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Awakening in the mine[edit]

Treasure to find
  • Vitamin
  • Life Shard
  • Magic Shard
  • Light Clothing
  • 200 zenny
  • Multivitamin
  • Feather Sword
  • Lion's Belt
  • Protein

You will wake up in the Dauna Mines, but you will find that in the meantime several years have passed, because Ryu is now a young man. There is also Garr with you, who will tell you that he has been looking for you for a long time, after you disappeared from Angel Tower. He will explain that after trying to kill you, he decided to find out the truth about the Broods and why he was ordered to kill them. Therefore he intends to talk to his god about this. After hearing about a dragon prowling the Dauna Mines, he then joined you. Garr will also return his equipment to Ryu. The thing to do now is to get out of the mine, but the path will be longer and more challenging than what you did at the beginning of the game.

Once you reach the platform in front of the large green dragon-shaped rock, proceed to the left and climb the ladder to collect some useful items. Then reach the elevator on the right and go up to floor B1. Go left first to find a Light Clothing and then to the right. Continue to follow the tracks for a long stretch, until you come outside. In the nearby building you will find 200 zenny in the closet and a Manillo merchant. You can buy all the healing items you need from him. However, you will not be able to reach the World Map from here, so go back inside and reach the elevator again. Get off on floor B2. There is a room nearby where you can rest and save your game. In the next room you can find a Multivitamin. There is also a crumbling wall in this room, which you can only knock down later, with Momo's bazooka. You will then reach a large area with rails and a cart loaded with explosives. You will have to act on the switches to direct the cart in the desired direction. To push the wagon, you'll need to harness Garr's physical strength. If you act correctly, you can use the cart to retrieve a Feather Sword from the chest. You will then have to push the cart with the explosives towards the opening at the top, blocked by a rock. The rock will explode, clearing your way, but the shadow you have already noticed before will appear, turning into a zombie dragon. The Dragon Zombie will urge you to kill Garr. And when Ryu refuses, he will attack you and try to kill you both.

Boss Fight - Dragon Zombie[edit]

HP: 2500

The Dragon Zombie is a tough opponent, capable of inflicting various status ailments. His most dangerous attack is Bone Dance, which can confuse your characters, while Rotten Breath causes poison status. He also has a powerful physical attack, so be careful to heal yourself regularly. Fortunately, this boss also has several weaknesses. Being a zombie he is very weak to fire and healing spells cause him damage. You can transform Ryu with the Flame and Thorn genes and then use Flame Claw, or Flame and Eldtrich and use the Restore spell on the boss. This way, you should defeat him without too much trouble. If you already have the Kyrie ability, you can take it out in one hit, but at this point in the game it is unlikely to have it.

After defeating the Dragon Zombie you will automatically get the Shadow and Fusion genes! Then enter the cave behind the boulder you blew up. From now on the route will be more linear, you can still find a Protein and a Lion's Belt by taking a short detour. You will come to a point where the path is interrupted by a lowered metal platform. You can raise it by acting on the switch in the next room to raise it. You can thus go out into the open.

Once you leave, talk to the workers and go get your reward from the chief (which won't affect the game) in the house on the left. You'll also learn about a monster attacking passersby on Ogre Road to the south. When you step out onto the World Map, you will automatically camp. Ryu will have another dream and Garr will tell you that you have to head to Angel Tower again.


Treasure to find
  • Healing Herb
  • 80 zenny

First of all, enter one of the flower beds that you will find with the Faerie Tiara. Talking to the fairies, you can start the sid-quest of building their Village (see the appropriate section).

In the vicinity of the mines, on the world map, you will find a small hut. Come in. You will discover that Emitai, the trickster magician you met at the Contest or Champions, lives here. Emitai still has financial problems and if you talk to him, he will agree to become your Master in exchange for 10.000 zenny. Under his house, you will notice another strange appliance, like the one you saw near Wyndia.

There are also two new fishing spots, one south-east and one south-west of the mines. In the southwestern one you can also catch Manillo and buy some useful items from him in exchange for your catch.

To the north you will find another Checkpoint, but there is not much to do here at the moment. You can only find 80 zenny and one Healing Herb in the closets. Also, you can never go any further here. After exploring the whole region, head to Sin City, near the mountains.

Sin City[edit]

This infamous city is famous for its black market, run by the same organization that Balio and Sunder were also part of. The most important thing to do here is to upgrade your equipment, as the shops sell very powerful (and expensive) weapons and armor. The inhabitants of the city will not give you great information. You will also notice that you will not be able to reach the back part of the city, access to which is reserved only for the leaders of the organization. Once you have made your purchases, go back to the World Map.

Ogre Road[edit]

Treasure to find
  • Hourglass
  • Horseradish (x3)

The path to follow is fairly straightforward and the enemies shouldn't bother you. You will also encounter Goo Titans, much more powerful versions of the enemies you encountered earlier in the game that may have attacked you in Meryleep’s forest. By now, however, you should be strong enough to eliminate them safely. Make sure you reach the only chest in this area, as it contains a very precious Hourglass. By cutting some weird plants with Ryu's sword, you will get Horseradish. Remember this well, because you will need them later. Proceed south and just before the end of the road you will be attacked by the monster the people told you about.

Sub-Boss Fight - Weretiger[edit]

This battle shouldn't cause you any problems. Hit the tiger with your normal attacks. After dealing some damage, it will flee the battlefield.

Proceed south until you are back on the World Map. You will notice that you are back in the Yrall Region, where you started the adventure. In this area you will find a new fishing spot, where you can catch some useful black bass. Then proceed south to Mt. Levett.

Mt. Levett[edit]

Treasure to find
  • 800 zenny
  • Gold Hairpin
  • Healing Herb

Follow the long uphill path on the right. At the top, continue to the left, until you reach two escarpments that you can only walk downhill. Following the one on the left, you will find 800 zenny. Then go through the other and enter the cave. Follow the path to the exit, to return to the base of the mountain. Climb up again following the same path as before and this time proceed to the right. You will fall into another cave. Collect the Gold Hairpin from the chest, then follow the cave to the exit. Climb to the top for the third time and take the path north to get around the hole. Follow this path to the exit.

Back on the World Map, you will find a small house to the north. Here, you can find a Healing Herb in the closet. In the basement you will notice another strange machine similar to the ones you have already seen. Your curiosity about what they are for will soon be satisfied. Then proceed east, crossing the bridge that was still incomplete at the time of your childhood and reach the Yraal Road.