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The Faeries[edit]

Before proceeding with your journey, exit to the World Map and head to the hut near Maekyss Gorge where you were previously, with Peco in the Group. Use Peco to hit the tree next to the hut and the Flower Jewel will fall from it. Don't sell this item, but head to the forest north of the Eastern Wyndia region. If you throw a rock into the pond, with Peco, Meryleep will appear. Give her the Flower Jewel and she will offer to become your Master (see the appropriate section for more details).

Then go to any flower bed you find on the World Map and use the Faerie Tiara. This will take you to the Fairy Village, just as you were asked for at the top of the lighthouse. Enter the house and talk to the fairies. You will learn that it was a monster who forced them to turn off the lighthouse, so, you will agree to take care of that monster. Head to the beach and wait for the night. The monster will not be long in showing up. At first it will look like a harmless dolphin, but then it will attack you, claiming that the light from the lighthouse did not let it sleep.

Boss Fight - Dolphin[edit]

HP: 1200

If you use the right attacks, this battle can be really easy. The Dolphin is in fact very weak to the thunder element, so transform Ryu using the Thunder and Thorn genes, or Thunder and Defender, then attack it with Thunder Claw. Use Nina's thunder element spells and reserve Momo for healing and support spells. The Dolphin will often counterattack, but its most dangerous move is Tsunami, an attack that halves the HP of the whole group, therefore, while never being lethal, it does a lot of damage. However, if you use the attacks described above, you will eliminate the Dolphin within a few turns.

After eliminating the Dolphin, the fairies will thank you and let you rest for free. Then go back to the World Map. You can return to visit the fairies whenever you want, thanks to the Faerie Tiara, but until you enter the second part of the game there is nothing more to do here.

A new path[edit]

Treasure to find
  • Protein

Return to Raphala. Speaking with Beyd, you will learn that although the lighthouse is working, the ship has not yet returned to port. Then go talk to Sinkar at the inn. To reward you for what you have done for the Guild, he will allow you to use the secret passage of the Guild, inside Mt. Zublo and will give you a letter to show to the guards. So get ready for this new journey. Buy what you need in the shops, visit the Masters and go fishing if you like. It is strongly recommended to give a flame inoculation to the members of the group that you will take with you.

Then head to Mt. Zublo, at the eastern end of the Raphala region. You will notice a mysterious cave, guarded by the guards, but this is not your destination. Take the path on the right. You will find a chest containing a Protein. Show Sinkar's letter to the guard who blocks your way and go up the stairs until you reach the entrance to the shortcut through the volcano.

Inside Mt. Zublo[edit]

Treasure to find
  • Asbestos Armor
  • 800 zenny
  • Ring of Fire
  • Flame Talons
  • Wisdom Fruit
  • Life Shard

As you move inside the volcano, you will have to pay attention to where you walk. If one of your characters steps over a lava pool, he will lose some HP. Unfortunately, to find some items, you will sometimes be forced to do so. You will also need to avoid jets of steam that can harm you and poisonous gas fumes that can confuse you. Better if you have a good supply of healing items. There are some enemies in this area, called Vulcans, who will first need to be hit with a fire element spell to become vulnerable. They are particularly tough, but they will give you a lot of experience when you defeat them. Generally, however, the enemies in this area absorb the fire element, while they are very weak to the frost element: therefore act accordingly. Maybe use Momo's Ice Chrysm and Nina's Iceblast spell. You can find many useful items inside the volcano, so search everywhere. It is essential to find the Asbestos Armor, which protects the wearer from fire and the Ring of Fire, which will allow you to absorb the damage resulting from the fire element. To find it, you will have to go down a slope avoiding numerous jets of gas, but it is worth it. It is also very important to find the Miracle gene, in the third screen, to reach which you will necessarily have to cross a large pool of lava. If you start to run out of energy and healing items, it is certainly better to get out of the volcano and restore your energies, then return later. In the same screen where you found the Miracle Gene you will then have to walk a narrow passage between two lava pools. Make sure you are in good health and have a good supply of healing items before doing so, as well as still have the flame inoculations. As you walk on this path, in fact, you will be joined by an old slobbering man who will summon two monsters from the lava pools on the sides: Scylla and Charybdis. Get ready for a challenging battle.

