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Box artwork for Breakers.
Box artwork for Breakers.
Year released1996
System(s)Arcade, Neo Geo, Neo Geo CD
Japanese titleブレイカーズ
ModesSingle player, Multiplayer
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Breakers is a competitive fighting game developed by Visco, which was released for the Neo Geo coin-operated platform on December 17, 1996. Home versions were released for the Neo Geo cartridge console on March 21, 1997, and for the Neo Geo CD on April 25, 1997.

An updated version titled Breakers Revenge was released exclusively for the arcades on July 3, 1998.

The controls of the game is similar to that of SNK's earlier installments in their Fatal Fury series (particularly Fatal Fury 2, Special and 3). The special actions are also similar to other fighting games from the same era, although the dashing and back-stepping techniques tend to differ between characters (some of them will roll on the floor for example). Additionally, the player can move while standing up after a fall. The game system emphasizes balance between characters by featuring an elaborate damage adjustment feature.

The player also can perform super moves by accumulating enough energy in their power gauge and performing the command (the power gauge can be filled up to three levels). To accumulate energy for the Power Gauge, the player must perform special actions such as taunting, dashing, back-stepping, rolling, etc. Like most fighting games, the player can cancel a regular move into a special move or special move into a super move, but the player can also connect one super move to another until their Power Gauge runs out, allowing the player to perform acrobatic combos. Because of its emphasis on damage adjustment, it is hard to spam the same attacks for great damage.

The matches follows the standard one-on-one best two-of-three format like most fighting games, but a match can last up to five rounds if there is no clear-cut winner in previous rounds (the game will end if both fighters lose the fifth round and no bonus points will be awarded if one wins the fifth round). In the single player mode, if the CPU uses the same character as the player, then the CPU-controlled character's name display will have a different name.

The home versions of the game were released for the Neo Geo AES and the Neo Geo CD. Both versions feature an option menu with a sound test allowing the player to play the game's music, sound effects and voices. The CD version adds a 2-player Versus Mode and a Survival Mode. The music is also slightly arranged. The final boss Bai-Hu is also a playable character in the CD version.

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