right dpad Select option/interact with people & objects on the top screen.
B button or Left dpad Cancel a selection; return to previous screen/menu.
Y button Turn On/Off Auto-battle (Only turns off at Map screen); turn On/Off Autoplay for Events.
R button and L button Interact with people & objects on the top screen (Y button only); Quick-Brave/Default option (can be set to either button); browse D's Journal.

The controls are fairly well explained via the in-game Tutorial Quests.

  • Bravely Second, Auto Battle, and Quick-Brave/Default do not exist in the original Japanese-only version.