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Dropped off at the school gates, Jimmy is met by the school secretary Ms. Danvers, who gives you your first objective — head to the principal's office.

Welcome to Bullworth[edit]

  • Starts: Automatically

Follow the yellow x on your radar/map to the main school, but avoid the bullies. You're not enrolled yet, but they're not above beating you up even so.

The main door of the school is dead ahead; walk up and press Triangle button to open it and go inside. Once in the main building, go up the stairs in front of you and you'll find the principal's office to the left of the trophy cabinet. Walk into the glowing yellow circle, and you'll be introduced to Dr. Crabblesnitch, the head of the historic Bullworth Academy.

Crabblesnitch will tell you to go get your uniform on, so it's time to get to the dorms. Go back outside the same way you entered the school, and go back towards the school gates. You'll find the boys' dorms on the right from the crossroads right before the main gates.

On your way there, you'll be ambushed by a couple of bullies and the game will give you a brief overview of how to fight. This is also your first brush with the bullies' leader, a powerhouse named Russell, but don't worry Hatrick, the math teacher, will break up the fight between you and Russell.

Enter the boys' dorm the same way as the main building — press Triangle button at the door. Inside you'll meet Gary. He's a little aggressive and something of a jerk, mostly thanks to his ADD meds, and offers to be your friend.

Your health will be a little low after Russell's introduction, so use the vending machine in the rec room ahead of you to boost yourself back up. Each can costs $1, and will give you about 50% health. The rec room also has a bulletin board, which contains hints and info about the school.

Jimmy's room is right by the main corridor; change into your uniform by walking over to the glowing coat hanger symbol and pressing Triangle button. This will bring up the wardrobe menu; select the Uniform outfit and press Cross button to put it on and exit.

At this point, you'll meet Petey Kowalski. He's a weedy, quiet kid who tries and fails to make a good impression, no thanks to an interruption from Gary. Jimmy boots the pair of them out to unpack, and you'll be presented with an opportunity to save your game. Walk over to the diary on Jimmy's desk and press Triangle button to open the save game menu.

This Is Your School[edit]

  • Starts: Front entrance to Bullworth Academy Main Building

Gary wants to show you around Bullworth, and introduce some of the more well-known students. He's not going to hang about though; you'll have to run (tap or hold Cross button) to keep up. If you do lose him, just look for the yellow x on your radar to find Gary again.

First of all, he'll lead you inside the school. Follow him around the corridors to Russell's locker. Russell is the leader of the bullies, but he's none too smart. Apologise to him with Cross button when the apologise icon shows, and again to pay him off when the dollar sign appears.

You'll then be given a brief intro to lockpicking — rotate Neutral lstick in the direction indicated by the arrow around the lock, and you'll have Russell's locker open in no time. Unfortunately a prefect spots you, and they don't like people breaking and entering. Lucky for you, Gary distracts them giving you some time to hide. Jump into a trashcan with Triangle button when no one's looking, and wait until your trouble meter empties before you climb out again.

Find Gary again (look for the yellow x), and he'll lead you to Eunice outside the girls' bathroom.

Someone's stolen Eunice's chocolates and it's up to you to find them. Follow the yellow x on your radar to Constantinos in the boys' restroom; humiliate him with X (or pay him by pressing dollar sign when it appears onscreen if you are feeling generous) and you'll get the candy back. Take the box to Eunice and she'll reward you in a slightly…distasteful way.

Once that's done, follow Gary to the cafeteria, where he'll introduce you to the other four main cliques of Bullworth, since you've already met the Bullies: the Nerds, the Preppies, the Greasers, and the Jocks.

Get to Class[edit]

  • Starts: Automatically after finishing "This Is Your School"

After the cutscene, a Prefect will show up to tell you to get to class. Follow the orange bell icon to your Chemistry class before 9:30. This is the first task where the clock appears, and will remain from this point on for most of the game.

