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Level 31[edit]

Round 31

Level 32[edit]

Round 32

Level 33[edit]

Round 33

Level 34[edit]

Round 34

Level 35[edit]

Round 35

The first very hard map if you're one-player. Jump up on a bubble immediately and kill the ones in the top. After they died, you'll have to jump through the top - just make sure that enemies aren't walking right on top of you when you do so.

Another way to do it is to kill the enemies at the bottom first and then try to clear the top, but if the top enemies stay on the bottom platform, it can be very hard to get up without dying.

Level 36[edit]

Round 36

Level 37[edit]

Round 37

Level 38[edit]

Round 38

Level 39[edit]

Round 39

Level 40[edit]

Round 40