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As the fall term starts, the school's main gates open — you can now get into parts of the town nearby.

Dr. Crabblesnitch has heard bad things about you, and it seems fair to assume that Gary's behind those rumours. Despite Jimmy's protests, he's ordered to help out the school cook, Edna. One of the preppies will also offer to let Jimmy spar at their boxing club.

Boxing practice (optional)[edit | edit source]

Boxing practice appears as a sporting activity rather than a regular task (blue circle on the ground, not yellow). But it's recommended here because each training bout gives you improved punch damage that will help you in your fights outside of the boxing ring.

The easiest way to defeat all opponents is to press Cross button to dodge when your opponent stoops down to setup their super punch. After successfully dodging their power punch, mash Square button for your five hit combo. You may not dodge their initial barrage, but as long as their windup misses you, you'll have no problem defeating all four opponents. When the enemy's health bar is depleted, hold Square button for the knock-out punch. If you don't perform the knockout punch within the time limit, the fighter will regain some health and you'll have to start again.

After the fourth win, you will fight random opponents. You must fight at least one random match for 100% completion.

There's no radar marker, so if this is your first time through the game, you might not find the boxing club until Prep Challenge. The start location for boxing practice is on the near side of the ring, whereas the one for Prep Challenge is at the far wall (red circle) — so you'll probably run into the training spot on your way to the main task.

If you're working through the game again (or can find your own way to the ring), then consider doing the practice earlier. It can get a bit much doing six or more boxing matches back-to-back.

For controls, see the Prep Challenge section below.

A Little Help II (optional)[edit | edit source]

  • Starts: behind bus in school carpark, 4pm – 12:45am

It's near impossible to pick up the fire extinguisher in Help Gary without also having gotten another transistor, so you will start Chapter 2 with the option of revisiting the hobo to learn a new move. Follow the yellow H on your radar after 4pm.

Last Minute Shopping[edit | edit source]

  • Starts: Bullworth Academy Cafeteria
  • Rewards: $15

After that "nauseous" cut-scene, you know this much. Edna needs a few things, and since you've been drafted in to help her out it's your responsibility. You'll need to pick up three things for the cook: some meat from the market, a razor from the barber's and her laundry from the clothes store. You're under a tight time limit, but Edna's kind enough to lend you her bike for the endeavour.

Head straight to the school gates, using your skateboard to speed up if needs be. Edna's bike is in the rack immediately to the left of the gate. Climb on with Triangle button and use Cross button to pedal.

Each of the three stores are marked on your map with a yellow x, but they're all very close together.

Take a right from the front gates of the school across the bridge, and follow the road straight ahead. The Yum Yum Market is on the left, so run in and pick up the meat. The Happy Mullet is just across the street, and you'll find a razor sitting inside. Finally, follow the road away from the school and double-back to the right to find the Worn In clothing store.

You have two options to get back to the school — either cycle back, or take the bus by going to the nearest stop (which should be marked on the radar by a B in a circle).

Either way, when you're back at Bullworth head down to the canteen (avoiding the Prefects if it's getting late) and speak with Edna to get your reward and an insight into the hygiene of Bullworth's school dinners.

Hattrick vs. Galloway[edit | edit source]

  • Starts: Bullworth Academy English Classroom, outside class hours
  • Rewards: Camera; Photography class unlocked

The Math teacher, Mr. Hattrick, isn't impressed with the drinking habits of his colleague Mr. Galloway. He's planning to get the English teacher fired, but Jimmy won't stand for it — no matter how apathetic Mr. Galloway himself is about it.

You've got to find three bottles of Galloway's booze, before Hattrick can get him fired, and take them to Ms. Phillips by the school bus.

The closest bottle is beside the fridge, behind the counter, in the school canteen. Just run in and grab it; Edna won't mind.

The other two are a little more difficult to get — immediately at the top of the stairs, beside the principal's office door, is the trophy cabinet — you've got to smash it open to get the bottle. Leg it to an open locker or trashcan to hide until the heat dies down a little — you don't want the prefects on your tail for the last one.

The final bottle is in the girls' restroom on the top floor, in the end stall. You've got to be pretty quick; if you take too long you can find yourself trapped in the stall by a teacher or prefect, and it takes a lot of shoving and punching to get out again, which the prefects don't appreciate.

If you can't find somewhere to hide, and your health allows it, you can just jump over the railings (use Circle button) on the top floor to get away from the prefects and teachers on your tail, and dash out the front door.

They'll still come after you though, so get round to the car park on the west side of the school as fast as you can — the skateboard can come in handy here. When you reach Ms. Phillips, she'll take the bottles and give them to the old homeless guy behind the bus.

Prep Challenge[edit | edit source]

  • Starts: Old Bullworth Vale Boxing Club, all day 8am – 12:45am
  • Requires: completed both Last Minute Shopping and Hattrick vs. Galloway
  • Rewards: Beach Clubhouse unlocked

The boxing gym has a competition with a million dollar estate as the prize — which sounds very promising to Jimmy. The contest consists of beating three successive preppies in the boxing ring.

