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  • Collect all lanterns on all four screens. Once you do, a floor will open in the third screen.


Collect all ceiling lanterns, and head down, being sure to avoid the hazard that sometimes appears going across the gap in the floor. Room exit is to the left.

In the second room, grab the right ceiling lamp first, when it turns white. Repeat for the left lamp, and exit downward.

In the third room, you'll see things on the floor. They are a trap that triggers a few seconds after you run over them, killing anyone on the trap. Get all lamps and exit to the right.

In the fourth room with moving ladders, get the lamp to the left and go in the south west exit. Go in the door way, and jump across the electrified floor (avoiding the spike) to grab the lantern, and return. Get the two lamps in the middle, and the lamp on the right. In the lower-right exit, jump across the electrified floor and get the last to lanterns. Return and exit to the upper right.

Carefully climb across the floor spikes, and fall down to the lower platform. (Careful not to go into the gap, as you'll have to do the jump again). Get the lanterns and head to the right, exiting upward after the last lantern.

In the last room, collect all the lanterns before exiting, and going back outside.


A new place is opened to the right. Jump or walk across the platform when available, collect the two lamps and enter.

In the first room, get the three items, and exit to the upper right. You should then appear in a hub with three exits in the middle.

Left hub section[edit]

You need to collect a pair of gold symbols in the lower-right corner. Once you have it, return to the first room, and take the exit, found in the middle floor of the first room, to the right.

Central hub section[edit]

Simply get the two switches and exit.

Right hub section[edit]

Get the items and exit.

Inner sanctum[edit]

After completing all three hub sections, you should enter an area with four electrified floors, with an outside tower in the next room. Enter the tower and get all the items. Don't worry about the white stars, as those are harmless.

In the gray room, get the item, and climb up the newly available ladder. Wait for the beam to pass and climb up. Duck under the second beam, and jump to the left. Climb up, wait for the beam to launch, and head right across the ceiling. Climb up. Time your jump across the gray electric floor, and climb up. Wait for the beams, and head right across the ceiling and drop down right away.

Get the last item, and climb up. If you are fast, you can climb up directly, otherwise, you may have to wait for the beams to pass.

In the final room, the enemy will attack you from above. Simply charge to the right and pull the switch to defeat him. Exit right, and you'll win (and restart from the beginning.)