The Setup[edit]

  • Starts: Outside front entrance to Bullworth Academy Main Building
  • Rewards: Slingshot; Bully respect -5 (=20)

Bullworth's principal, Dr. Crabblesnitch, doesn't appreciate Jimmy's methods of dealing with bullies, and give the new kid a stern talking to about it. One of the bullies, Davis, misinterprets the conversation however, and pops you with a slingshot before running off.

Chase him over the railings (press Circle button to jump) and around the back of the school into the auto yard south of the main buildings. Just after passing the Bull statue behind the school, Davis closes a gate behind him, preventing you from pursuing. There's another bully guarding it — grab onto him with Triangle button and force him into the trashcan on the right to save some time and health.

Open the gate by walking up to it and repeatedly tapping Triangle button — there's another bully to deal with inside, but unfortunately no convenient trashcan. Melee the heck out of him and open the second gate to find another opponent; defeat him and there's two more behind a third gate.

It's best to stay inside the workshop building for these last two, however — Davis is just outside with his slingshot, and he can do significant damage while you're engaged with his lackeys.

When they're out of the way, head into the yard and pick up any bricks or trashcan lids lying around as ammo using Triangle button. Lock onto Davis with L1 button, and hold R1 button to build up power before releasing it to throw. If you have any firecrackers they're indisposable here — use them to take Davis down in a couple of hits. If needed, you can also knock over trashcans to get their lids.

For your trouble, you'll get the slingshot — equip it by cycling your weapons with L2 button or R2 button, lock on with L1 button, fire with R1 button and charge your shot by holding down R1 button. You can also enter into an aiming mode using Up dpad to bring up an aiming reticle. It has infinite ammunition too, so utilize it.


  • Starts: Inside Bullworth Academy Boys' Dorms; 8am - 7pm
  • Rewards: Nerd respect +5 (=55)

Gary wants to take over the school, and he's determined to get your help.

Follow Gary to the old school bus, in the car park on the West side of the main school building. Gary wants to have some fun with your slingshot; use L1 button to lock on, or press Up dpad to enter aiming mode if you prefer manual aim. Shoot with R1 button to break all the windows.

When you're done, Gary's got a plan to annoy the jocks, so follow him to the football field, to the south of the school. Go past the Bull statue and down the path between the gym and pool buildings.

Over to the left, there's a tree with a glowing circle under it — walk up and press Triangle button to grab onto the tree and climb with Up lstick. Once Jimmy's hanging from the branch, press Triangle button to pull yourself up into a sitting position. Cycle through to the slingshot in your inventory.

As with the bus, you can either lock onto the jocks or use manual aiming, but your objective is to take them all down.

When you're done, climb out of the tree with Circle button.

Completing this mission unlocks both Save Algie and A Little Help. You will need to complete both (in either order) before you can progress to Defend Bucky and That Bitch.

Save Algie[edit]

  • Starts: Bullworth Academy Library; 8am - 7pm
  • Rewards: $5; Bully respect -10 (=10); Nerd respect +5 (=60)

One of the nerds, called Algie, needs Jimmy's help retrieving some books from his locker.

The bullies aren't going to make it that easy, though — they'll appear on your radar as a red X. You've got to take them out so that Algie won't get pummelled, but the excitement will cause his bladder control to go AWOL.

You've got a short time to get Algie inside the school and upstairs into one of the bathrooms — it's marked on your radar as a yellow X. When he's done, it's a quick trip to his locker (now marked on your radar) to end the mission.

A Little Help[edit]

  • Starts: Inside Bullworth Academy Boys' Dorm; 8am - 11pm
  • Rewards: Uppercut fighting move; Hobo combo training unlocked

Gary's bored and looking for a little fun — which for him, means picking on someone utterly helpless. He's chosen the old homeless man who lives behind the school bus as his target, and enlists Jimmy and Pete to help out.

The school bus is in the car park (parking lot) on the west side of the main school building. If you get there before Gary and Pete, you can head on through the bus (press Triangle button to open the front doors) and they'll automatically catch up.

At first, it looks like the old guy isn't home, but he bursts out and scares off Gary and Pete. Left on his own, Jimmy stands up to the verbal abuse the old man's throwing at him, and earns a little respect.

