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Level 21[edit]

Round 21

Jump up the center column, and capture the stoners. This will encourage the Bubble Busters to jump up, allowing you to capture them without issue.

Level 22[edit]

Round 22

Bounce along the lightning bubbles that float along the side, while facing the outside wall. When they are aligned with the enemies, release the jump button to pop the balloons.

Level 23[edit]

Round 23

Level 24[edit]

Round 24

There are seven hullaballoons in a row, near the top.

Level 25[edit]

Round 25

Let the fire bubbles work their way down to the level where the enemies spawn - this will make surviving this level a lot easier.

Level 26[edit]

Round 26

If you have rapid bubbles, make a stand in the lower left to try and get some 3x comboes, keeping in mind that they break free of bubbles pretty fast in this level. Otherwise, work your way to the upper left corner after the enemies fall down.

Level 27[edit]

Round 27

Thin out the enemies from the start position until they stop coming down by you. Next, fall to the top of the screen and do the same. Finally, you should be able to eliminate the enemies bouncing in the center with little resistance.

Level 28[edit]

Round 28

Level 29[edit]

Round 29

Level 30[edit]

Round 31