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Traveling East[edit]

At Checkpoint show your passport to the guards and proceed east across the bridge. You will arrive in the Raphala region again. If you enter the city, you will find that there are problems with the ship again, that it is not returning to port and that Beyd and Shadis have now a daughter. There is not much to do here, however, for now. The road that goes around Mt. Zublo is now clear, so you can proceed east without any problems. From this moment on, you can use the portals you have seen to move more quickly on the World Map. Do it if you want to reach your Masters or the various fishing spots more easily. You can also find a new master, the cook Hachio, in the kitchens below Wyndia's castle. Then reach the Urkan region and Angel Tower.

Angel Tower and Urkan Tapa[edit]

Once in Angel Tower, put Garr in charge of the group. This way, the guards will let you pass. Climb to the top of the pyramid. Here Garr, after explaining to you that guardians like him, after fulfilling their task, become stone statues, will call on God to know the truth about the Brood. Instead of God, however, Deis will appear, the woman who is held prisoner in Angel Tower, who will say that if you want to know the truth about her Brood you will have to free her and that for this you will have to contact Gaist. Gaist is a guardian like Garr (you probably read his name on the stone tablets during the first mission at Angel Tower), who had retired from fighting. Garr will then suggest asking the elder of Urkan Tapa where Gaist is now. Go to Urkan Tapa and get Garr to talk to Sudama. He will reveal that Gaist now lives in a village to the west, beyond the caves. So get ready for the journey. Go to Junk Town and upgrade your equipment if you want, then walk the path along the coast to the southeast until you reach the Tidal Caves.

The Tidal Caves[edit]

Treasure to find
  • Fish Head
  • Coin
  • Thunder Ring
  • Hawk's Ring
  • Deadly Blade

As soon as you enter, the Manillo at the entrance will inform you that the water level changes every few minutes. Enter the cave and take the passage on the right. Go northeast to retrieve a Fish Head. Then go back and take the path to the left. At the fork, first take the path south to find a Coin in a chest, then head north. Go right at the fork (the other passages are dead ends) and continue until you return to the main cave. Proceed to the left and sever the rope with Ryu's sword, to eventually be able to go back with the raft. Make sure the bottom of the cave is not flooded. If it is, return to the previous cave until the sea level drops. Go down the ladder and proceed to the right to find a very useful Thunder Ring. Then go down the ladder that leads further down and enter the cave. Proceed to the left going straight to the first fork and north to the second. You will find a skeleton with a Hawk ring. Go back to where the ladders are and this time get on the raft. The raft will take you to the left. After you get off it, climb on it again, to proceed southeast. Take the passage to go out into the open. In this area you can find a Deadly Blade. Go back inside and get back on the raft, which will return to its previous position. Take the path at the bottom left (the other will take you back). Go up the ladder and exit outside through the passage. You are now out of the Tidal Caves. On the exit path you will find the Gross gene. Proceed to the left to return to the World Map.

You will find a new fishing spot in this area, where you can fish various types of octopus and trade your catch with Manillo. When you are done, proceed southwest to reach Cliff's village, putting Garr in the group.


Treasure to find
  • Beast Spear

You will notice that Cliff is a homeless village, made up of caves and shacks. However, there is an inn and a merchant from which you can buy some items. In a shack you will also meet the members of a team that you saw at the Contest of Champions. Speaking with the villagers, you will discover that Gaist lives at the bottom of the village. Enter the furthest cave to meet him. Garr and Gaist will confront each other. It seems that Gaist no longer cares much about what has been done in the past. Then Gaist will say that he wants to talk to Ryu alone and the other members of the group will leave. Gaist will test Ryu, to find out if his intentions are true. He will then ask him to go out and talk to Garr before giving him an answer. He tells Garr that he intends to find out the truth and prepare for a battle. Then go back to Gaist's cave and tell him that you want to know the truth. Gaist will then ask you to position yourself between the two torches, then he will transform and attack you.

Boss Fight - Gaist[edit]

HP: 2500

Despite his appearance and the fact that you will have to fight alone, Gaist is not very difficult to defeat. You don't want to use support spells, as Gaist will cast Sanctuary on you from time to time and anyway, it's not even necessary. The best way to beat him is to take advantage of its frost weakness. Then transform with the genes Frost, Force and Gross, then use Frost Claw on repeat. Take out the two torches first, as they will heal Gaist every turn, then focus on him. If you have a high AP value you should have no problem winning the fight. His only attacks that might bother you are Howling, who can confuse Ryu by preventing him from throwing Frost Claw and Corona, a very powerful fire element attack, which will cause you massive damage in dragon form. So first equip yourself with the Fire Ring to use it to your advantage, in case it hits you in human form.

Gaist will explain to you that the only way to break the spell that holds Deis captive was to kill him. Then he will die and his body will become ashes. You will be joined by the other party members. Before exiting, however, examine the ashes that remain of Gaist's body to collect his Beast Spear, which can now be used by Garr. This weapon has devastating attack power, but is also extremely heavy and will drain Garr 5% of his total HP each turn. You decide whether to use it or sell it for 10.000 zenny. Then go back to Angel Tower.


Enter Angel Tower and go to the underground room where Deis was imprisoned. The light will fade and Deis will be free. After beating up Garr, Deis will meet you in the cave at the base of Mt. Zublo. So go on the spot. Touch the panel with the engravings at the bottom of the cave and you will be teleported in front of Deis. While Deis talks to you, answer “I like you this way” to be able to have her as Master later on. Deis will tell you that she cannot lead you to God herself, as her power is too weak now, but she will show you how to get there. Deis will give Ryu the Eye of God, a ray that from his head will point in the direction where God is. After letting you go, Deis will mention to himself a mysterious sister. The beam from Ryu's head will still point north-west, towards the Outer Sea. The thing to do now is therefore to find a way to cross the sea. Go back to Raphala.