The drunk claims he was a special forces soldier during the Korean War, and offers to teach Jimmy a couple of moves, as long as you bring him a transistor.

Getting the first transistor is a piece of cake. Head over to the back of the Auto shop. A lot of greasers are around, and if you start a fight with one of them, they all join in, so try to be kind back there. Go up the ladder shown by the yellow marker and up onto the roof. The transistor is right in front of you. Grab it and head back to the hobo.

First up is the uppercut — hold Square button to perform it. After a couple of successful attempts, Jimmy will learn the move.

The hobo will now be available to learn more moves, so long as you have a transistor to exchange for his expertise.

Defend Bucky[edit]

  • Starts: Inside Bullworth Academy Boys' Dorm, 8am – 11pm
  • Rewards: Skateboard; Bully respect -10 (=0); Nerd respect +5 (=65)

Algie comes looking for your help — Bucky, another one of the nerds, went to the workshop to get something for his science project, and has been cornered by bullies.

As soon as you get control, you should see Bucky's health on the right hand side of the screen, below the radar. If it drops to zero, you'll fail the mission. From the looks of things, he's already getting his arse kicked, so get going.

Head to the workshop entrance by the old school bus, to the west of the main school building. Immediately inside, you'll see Bucky being attacked by two bullies, one of whom is armed with a baseball bat. It's in your best interest to take him out first, not least because you can then take his bat — pick it up with Triangle button — to make short work of his friend. If you grapple with him though, repeatedly tap Triangle button to wrestle the bat away from him.

Keep an eye out for any soda cans dropped by the bullies; keeping your own health up is just as important as Bucky's.

Go around the corner, and two more bullies will arrive. Again, one is armed with a bat, so take his weapon to make your job a little easier.

You've got to open the door to the workshop by tapping Triangle button; when it's open Bucky will run inside and get what he needs.

On your way out, a final pair of bullies will show up — defeat them like the others and you'll be free to leave.


  • You can do as much damage to Bucky as the bullies, so be careful with your targeting.
  • As mentioned above, control the baseball bat early.
  • Itching powder or stink bombs can be used to draw one or both bullies off Bucky. They may also keep one attacker busy for a short time, so that Bucky's not taking too much damage whilst you deal with the other one.
  • For the return trip where Bucky is behind you, Bucky's or Jimmy's health might be getting dangerously low. A well-placed handful of marbles can stop the bullies as they come around the corner, and keep them falling over while you beat them with a trashcan lid. Just stay off the booby-trapped section yourself.

As a reward, Bucky will give you the skateboard. You can equip it by cycling through as normal, or quick-select it by pressing L2 button+R2 button. See the vehicles section for a complete list of controls for the 'board.

That Bitch[edit]

  • Starts: Inside Bullworth Academy Girls' Dorm, 8am – 7pm
  • Rewards: Beatrice likes you

Mandy, the head cheerleader, has stolen Beatrice's science notes — which is a massive loss for science as a whole, if Beatrice is to be believed. Jimmy just happens to overhear the girls' argument, and Beatrice manages to convince him to help get them back.

Mandy's stashed the notes in her locker in the girls' changing room between the gym and the swimming pool.

There's a step here that doesn't always happen; if you don't already have any stink bombs in your inventory, you'll meet Gary as soon as you leave the girls' dorms. He suggests getting back at Mandy by stashing a stink bomb in her locker in place of the notes. You'll need to talk to Fatty, one of the nerds, who's hanging out by the library. He has a set of stink bombs to you use for the mission; either pay him $1 or threaten and beat him up to get them.

Head to the south side of the main school building and past the bull statue. Go in the door of the gym, and head down the stairs between the two sets of bleachers — the girls' changing room is on your left.

Walk over to Mandy's locker and quickly pick the lock, as Mandy and a prefect are already heading towards you. If you've gotten the stink bombs from Fatty, Jimmy will automatically throw one in when he's taken the notes. Quickly run behind the lockers and hide in the laundry hamper where you get to see Mandy throw up in the toilet.