Boss Fight - Gisshan-Scylla-Charybdis[edit]

Gisshan: 800 HP - Scylla & Charybdis: 1000 HP (each)

Scylla and Charybdis will attack you with their physical attacks and with Wall of Fire, a fairly powerful fire element attack. Other times, they'll use Snap to reduce your defense. Meanwhile, Gisshan will make things more difficult by casting Vitalize on his group or Sleep on yours. If you kill him you won't get any results, unlike Emitai with his golems, so it's best to leave him for last. Better then to equip Ryu with the Dream Ring. It is important to have one member of your party equipped with the Ring of Fire and one with the Asbestos Armor, to limit the damage received. Scylla and Charybdis are obviously weak to the frost element. In this battle, you can transform Ryu with the Flame, Frost and Thunder genes, to be able to use the Firebreath against them, without being weak to fire. Or, you can use the Frost and Thorn genes and attack one of them with Frost Claw. This way, you will do more damage, but you will also be more vulnerable. Meanwhile, Momo will have to constantly cast healing and support spells on the party. If you have Garr or Peco as a third member, use his physical attacks, while if you have Nina in the party, have her cast Iceblast. Try to keep the party's HP high at all times. It is best to focus your attacks on only one lava monster. Once you've defeated one, things will get a lot easier. Keep attacking until you defeat the other as well. Left alone, Gisshan will not be an opponent worthy of the name. He will usually just use Vitalize on himself, to unnecessarily prolong a battle he has already lost. Take him down with simple physical attacks.

Enter the cave at the end of the path and walk the last short stretch before the exit, collecting the Life Shard that you will find along the way. Exit to finally reach the Urkan region.

The Urkan Region[edit]

There is not much to do here for now. To the southeast you will find a new fishing spot, where you can catch a new type of fish and trade your catch with Manillo. However, you will not be able to proceed further south-east, because the Tidal Caves are flooded by high tide. To the north you will find a town called Junk Town. Here you can buy some very powerful, but also extremely expensive weapons and armor, if you have enough money. Speaking with the inhabitants of this city, you will discover that the ship did not return to Raphala simply because it broke down. Even here, however, you will not be able to proceed further. After exploring this new region, head to Urkan Tapa.

Urkan Tapa[edit]

Enter Urkan Tapa taking Garr with you. Stop by the shops to stock up on supplies and to upgrade your equipment, especially Ryu's and Garr's. In this city you can also find another Master, Hondara, who is preaching to the inhabitants. He will take you as an apprentice if at least one of your characters has learned the Backhand skill from Durandal. You will also find a door blocked by a huge boulder. Put Garr in charge of the party to move it. Inside you will find Sudama, who is meditating. Garr and Sudama will exchange a few words. At the end Sudama will tell you to go to Angel Tower and will order the guardians at the entrance to let you pass. When you leave the city, you will automatically camp. Garr hints back to Ryu that he may die at Angel Tower, but then drops the subject. Head to Angel Tower.

Angel Tower[edit]

Treasure to find
  • Ivory Dice
  • Wisdom Seed
  • Diamond Ring
  • Moon Tears
  • Mithril Helm
  • Soul Gem
  • Napalm
  • Skill Ink

You will notice that Angel Tower looks like a Mayan pyramid. Explore the outer steps first to find an Ivory Dice and a Wisdom Seed. Then reach the long staircase on the right. If you go down the stairs nearby, you will come to a dark room with a woman's body motionless under a beam of light. You will find out who she is later in the game. Instead, go up the long staircase on the side of the pyramid and go inside. Go down the stairs. In the room below, you'll need to take down the crumbling wall on the left with Momo's bazooka if you want to get a Diamond Ring and Moon Tears. Then continue to go down. In the room below, you'll have to have Garr push the square stone block into the gap that interrupts the upper passage, so you can reach the chest. Keep going down. Further down, you will have to solve a kind of maze. That is, you will have to push Garr three blocks of stone, similar to the one you previously moved, into the right position to be able to reach the next staircase that descends. This will take you to the lowest level of Angel Tower. Here Garr will ask the third member of your party to leave you alone. In this room you will find a monument, with four stone slabs on the sides. Each plate has a name and a number. On one of them, you will read Garr's name. At that point Garr will explain that the number below indicates the number of Brood he killed during the dragon war. The basement of Angel Tower serves as a cemetery for the slain dragons and Garr brought you here to kill you and complete his work, as Ryu is the last of the Broods. Get ready to face him.

Sub-Boss Fight - Garr[edit]

HP: 380

While at the Contest of Champions Garr was invincible, here he is pathetic. He will only use physical attacks. Shoot it down the way you like, perhaps turning into a mighty dragon to speed things up.

After defeating him, Garr will ask you why you don't finish him. Ryu will lose control, transform into a dragon and fly away. You will then witness another dream of him, similar to the one he had at the beginning of the game.