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Dr. Bomb:

わしのつくったぶっしつテンソー (Washi no tsukutta busshitsu tensō)
そうちでみっつのせかいを (So uchi de mittsu no se kai wo)
さまようのじゃ! (Samayō no ja!)

おまえのちからはどのていどかな? (Omae no Chika-ra ha donote ido ka na?)

プレイヤー1/2ステージ1じゃ. (Pureiyā 1/2 sutēji 1 ja.)

Welcome to the game. Once the background has appeared behind Bravoman and his energy bar has filled up at the bottom of the screen Alpha Man will fly down into view from the top of the screen and provide a "how to play" walkthrough of the game's controls by speaking the Hiragana/Katakana text Watashi no oshie wo kiki nasai. Kimi no mikata, arufā yūsei jin da. (わたしのおしえをききなさい. キミのみかた、アルファーゆうせいじんだ.) to Bravoman; you have to start off by running to the right and punch four Unbaba as they come flying towards you (Alpha Man shall also speak the Hiragana/Katakana text Hidari no botan de panchi suru noda, ひだりのボタンでパンチするのだ, at this point) then crouch down and headbutt three Mini Tanks just before you come to a pipe (Alpha Man shall also speak the Hiragana/Katakana text Ō tto, rebā wo sagete atakku!!, おおっと、レバーをさげてアタック!!, at this point). You will then have to stand up, and kick the Dokanga that is hiding in the pipe when it emerges (Alpha Man shall also speak the Hiragana/Katakana text Tsugi ha, kikku! Rebā wo agete hidari no botanda, つぎは、キック!レバーをあげてひだりのボタンだ, at this point), then jump onto the pipe, and collect the Fuku it has left behind (Alpha Man will also speak the Hiragana/Katakana text Migi no botan wo buttataku noda. Dai janpuda, みぎのボタンをぶったたくのだ. だいジャンプだ, at this point) - and you shall then have to jump onto the lower part of a platform made out of several more pipes (Alpha Man shall also speak the Katakana/Hiragana text Janpu shinagara kikku mo dekiru, ジャンプしながらキックもできる, at this point). Once you have jumped over the upper part of that platform, it is possible for you to kick Alpha Man in mid-air just for fun, and he will speak that Katakana/Hiragana text Ahotare! Nani sun nen!! (アホタレ! なにすんねん!!) to Bravoman if you do so; once Bravoman has landed on the ground on the other side of the platform, the game's "stage clear" jingle shall be heard from the Yamaha YM-2151 (it will also be heard if he reverts to his original form), and he will proceed on to the second stage.