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See Weapons for information on the various ammunition and thrown weapons. As you progress through the game, you can get everything except marbles in your dorm room. But especially for Chapter 1, it can be handy to know where else to top up.

Non-collectible on-ground items regenerate overnight (not just weapons: frisbees, soccer balls, bikes, etc. reset their locations also).

Before passing Chemistry 4, Jimmy can only make three firecrackers, stinkbombs and itching powders per batch in his chemistry set. But the ones found on the ground have the full five charges.

Bullworth Academy[edit]


  • next to rear of old schoolbus in carpark
  • climb a ladder beside pool entrance, then go left
  • behind a ladder south of the school main building


  • apple tree near girls' dorm
  • in front of Library, north end
  • football field beside west bleachers
  • pool's rooftop

Itching powder:

  • behind girls' dorm, north end
  • boys' shower in Gym change room
  • football field behind east bleachers

Stink bombs:

  • beside Library, south side near wall
  • football field scoreboard
  • Greaser area next to carpark, beside skip/dumpster


  • in front of Harrington House, south side
  • balcony above pool
  • beside the electric door south of the library


  • beside Library, south side near wall
  • in front of the observatory door, east side

Spray Paint:

  • beside boys' dorm, south side
  • inside the Auto Shop garage

Bottle Rocket:

  • in front of the observatory door, west side

Bullworth Town[edit]

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  • in the alley next to dragons wing comics store

Old Bullworth Vale[edit]

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New Coventry[edit]

  • outside the bike stunt place, go forward and you will find fire crackers and stink bombs