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House Exterior[edit]

That gardener is spraying the same area over and over... odd. Talk to him and he'll be a little "pissy" towards you. Interesting, the French are all nice people while the first person in Spain tells you off. His name is Lopez, and he doesn't answer any of your questions. Just say no when it comes to the lottery, the Countess doesn't do that sort of stuff.

So, the gardener obviously isn't going to help you. Looks like you'll have to get in by force. Or intelligence. Walk west across the entire screen to the beginning of the hose's slack. A hose should be outlined on the ground, so just follow that. When you reach the end, use the blood pressure device to stop the hose. That will teach Lopez!

He'll run inside to figure out the problem, leaving the door wide open for you to enter. Lopez states that he'll sick the dogs on you if you enter, but we need to see that Countess! Enter the house in the same door Lopez entered.

House Interior[edit]

Inside, go down the hallway north of you to get Lopez's attention. Directly afterwards, though, hide behind the suit of armor, which is near the stairs. Once Lopez is gone, go up the stairs to find the Countess. George will explain the situation to the Countess and she'll let you sit down.

Talk about the Knight Templars and George will ask about all the "medevil" stuff she has. After some thought, the Countess exclaims that the chess set is very old. However, a couple pieces are missing from the set - a sure sign that you have to find these pieces.

George seems to play chess because he can see an irregular base on the pieces. Lopez walks in and gets owned by the Countess. Next, the gang walks outside and opens the mausoleum.


Odd name, no? After some chat about when the mausoleum was built, you're off to look for clues. Immeditately go over to the statue and open the cover under it to find a checkerboard. After checking that out, converse with the Countess about everything.

Yes, everything. She'll straighten you out about the Templars, and then we get to the clues. It seems that the knights were "dedicated" to Virgin Mary, the statue that you just looked at. After that, talk about the checkerboard. After a small revelation, it's time to take a peak at the checkerboard again.

The Countess becomes eager, bordering eccentric. While we're waiting for that unintelligent manservant Lopez to arrive, talk about the Templars again to learn about Don Carlos. Sad, sad story, but it probably ties in with everything else in some way.

Hah, even the Countess trusts you now! But we have arrived at a hit-and-miss part of the game. You have to arrange the pieces in a certain way to continue in the game. So, first, put the bishop (round tower) at the very top. Second, put the knight (he has a shield) in the direct middle, two squares below the bishop. Finally, put the king (guy with the cross) directly under the knight.

With all the pieces in place, something will open in the room! It's... it's the Communion Chalice! But what the heck is that? It doesn't matter because it's been missing for seven hundred years, so it must be of some importance. Hehe, we have the Countess get the item first, to avoid any deathtraps!