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Level 01[edit]

Round 01

Three enemies come from the top, walk to the left and fall town. Jump up one floor and trap all three in bubbles and they'll hover to the top. Create as many bubbles as you can before popping them to convert them into bonus items.

Level 02[edit]

Round 02

Hop onto the long bar in the middle and pick a side. Kiss the two Bubble Busters that come down that side. Then walk off the platform onto the bottom level and bubble the remaining two enemies.

Level 03[edit]

Round 03

Jump into the middle area, and contain the four bubble busters. However, you shouldn't be too aggressive and be prepared to jump up as necessary.

Level 04[edit]

Round 04

A bonus item appears at the player's starting position after a few seconds.

Level 05[edit]

Round 05

Water balloons appear at the top. Pop them to take care of all enemies at once.

Level 06[edit]

Round 06

Hop up to the first long platform, and bubble or kiss the Stoner and Bubble Buster there. Then jump to the subsequent levels to bubble or kiss the remaining enemies.

Level 07[edit]

Round 07

Hop to the second platform above you. Stoners will land on the top two platforms and begin walking down. Bubble or kiss them, and then jump to the other side to bubble the rest.

Level 08[edit]

Round 08

As the enemies are falling, quickly jump under the single enemy width platform and face to the right. Start blowing bubbles. You should be able to kiss the Stoner and Bubble Buster that will fall down just to the right of you, and capture the other two in bubbles as they fall.

Watch the top left platform for magic shoes; while items are randomly selected, the shoes may tend to appear on this level.

Level 09[edit]

Round 09

This is the first stage in the game to differ from the original arcade and NES ports.

IF YOU HAVE FAST BUBBLES: Walk under the first ledge, and stand in the middle of it (still on the lowest level.) As the monsters drop down, blow bubbles right and contain them. One monster will drop off behind you, but will be going the opposite direction. As soon as you've contained the other monsters in bubbles, immediately face left and blow bubbles to capture the last monster as well. Jump out of the way, and let them group up in the middle. Collect the bonus items, then break all the bubbles with monsters in them by either dropping onto them, or simply pushing the bubbles together until they pop.

It is still possible to do this without fast bubbles, but is obviously much more difficult. If two players, it's easiest to let the green (left) player capture all the monsters in bubbles.

This level will have several EXTEND letters show up (typically at least 3.)

Level 10[edit]

Round 10

Start jumping up through the platforms that are placed above you. When you reach the top, blow bubbles at Belugas and Bubble Busters as they fall through the holes at the bottom of the stage and reappear at the top. Speed bubbles can be useful to kill several enemies quickly, but leave you vulnerable after you go through the floor and begin falling from the top.