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In the Castle[edit]

Treasure to find
  • 120 zenny
  • Gems (x2)
  • Coin
  • Panacea (x2)
  • Healing Herb (x2)
  • Cheese

Now you will control Nina and you can explore the castle by talking to the people you meet. There are many useful items to collect in the closets. Speaking to the waitress who just broke some dishes, you will discover that Honey, Momo's little creature, is still in the castle. You will then have to look for it. You will find it in the cellar, next to the barrels. Rotate the camera to see it. In the same room there is also a mouse, if you answer in the affirmative, it will give you Cheese. After finding it, Honey will escape again. You'll find it on the balcony of Nina's room and you'll both fall into the void. Honey will slow down the fall, but draining its energy. Nina will then decide to take it back to Momo and join the other members of the group, who have camped out. After hearing Garr inform Ryu that if he goes to Angel Tower he could die, Nina will decide to stay with you.

The Checkpoint[edit]

One note: if you go back to the city of Arena now, Fahl (the drunk bartender who was supposed to be watching you) will offer to become your Master if you fulfill his request. At the Checkpoint, collect the objects inside the building on the left, if you haven't already, then talk to the guards to witness a fun scene. You will still be able to cross the bridge and proceed east.

Raphala Region[edit]

Treasure to find
  • Life Shard

As soon as you cross the bridge, the best thing to do is explore this new region. To the northwest you will find a fisherman's hut. Enter this area and on the beach you will find the Thunder gene. There is also a Life Shard in the closet. Southeast of the bridge is a beach where you will find a new Master, Giotto, who will take you as an apprentice if you have at least a Rodmaster rank as fisherman. There are also two fishing spots in this region where you can stock up on fish. This is also a good time to start coaching Peco, as his level is probably still very low. When you've explored everything, head to the city of Raphala.

City of Raphala[edit]

Treasure to find
  • Molotov
  • Panacea
  • 1000 zenny

Raphala is a port city, home of the Guild. The first thing you should do here is upgrade your equipment in stores. Then talking to all the inhabitants you will discover that the best way to travel east is by boat. However, for some time, the boat has not returned to port, probably because the lighthouse to the west of the city is not working and is also full of monsters. You will have to speak in particular with Sinkar, leader of the Guild, who is in the inn, and with his daughter Shadis, at the wharf. You will also discover that Beyd, a member of the Guild, is in love with Shadis, however Zig, a braggart sailor much stronger than him, is also interested in marrying her. After learning that it is not possible to use the boat, Shadis will suggest that you speak to her father, to ask him for permission to use the road. However, Sinkar will inform you that this is also not possible, as the recent eruption of the Mt. Zublo volcano blocked the road. You can go and check the volcano if you want, but you will find that this is indeed the case.

When you leave the city you will automatically camp. Since you will be stuck here for a while, Nina will propose to help Beyd conquer Shadis. Then go back to town and get Nina to talk to Beyd. Nina will propose to train him, to help Beyd become stronger. At first Beyd will refuse, but when Zig steps forward, claiming he wants to fix the lighthouse and conquer Shadis for good, he will change his mind. He will give you 1000 zenny and ask you to buy him a sword and armor. Buy the most powerful you can find (a Claymore is perfect) and talk to Beyd again to start his training him, so that he can get strong and fix the lighthouse before Zig.

Training Beyd[edit]

Training Beyd is one of the most boring parts of the game. First of all, you will need to equip him with the weapons you have bought. The training is set up just like a normal battle with your three party members against Beyd. Each training session will end after 20 turns in battle, if Beyd's HP reaches zero, or if your party is wiped out. To begin another session, just go to the wharf the next day and talk to him. At the end of the session Beyd's attributes will grow according to how the training went: the more damage he receives, the more HP he gains; the more hits he has received in defense, the more his defense will grow; the more damage he does to you, the more his attack grows. Try to make the sessions last as long as possible to save time. Hit Beyd as much as possible, but don't take him down. When he's hurt, heal him. At first, Durandal's Backhand ability is very useful, this attack is never lethal. Backhand is also very useful for improving Beyd's defense, as he defends himself when he has a low HP value. You can also cast spells on him that increase the power of his attacks or reduce your party's defense, to make his attack power grow faster. If you train him well, after 3 nights at the most Beyd will be ready for the challenge that awaits him.