Don't be tempted to run or fight out of the girls' change room: several prefects will either trap you in a corner or intercept you as you try to open the Gym door. Getting quickly into the laundry hamper is the best strategy here.

Now you just need to get the notes back to Beatrice. She's at the emergency exit steps on the south side of the girls' dorms. As a reward, you'll get a kiss — Beatrice now likes you, and will always accept your gifts.

Completing this mission unlocks The Diary, as well as being required for The Candidate.

The Candidate[edit]

  • Starts: Inside Bullworth Academy Main Building, 8am – 6:30pm
  • Rewards: $10; Super slingshot; Jock respect -5 (=45); Nerd respect +5 (=70)

(You need to have completed both Defend Bucky and That Bitch (in either order) to unlock this mission.)

(Finishing Gym class will make this a bit easier.)

Hallowe'en decorations have gone up around the school, and the "Ted for President" posters have been joined by "Earnest for President" ones.

Earnest, the nerds' leader, is running for class president, but it seems unlikely that he'll make it through his debate speech in one piece. Which is where Jimmy comes in — Earnest wants you to be his security manager during the event to fend off any saboteurs.

Firstly, you've got to get into the upper part of the auditorium. The AV lab, to the right of the principal's office, is the ideal access point, so head upstairs and through that door to find yourself in the upper seating.

You've got to use your slingshot to take out hecklers and other ne'er-do-wells, but fortunately Earnest has provided you with an upgrade — a sniper scope.

For the duration of this mission you'll be in the first-person view, unable to move except to aim (both analogue sticks will do the job here). This also means that your lock-on won't work, so you've got to aim manually. Another disadvantage is that the field of vision afforded by the scope is too narrow to watch all of the places enemies can appear, so you've got to rely on your radar to point out where the enemies are coming from. At some point, the mascot shows up and does a "cow dance". He takes multiple hits, so quickly get rid of him as he does a lot of damage.

Enemies in the upper balconies and the walkway above the stage show up as a red X, while enemies on the stage or in the aisles below you will appear as a red triangle.

Earnest's health is shown on-screen below your radar; if it drops to zero you'll fail the mission. Keep Earnest alive and don't shoot the speakers by mistake, and he'll reward you with the upgraded slingshot to keep, which replaces the old version in your inventory.

The clock will disappear from the end of this mission until Halloween is completed; it's a rare occurrence for there to be no clock in between missions.

The Diary (optional)[edit]

  • Starts: Outside Bullworth Academy Girls' Dorm, 7pm – 11pm
  • Reward: $20

Beatrice's diary has been confiscated by the maths teacher, Mr. Hattrick. Jimmy's not too concerned by the fact, until Beatrice reveals that large parts of the diary are about him, detailing their fictional romance. With that in mind, Jimmy makes a deal to get the diary back.

Beatrice reckons that the diary will still be in Hattrick's desk, so you're going to have to get into the school without being spotted by the prefects.

Head around to the south side of the school building, and you'll find a ledge that you can climb up. From there, walk over to the yellow circle on the ground and press Triangle button to climb onto the scaffolding. Move up to the top with Up lstick, and you'll be outside a window on the upstairs balcony. Use Triangle button to get inside.

Inside the school, keep an eye out for prefects, as you are trespassing already. Their field of vision will be visible on the radar, so jump into a locker or trashcan to avoid them if needs be. The maths room is to the left of your entry point, but when Jimmy tries the door he finds it's locked.

The next point of call is the staff room, on the ground floor. Again, watch out for prefects on your way down — but if you make it into the staff room they can't follow you. Still, it's better not to have them hanging around when you're on your way out.

There's a desk in the far corner from the door; press Triangle button and Jimmy will search through the drawers to find Beatrice's diary. You'll be treated with a two-page spread of the diary's contents; press Triangle button to exit and continue with the mission.

Leaving the staff room, you're free to exit the building any way you please. One of the back doors is fairly close by, but leaving through the main door might be easier depending where the prefects are.

