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Paris IV[edit]

Nico's Apartment[edit]

It seems George has the hots for a withered old Spanish aristocrat! And I figured he liked Nico, silly me! Talk about the chalice (the first option) and Nico continues her suspicion about George's relationship with the Countess. You can return the argument with a little suspicion about Andre and then it's time to go.

World Map[edit]

So where are we going to find a church? The Montfaucon, of course! It's the most northeastern dot on the map.


The return of the Gendarme! He's undercover as an indolent, wine guzzling police officer. P'zang! You'll also learn about "Sewer Jacques," an urban legend! Go inside the Church, which is to the east. I wonder why a CLOWN was performing in front of the Church. That just rubs me the wrong way.


Talk to the Priest, who stands out distinctively because he's white, has a white beard, and a white tabard. Talk about the stained glass, which yields little results in the form of clues. Talking about the two priests won't be very interesting, either.

However, if you talk about the Chalice, the priest will see some writing on it. How the Countess, Lopez, George, and Nico didn't see it, I don't know. Agree to let him polish the chalice (you can chase down and tackle an old man if he runs) and he'll start polishin'.

To the east of the priest is a big statue. Inspect it twenty times and George will finally take a peak inside the scroll to see a stained glass window. You'll get no clues from it, sadly. But if you put the lens on one end of the scroll, it will fit like a glove.

That must mean something! Take another peak inside the scroll to find a different picture. Neat-o! George will remember a date (the lack of a notepad scares me again) and we're done with the statue. The priest must be done polishing, so converse with him again.

Talk to him about the newly polished chalice; a coat of arms is on it and not writing. Chat about the scroll and the priest will decipher the Latin words. The stained glass window of a burning man, it seems, is seen by some in this haunted place. Spooky!

After exhausting all the conversations it's time to follow through on all the priest's hints. To the north on the wall you'll see two tombs. Inspect the right tomb to see the same coat of arms as the Countess's. After George memorizes a bunch of gibberish, it's time to leave.

World Map[edit]

Back to the museum we go!

Crune Museum[edit]

Yes, Andre is permanently stationed at the museum. Talk to him about the statue you saw in Syria (why didn't George ask him before?) to find out it might be Baphomet - the idol described by the Templars! Yeah, I couldn't think of another way to say that, so I just took it from the game. And how be danged, the Baphomet statue was birthed right here in Paris, at some long French-named place.

World Map[edit]

It's the most western dot. Oddly, there are two, so it's the more north one.

Site of Baphomet[edit]

Another extravagant place! Talk to the painter at the entrance to find out he's a little "shady." He'll tell you about the dig, though, and that some even more shady people entered the excavation site. I wonder who they are? The painter is very protective of his paint pot, so you can't touch it. If you try to look through the dumpster, he'll tell you to get lost.

Bah, forget the painter. Go downstairs to find some shady (!!) characters guarding the door. Talk to the guard but he'll evade everything. Try to enter the restroom opposite of the guard but it's locked. I guess they are digging up waste there, too.

Talk to the guard about the toilet and he'll remarkably give you the key to unlock the restroom door. I guess they aren't digging up waste like I thought. Use the keys to enter the bathroom. This bathroom *does* look like it's been dug through.

If you select the toilet, George will remember the good old days in Syria when he vandalized and looted the restroom in the club. Well, that's sort of what we're going to do here. Turn on the water and George will automatically take the soap bar.

With the soap in hand, combine it with the keys to make... a key imprint! Whoa, I think we're on to something, Sherlock! Now combine the Plaster of Paris with the soap imprint to make a soap bar with a key imprint that is filled with plaster! Put the soap bar under the water to mix it with the plaster; George will automatically dry it with the hand-dryer device in this room.

With the fake key, exit the bathroom and talk to the guard. Give him back his keys and walk back up the stairs to the painter. Try to dip the key into the paint pot but the painter will have none of it. Uggh... stupid fat painter! Walk back downstairs to the guard and use the phone near the restroom door to call Nico.

George's plan is to have Nico distract the painter on the phone while he does the finishing touches on the key. It would work even better if Nico wore something slutty and came over to the site, but we're not complaining. Go back to the exterior and tell the painter about the phone call.

Haha: "She asked for 'that hunk of man with the nicotine fingers and his ass hanging out of his pants.'" George will probably die for this, but meh. With the painter gone, dip the key in the paint pot. The key now looks like a normal key but, sadly, doesn't feel like a normal key. Walk back downstairs and see how the phone sex is going.

The painter will remark that the woman was "all over him" and suddenly it was "nothing but abuse." The latter sure sounds like Nico. Talk to the guard and ask for the bathroom again. George will dismiss the guard's suspicions saying that he doesn't want to get "technical."

Open the bathroom door with the keys. Inside here, put the fake key on the ring in place of the real key. Once done, exit to the guard's room. We still have the problem with the "feel" of the fake key that we must resolve before we can trade off the key to the guard.

On the same wall as the excavation door you should see a bronze spot. Walk up to it and examine it (don't press the use button) to find out it is a thermostat. Talk to the guard about this and he'll say he must keep it warm in here. He has gloves if it gets too cold.

This is our loophole; if we can get the guard to wear the gloves, he can't feel the key! Walk back over to the thermostat and turn it off. George will wait and the guard will put his gloves on! Eureka! Now you can give the guard the fake key - with the gloves and paint he won't know it's made of plaster!

Ring up Nico again on the same phone that you used to distract the painter. Hah, Nico won't even repeat what she said to the painter - it must have been really bad! George will think of another good idea that involves the guard and the painter. When the guard goes up to get the painter, the two get in a big argument. This is your chance to enter the excavation site! Remember to use the key...

Excavation Site[edit]

Examine the planks to the right of the door but George won't find any use for them. Take the ladder to descend to the lower part of the excavation site. Look at the ground first to see an odd pattern. Getting to business, walk a little north of it to find the Baphomet statue! Set the Chalice on the odd pattern south of the Baphomet statue and it's show time.

Nico's Apartment[edit]

Back here, you can pry on the matter of Andre. It seems Nico met him in college and he hasn't changed much since. Choose to leave and George will mumble your new mission to give the Chalice back to the Countess.

World Map[edit]

Head to the Europe Map and go back to Spain.