When you have enough, talk to him and tell him to go to the lighthouse. However, you will be joined by Zig, who will challenge Beyd in combat, to decide which of the two will go to repair the lighthouse. Beyd's training actually serves precisely to face this challenge. The two will compete in the town square. If you've trained Beyd enough, he'll get the better of Zig. You can also try to help Beyd in secret, but if you get caught, the battle will be over, so just watch. If Beyd is defeated by Zig, you can train him again and retry the challenge later.

The day after defeating Zig, talk to Beyd again, who is now officially engaged to Shadis. You will discover that he is still wounded after the fight and that for the moment he cannot go to repair the lighthouse. But he will give you a Guild Badge, thanks to which, you can go to the lighthouse in person. He will also return the weapons you bought him, replacing them with others of greater value. Show the badge to the sailor on the dock to proceed to the lighthouse.

The Lighthouse[edit]

Treasure to find
  • Coin
  • Mithril Shield
  • Swallow Eye
  • Skill Ink
  • Dream Ring
  • Flame Chrysm (x3)

For this mission you will have to take Momo with you, as you need to remove some barrels from the path with her bazooka. You will first have to walk through the outdoor area to reach the entrance. Although apparently labyrinthine, the path is actually quite linear. However, constantly explore the area around you to find some somewhat hidden objects, including a Mithril Shield. Enemies in this area aren't very dangerous, but some can be annoying, like Ghosts, with their Sleep attack. When you have reached the door of the lighthouse, go inside.

In front of you, you will find a sign with instructions on how to operate the lighthouse. Ignore the path that goes up for now and go down to the boiler room. On the wall you will find instructions to turn it on. To the south is a door that allows you to exit to a small outdoor area, where you can find 3 Flame Chrysm. After collecting them, go back to examine the hatch of the machinery you saw and insert a Flame Chrysm, to turn on the boiler. You will now need to open the main valve, nearby. To do this, you will first have to wait for the pressure to stabilize. Then, you will need to open the valve exactly when the pressure graph hits the middle-top point. It is not that easy. If you make a mistake, the boiler will stop and you will have to repeat the process, using another Flame Chrysm. If you run out of Flame Chrysms, you will be forced to return to Raphala and buy more in the weapon shop. Once the main valve is open, you will have to direct the flow of energy to the top of the lighthouse, using the blue levers that you have noticed while going down. You will have to pull the one on the left. Then go back to the entrance area. You will notice that a strange creature has appeared on the path that climbs to the top of the lighthouse. As you can easily imagine, it is the next boss you will have to face. If you are ready, move on to begin the battle, but if you need to restore energy, shop or change party members, it is advisable to return to Raphala first to prepare. When you try to climb the stairs behind the creature, a huge eyeball will push you back. It's time to take on Gazer.

Boss Fight - Gazer[edit]

HP: 1100

For this battle it is best to use Momo and Garr. Gazer is in fact able to attack all members of your group at the same time, while his Eye Beam attack causes very heavy damage to a single character. It is also able to confuse your characters. As usual, it is advisable to transform Ryu with the Flame and Thorn genes and then attack Gazer with Flame Claw, which does a lot of damage, given his weakness to fire. Use Garr's powerful physical attacks and reserve Momo for the group's care. If you want to use Nina instead of Garr, cast her Simoon spell, but be careful to keep her HP at maximum, as she will easily KO. It is also advisable to cast Protect on her one or more times.

Defeated Gazer you can easily reach the room at the top of the lighthouse. In this room you will also find the Eldritch Gene. Then pull the lever to turn on the light. As soon as you turn it on, a fairy will hastily come and try to turn it off, but to no avail. The fairy will inform you that it was her people who turned off the lighthouse and put Gazer on guard. She will then throw you a Faerie Tiara, thanks to which you will be able to access their village through the flower beds that you will find on the world map and she will recommend you to do so as soon as possible. Exit the lighthouse and return to Raphala to restore your energy.