Head back to the girls' dorm and give the diary to Beatrice to complete the mission and get another kiss from Beatrice.


  • Starts: Inside Bullworth Academy Boys' Dorm, automatically when you walk in Jimmy's room

It's Hallowe'en and Gary's in your room, dressed as a Nazi officer for the occasion. He's gotten you a free costume too; use your wardrobe to change into the Skeleton Outfit.

Your first task is to collect Pete from the garbage bin and get out of the dorm in one piece. You could probably take on most of the bullies, but Russell will wipe the floor with you. If you run out the door, Pete and Gary will catch up — don't bother trying to protect or escort Pete.

Hallowe'en plays like a single mission, but will show as two or three separate items in your Completed Tasks list: "Halloween", "Halloween Pranks" and "The Big Prank".

Halloween Pranks[edit]

  • Starts: automatically

Outside, there are several small pranks you can play. They're constructed like Errand missions, so they'll appear on your radar as blue Xs. The pranks vary from setting off fireworks around people to sticking a "Kick Me" sign to an unsuspecting student. Remember, you have no time limit here, so feel free to do some exploration, maybe picking a few locks along the way.

It's important to note that there are no prefects on Hallowe'en night, which means you can hit girls and kids to complete the small pranks, without fear of retaliation (except from the girls themselves). The prefects do reappear if you complete The Big Prank, however.

You need to perform five small pranks to complete the Halloween Pranks task. Then the clock will reappear at 8 p.m. and your bed will become available to use. You will also be given an on-screen message warning that, if you sleep, you won't get a second chance to do The Big Prank. If you want to go for the bonuses, do it before finishing all the small pranks to take advantage of the unlimited time.


There are two bonuses you can unlock tonight, although there will be an opportunity to get both of them again later on.

The Hallowe'en decorations around the campus consist of two types of items: Jack O'Lanterns and gravestones.

Smashing all the Jack O'Lanterns will unlock the Pumpkin Head helmet, while taking out all of the headstones will unlock the Edna mask. Both will be available from Jimmy's wardrobe.

The Big Prank (optional)[edit]

  • Starts: Harrington House
  • Reward: Red Ninja outfit

Completing five small pranks will unlock The Big Prank, Gary's pièce de résistance — but it's going to need some cooperation between the two of you.

Firstly, you've got to take care of Chad while Gary gets a hold of his dog. There's no finesse required, though; Chad may have a baseball bat but he is a pushover.

Gary will then feed the dog some rancid meat he stole from the kitchen, which will net you the "Bag O' Poo" item, which should be self-explanatory.

You've got to take the bag inside the school, to the staff room on the ground floor, and drop it in the designated marker outside the door. Gary lights the bag, and you'll pull the fire alarm (using Triangle button) to get someone out of the teachers' party.

As soon as you're back in control, run. You've got Mr. Burton on your tail, and if you get caught you'll be busted instantly. Also, it'll probably be getting late at this point, so be sure to get back to your dorm room soon.

If you manage to escape, which isn't difficult, you'll have unlocked the Red Ninja outfit. However if you miss this mission, you can easily find it in the locker the next day.

Character Sheets (optional)[edit]

  • Starts: Bullworth Academy Library
  • Reward: $10

Melvin's character sheets have been stolen, and it's looking like his Grottos & Gremlins session tonight is doomed. Jimmy might be able to help, though — Melvin offers to give you ten groats (dollars) and a pick of his "wenches" should you return the sheets.

The character sheets are in the possession of four groups of bullies around the campus. The closest group is to the south side of the library — hop over the wall and you'll find Trent and a friend. They offer you a game of "Roshambone", a game of "I'll kick you in the nuts, then you kick me", then start the game while you're not ready — tap Triangle button to get up. They'll run off and leave the sheet lying. You can let them go and grab the sheet, or show them who's boss by beating the crap out of them.

Next, head towards the main school building, but before you pass through the archway entrance to the library, you should see a bully leaning against the wall to the right. If you try to pursue him, he'll drop some marbles, so take out your slingshot and shoot him from a distance. When he's out for the count, grab the sheet he drops.

