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Dr. Bomb:

わしからのほどこしをうけーい! (Washi kara no hodokoshi wo ukēi!)

プレイヤー1/2ステージ28じゃ. (Pureiyā 1/2 sutēji 28 ja.)

Once Bravoman has resurfaced on dry land, the background has reappeared behind him, and his energy bar at the bottom of the screen gets refilled, you will have to start running to the right and jump from one monument of Dr. Bomb to another, collecting as many of the powerups in the stage as you can before they disappear along the way in order to restore your energy (however, if the Onigiri powerup you'd collected at the end of the previous stage had restored it to full, which is unlikely, the Onigiri, Rāmen and Sushi powerups which are on this stage will only be worth the 500 extra points when they are collected) and increase your score; once you reach the end of this stage, you have to fight another pair of Kaname after a 24-stage absence (unless you collected a Shinkansen powerup). Unless you collected a Kantsūken or Hadō-dan powerup, in which case you'll be able to kill both of them with one jump-kick or atom, you'll first have to jump up and kick both of them between one and three times to knock them off the right side of the screen for a few seconds, then finish them off by punching them the remaining number of times when they come back onto the screen - and once you have collected the Fuku the first one leaves behind, Lottery Man might appear to leave a powerup behind for you, so you should jump up and collect it regardless of what it is for the extra energy, power or points. Once you've collected the Fuku the second one has left behind, the "stage clear" theme will be heard from the Yamaha YM-2151 for a twenty-eighth time and Bravoman shall proceed to the twenty-ninth stage; it's the fourth of the "immediate boss fight" variety.