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Box artwork for Bubbles.
Year released1982
ModesSingle player, Multiplayer
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Bubbles marquee

Bubbles is an arcade video game developed by Williams Electronics and released in 1982. It is an action game that features two-dimensional (2D) graphics. The player uses a joystick to control a bubble in a kitchen sink. The object is to progress through levels by cleaning the sink while avoiding enemies.

Development was handled by John Kotlarik and Python Anghelo. Kotlarik desired to create a non-violent game inspired by Pac-Man. Anghelo designed the game's artwork and scenario as well as a special plastic cabinet that saw limited use. The game received a mixed reception from critics, who focused on the game's unusual premise. The game was later released as a web-based version and on home consoles as part of arcade compilations.

Bubbles is an action game with puzzle elements where the player controls the protagonist, a soap bubble, from a top-down perspective. The object is to clean a kitchen sink by maneuvering the bubble over ants, crumbs, and grease to absorb them. The player is impeded by enemies – brushes, razor blades, roaches, and sponges – that are deadly to the character. The bubble will grow larger the more objects the player absorbs. Once the bubble reaches a certain size, it will acquire a smiling face and becomes invulnerable against some enemies; contact with those enemies, however, will reduce the bubble's size to the point it becomes vulnerable again. After cleaning the sink, the player will progress to the next level. If the bubble becomes large enough, the drain in the center of the sink will begin to flash, signaling the player to enter it to progress to the next level.

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