The next closest is beside the boys' dorm — you can hop over the wall for a shortcut, or take the long way round. Again, using the slingshot to take him out from a distance is the safest tactic, although if you want to get hands-on it's not too difficult either.

The last one is by the autoshop. You can use the slingshot again, or take him on mano a mano; either way you'll get the sheet. Return all four to Melvin for your reward, minus the promised wenches.

Help Gary[edit]

  • Starts: Inside Bullworth Academy Boys' Dorm

It's advisable to have completed at least two of the art classes by this stage — the 50% health bonus will come in very useful at the end, although it's not impossible without it. It's also wise to visit your Chemistry set for some ammo if you've still got the option today — firecrackers will be especially helpful.

Gary's a little edgy, and wants to show you "something cool". He wants your help, but Jimmy's concern about getting expelled just irritates him.

Gary will lead you around to the car park, where he prods a group of bullies into attacking both of you. There's four of them to take out, but it's not too difficult.

Once they're done, Gary wants you to follow him into the school basement — but first, find a girl and kiss her. You'll appreciate the additional health before the mission's over.

Go down into the basement, and you'll find yourself in the boiler rooms and other dank areas of the school's underbelly. Gary wants to get through the double doors at the end on your left; the switch is in an alcove directly opposite the doors.

In the next room, there's another switch to throw to proceed — the fence around the control panel is bent down on the right hand side, so jump over it and throw the switch to open the door. Jump back over the fence and follow Gary through the door, to another room with a locked exit.

You're not able to get into the area to throw the switch this time, but there's a conveniently-placed broom that might do the trick. Take out your slingshot and fire through the cracked window in the control area door, hitting the broom. It'll fall down and flip the switch through to another room in the basement.

There's some dangerous electrics here; Gary'll turn off the dangling electrodes for you, but you've still got to get through to the switch. Over on the left, crouch with L3 button to get through, and head over to the right to get the switch. Crawl back out the way you came, go through the door and you'll find yourself in the furnace room.

If you didn't get all the pumpkins during Halloween, now's your chance. You'll unlock the Pumpkinhead Mask for destroying them all.

Your progress is hindered by a wall of steam covering the exit, but Gary has a solution — cooling the furnace should cause the steam to stop temporarily. Over on the wall to your left, there's a fire extinguisher; take it off the wall with Triangle button, and press Up dpad to bring up the reticle. Walk over to the furnace and spray the extinguisher with R1 button — after a few seconds, the furnace will cool. Drop the extinguisher (again, use Triangle button) and follow Gary through to The Hole.

He's got a surprise for you down here, though — convinced you're planning to betray him, Gary's brought Russell in to take you out.

Russell in the Hole[edit]

  • Reward: Bully respect +100 (=100)

If Russell beats you, the mission will reset to this point, and you can retry Jimmy's fight against him. You don't have to redo the first part of Help Gary unless you quit the game (there's no save opportunity in the middle of an end-of-chapter mission).


This is a fairly difficult fight, if you're low on health. Otherwise, it's fairly straightforward if you've got your tactics in order.

Russell has a "charge" move where he runs you into the wall, which will take a significant toll on Jimmy. As counter-intuitive as it sounds, when he starts gearing up you should run towards him, break off your lock (release L1 button if you're using it) and dash out of the way, tapping Cross button, at the last second. He'll run right past you and crack his head on the wall, which will drop his health and stun him — providing you with an opportunity to land a few punches.

His other major attack is a running tackle, but you can outrun him by tapping Cross button to sprint. After a while he'll get out of breath and stop, presenting you with an opportunity to knock his health down a little.

If you've got some firecrackers to throw, they're also very useful.

Itching powder can also be indispensable for distracting Russell, and the slingshot can get some decent hits in from time to time.

Jimmy helps Russell to his feet as Gary's paranoia goes into overdrive and he storms off — thus ends Chapter 1. (If you save at the beginning of chapter 2, your last-completed mission will show as "Russell in the Hole" rather than "Help Gary".)