The controls for the boxing ring are:

Xbox 360 Wii PS2 Action
Neutral lstick Neutral nunchuk Neutral lstick Movement
LT button Z button L1 button Guard
X button Remote buttonNunchuk button Square button Punch
hold X button hold B button hold Square button Knockout punch
A button A button Cross button Duck

Defeating the preppies isn't difficult; at the end of each round both Jimmy and his opponent get some health back, but the preppie gets significantly less. Holding the punch button results in a harder hit, taking more health from your opponent.

When their health is down to zero, get close and hold Square button to deliver the knock-out punch.

Beat all three, and you'll be screwed out of that mansion they promised you; instead, you'll be given the keys to the old beachfront clubhouse as a new save point.

Note: If you want to have more health, kiss a girl to get a Life Bonus that will remain also in the boxing fight.

Movie Tickets[edit | edit source]

  • Starts: Old Bullworth Vale Movie Theatre, 8am – 8pm
  • Requires: completed both Last Minute Shopping and Hattrick vs. Galloway
  • Rewards: $15; Preppy respect -5 (=45)

Self-proclaimed princess Pinky wants to get good seats in the movie theatre, but she's a little too far back in the queue. That's where Jimmy comes in — if he can clear out all the other patrons, she'll be able to get in early.

There's one condition on the mission though — you aren't allowed to use violence to clear the queue out. No fighting, no weapons — you'll fail if you use either.

First up, get rid of Gord by stealing his bike. As soon as you get on, go straight ahead and around the corner; if you get caught before Gord and his friends give up and go home, you'll be forced into a fight.

Next up is Eunice. You'll have to romance her, but she wants candy first. If you don't have any in your inventory, you'll need to get to a store. There's one just around the corner on the waterfront, marked on your radar. Back at the theatre, flirt with Eunice and she'll hold your hand. Lead her into the alley behind the cinema, and you'll be done with that part.

Finally, just approaching Trent will make him run out of the line as he is on a date with (my god! another boy!) Kirby, leaving Pinky the only patron in the queue. She'll thank you and pay you, then run into the theatre.

Carnival Date[edit | edit source]

  • Starts: Old Bullworth Vale Movie Theatre, 4:30pm – 11pm
  • Requires: flowers; completed Movie Tickets
  • Rewards: Pinky likes you

Pinky's waiting for her date, but he's three minutes late so she decides to go with Jimmy instead. She wants to go to the carnival, and she'll meet you there.

The Carnival is along the waterfront, through the bridge past the lighthouse, and entry costs you $1. Pay at the box office, and enter through the stiles (gates) on the right. Pinky's waiting inside, and will take your hand. She wants a teddy bear from the prize tent, so you've got to earn 10 tickets before the carnival closes at 1am.

As well as playing the carnival games, you can take Pinky on the various rides, but you won't get anything extra for it. Watch out for Beatrice, Angie and Christy, if any of them see the two of you they'll hit Pinky and send her health dangerously low.

The easiest way to build up the tickets quickly is on the High Striker. Tap Cross button as quickly as you can and you'll hit the bell easily — with a top prize of three tickets at a time, you'll get the ten tickets you need in no time.

When you've got the tickets together, head back to the prize tent near the carnival entrance. Inside, walk into the glowing circle and press Triangle button to bring up the available prizes. At this point, you can only choose the bear; all other prizes are out of stock.

Take the bear outside and give it to Pinky; she now likes you and will always accept your gifts in exchange for a kiss.

Alternative method: If you have plenty of time, go to the carnival and win at least ten tickets before you start this mission, then all you have to do is to take Pinky to the prize tent and get the teddy bear. This is another way of finishing this mission.

The Eggs[edit | edit source]

  • Starts: Old Bullworth Vale Boxing Club, 8am – 11pm
  • Requires: Aquaberry sweater; completed Prep Challenge
  • Rewards: Egg cartons spawn at save locations; Preppy respect -10 (=35)

You won't be allowed to the start point at the top of the stairs until you dress more respectably. Go to the Aquaberry store and buy a sweater (or vest), then return to the boxing club.

Tad has decided that the preppies should get back at Hattrick for his attempts to get Mr. Galloway fired. They'd like Jimmy's help in the endeavour, and ask you to get some eggs and meet up at Tad's house.

There's a Yum Yum Market store near the boxing club, marked as a yellow x on your radar. Go inside and buy some eggs by standing on the glowing circle. Press Triangle button to open the item list, select the eggs and press Cross button to buy them. Alternatively, beat up one of the preps in Bullworth Vale outside the boxing gym to get the eggs.

Back outside, head east from the boxing club; straight ahead, there's an archway with a long staircase behind it. Go straight up there and follow the road further up the hill and around to the front gate of Tad's house. Go into the yard and Jimmy delivers the eggs to Tad.

