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  • Lightgun: Use the lightgun to direct your gunsight around the screen; player 1 is given the codename of "ZIP" (and his score is displayed on the left side of the screen), and player 2 is given the codename of "ZAP" (and his score is on that right side). Squeeze the trigger to fire a shot from the gun.
  • 1 or 2 Player Buttons: Push these buttons to begin the game as player 1 (ZIP) or player 2 (ZAP); the cabinet's two sides will play exactly the same.


Normal creatures[edit]

Bt tuna.png BT Crab.png Bt balloonpop.png Bt tosu.png Bt unagi.png BT JewelFish.png BT SwordFish.png There are now eight types of normal creatures; from left to right: Tuna (ツナ), Snapper (スナッパー), Balloon Pop (バルーンポップ), Tosu (トス), Unagi (うなぎ), Piranha (ピラニア), and Mr. Jow (ミスタージャウ). These are each worth 1 point.

Bonus creatures[edit]

BT BlueGhost.png BT YellowGhost.png BT GreenGhost.png BT RedGhost.png There are now only four types of bonus creatures, which happen to be the original ghosts from the first Golly! Ghost!; from left to right: Blue Ghost (ブルーゴースト), Yellow Ghost (イエローゴースト), Green Ghost (グリーンゴースト), and Red Ghost (レッドゴースト). Worth 2-5 points.

Boss creatures[edit]

BT Pirate.png BT StoneIdol.png BT GiantOctopus.png BT Bubble Monster.png BT WaterBoss.png There are now five boss creatures; from left to right: Boss Pirate (ボスパイレート), Boss Stone Idol (ボスストーンアイドル), Boss Octopus (ボスオクトパス), Boss Bubble Monster (ボスバブルモンスター) and Boss Water Ghost (ボスウォーターゴースト). Once defeated, the text "SCENE X CLEAR!" (X being the scene number) will appear on the screen - and additionally, Boss Stone Idol, Boss Octopus and Boss Bubble Monster will spawn three types of bonus enemies, Boulders (BT Boulder.png), Octopi (BT Octopus.png) and Bubble Ghosts (BT BubbleCreature.png) when defeated, which are again each worth 1 point, and both players should try to kill as many of them as they possibly can before they stop spawning.


BT Bubble.png These small pockets of air will appear at random intervals in each scene, and have the chance of clearing the screen of enemies when the players shoot them; however, they usually pop with no effect on the game, and when one does clear the screen, the player who shot it gets the enemies' points.