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Initially, each character starts off with the Freelancer job. As you progress through the story and earn asterisks from defeated bosses, you will unlock more jobs. There are 24 jobs that can be unlocked. Jobs have levels that can be raised by earning JP from battles. Each level gained unlocks a new ability. Each job is mastered at level 14. Jobs can be switched in the Job menu and any progress of the previous job is saved. When you change the job of a character, you will also want to ensure you change their abilities and equipment.

Current Job Level JP for Next Level
1 30
2 70
3 150
4 200
5 250
6 400
7 600
8 800
9 3500
10 4000
11 4000
12 5000
13 5000 / 9999[1]
14 Mastered
  1. Freelancer requires 9999 JP while all other jobs require 5000 JP.


Each job has its own set of abilities. As you gain job levels, new abilities become available. There are two types of abilities: command and support. Command abilities are actions you use in battle. They are grouped under a job command. Support abilities are passive effects that you can equip. In addition to you current job, you can equip one more job command. You can slot support abilities from any job that you have learned.


Some jobs, such as the black mage and white mage use magic for their commands. You need to purchase scrolls before you can use magic. Only one scroll is needed to unlock for all characters.