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Dr. Bomb:

フウシャにんじゃかなめいしの、ダブルこうげきだ (Fūsha Ninja Kanameishi no, daburu kō gekida)

プレイヤー1/2ステージ23じゃ. (Pureiyā 1/2 sutēji 23 ja.)

Once the background has reappeared behind Bravoman (although, apart from the ground, there is not really a background to speak of for this stage) and his energy bar at the bottom of the screen has refilled, start running to the right and jump onto one of seven "Kanameishi" platforms that are moving up and down in a fixed position; once you have done so, you shall immediately be drawn into a boss fight against Kazaguruma Ninja, who will speak the Hiragana/Katakana text Matte ita de yansu. (まっていたでヤンス.) to Bravoman once he has seen him. He will then start to fly and ricochet around the screen, in another attempt to collide with Bravoman - and once you have jumped up and kicked him four times to bring him down to the ground while on top of one of the "Kanameishi" platforms, you will have to drop down to the ground yourself and quickly headbutt him three times to kill him before he gets back up again (and before the "Kanameishi" platform directly above you drops back down to the ground after reaching its highest point in the air as their bottoms shall cause injury if they come down on top of you). Once you've collected the Fuku he has left behind, Lottery Man may appear to leave a powerup behind for you; if he does, you should jump up to collect it regardless of what it is for the extra energy, power, or points. Once you've jumped back onto one of the "Kanameishi" platforms and jumped (or merely dropped off) the right side of the seventh one, the "stage clear" theme will be heard from the Yamaha YM-2151 for a twenty-third time, and Bravoman will proceed to the twenty-fourth stage - which is the first and only regular stage of the Secret Laboratory variety (as the second is obviously the domain of Dr. Bomb himself, and there are still nine more stages to be cleared before it).