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Norende Village was a small settlement that was swallowed by the Great Chasm. Tiz, the only survivor, is put in charge of rebuilding the village.

You can rebuild Norende Village by collecting villagers and assigning them to either shops or obstacles. Villagers are collected through StreetPass or updating your save data at the Adventurer once a day. If you played the demo, you can transfer up to 20 villagers. Each task takes a certain amount of time to complete, but the time can be reduced by adding more villagers. As shops are leveled, new items become available in the Adventurer's stock. Shops are maxed at level 11. Clearing obstacles opens areas where new shops can be built.


  • Tangled Woods - 2 hr
  • Ancient Boulder - 10 hr
  • Blackwater Fen - 30 hr
  • Collapsed Bridge - 50 hr
  • Downstream Area - 70 hr
  • Rigid Crag - 90 hr



Nemeses are powerful monsters that invade Norende Village. They are not encountered elsewhere in the game and they drop special items when defeated. You can receive them either from StreetPass or updating your data at the Adventurer. You can only have seven in your village. Any new ones replace the oldest one. When you touch one, you have the option to either send it to another player, protect it (prevent it from being overwritten), or fight it.