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Nico's Apartment[edit]

...luckily, the canopy on Ultar's truck breaks your fall. Ha, I even thought you were a goner! Once George states that he has the lens Nico seems really happy to see him. The best part here, though, is that you can give Nico the bathroom chain you acquired in Syria. Even though she comments on it being a little "heavy," George sells her by saying: ethnic craftsmanship at its most rustic! And we're off.

World Map[edit]

With no place to go we have to find a lead. Go to Crune Museum. If you don't know where that is by now god help you.

Crune Museum[edit]

Enter the museum and talk to Andre. Hah, he refers to the manuscript as "sexy" and Georgie thinks he's talking about Nico. It seems that the map wants you to go to Spain now. The suit of armor is from the Vasconcellos family, which must be Spanish.

World Map[edit]

Head to the "world world map" via the northeast corner. On it, go to Spain, which is the most southwestern dot.