At this point, Gary decides to make his appearance and stir things up between Jimmy and the preppies; they'll turn on you, forcing you to escape somehow.

At first you'll be rushed by three preppies, while Tad throws eggs from the windows. You've got to ignore Tad, it's not possible to hit him. Take out the other three and then head to the front gate. There'll be another preppie guarding the gate; take him down to get a key which you can use to open the gate.

Alternately, rush straight to the gate and take out the guy with the key, if you can withstand the other three hounding you as you do so.

Once you get the gates open, run away from Tad's house. You'll pass the mission when you're a little bit away from his property.

Once complete, you will be able to pick up cartons of eggs in your dorm room and the beach house (and subsequent clubhouses). The key to Tad's front gate stays in your inventory also.

Panty Raid (optional)[edit | edit source]

  • Starts: Come Hither, Bullworth Town, after 7pm
  • Rewards: $30

Jimmy catches the gym teacher Mr. Burton leaving the Come Hither adult store, and in an attempt to keep his feeble excuses sounding legit, Burton asks Jimmy to retrieve some "laundry" from the girls' dorm for him.

You can catch a bus to get back to the school, or just cycle/skate back if you prefer; there's no time limit (although if you're out after curfew it makes things more difficult).

Head around to the north side of the girls' dorms and you'll find some scaffolding. Press Triangle button to grab a hold and use Up lstick to climb up. At the top, head through the open window into the attic of the dorms.

Inside, use R3 button to crouch; if you run standing up you'll be heard by Mrs. Peabody. The five pairs of panties you're looking for are marked on the radar as yellow triangles — they're all on the floor below you, so head to the stairs at the far end and they'll change to yellow x.

As you move down, the authority icon will change to show you Mrs. Peabody's field of vision — if she sees you, you've pretty much failed the mission, unless you're very lucky in escaping from the dorms. Fortunately, all of the dorm rooms have a wardrobe in them that you can use as cover. She'll also move downstairs eventually, although she will come back after a while.

First things first, head to the bottom of the stairs and hide in the wardrobe there until you see Mrs. Peabody head into one of the other rooms. When she's out of the way, run across the corridor (open the other room's door if you need to) and pick up the panties on the floor. If you need to, jump into the wardrobe here for a short time.

Next, go into the next room along on the other side of the corridor, and from there into the bathrooms. Be careful around the showers; if you get too close to them, you'll be seen and kicked out of the dorms. You can hide here in the trashcan, if Peabody starts getting too close.

If Peabody's upstairs at this point it's safer to stay put; she tends to hang around at this end of the corridor.

When the coast's clear, move into the next room and then the last one. As soon as you pick up the last pair, one of the little kids will spot you and in the commotion someone pulls the fire alarm.

To get out quickly, jump over the railings at the top of the stairs and turn around immediately. Take a left and run to the end of the corridor — you should spot the emergency exit. You'll find yourself outside, but don't assume you're in the clear just yet.

Jump up beside the apple tree ahead of you, and wait here until your trouble meter lowers if you need to — especially if you're out after curfew, in which case you'll also have to watch out for prefects at this stage.

Mr. Burton is waiting for the laundry at the front gates; you can either head straight out the main entrance or take the long way around through the car park exit if you're wanted too much.

Approach Burton and you'll finish the mission.

Note: The Black Ninja costume will be useless here - Mrs. Peabody can see you.

Race The Vale[edit | edit source]

  • Starts: Inside Bullworth Academy Boys' Dorm
  • Requires: completed both Carnival Date and The Eggs
  • Rewards: $15; Preppy respect -10 (=25)

The boys' dorm seems a little quiet — the only one around is Petey, who's sitting watching TV in the rec room. Jimmy's curious as to where everyone is; Petey tells him that the Bullworth Vale race is on, and that everyone's down at the beach.

First up, you'll need a bike to enter the race; fortunately there's a spare BMX right by the door to the boys' dorm that you can use (or you can use any other bike, such as the Racer in front of Shiny Bikes by the beach). Once you've gotten a bike, follow Petey (or the yellow x on your radar) to the start line, on the beach near the carnival entrance.

The race course starts out on the beach then takes dirt roads in a large counter-clockwise circle around town. Throughout the race a large yellow circle will appear on the ground showing you where to go. The circles also have arrows floating above them, pointing to the next checkpoint. You can use L1 button and R1 button to punch other racers on your right or left, although if you use one of the faster bikes, like the Racer, Mountain Bike or Cruiser, you'll have no problem staying ahead. At the end of the race you'll be coming down the road behind the lighthouse, and you should take a hard left at the checkpoint to get onto the beach instead of going all the way around the lighthouse.

Completing the mission will unlock the bike races at the Bullworth bike shop.

Beach Rumble[edit | edit source]

  • Starts: Old Bullworth Vale Bike Store
  • Requires: completed Race the Vale
  • Rewards: Preppy respect -10 (=15), Old Bullworth Vale bike races unlocked

Jimmy's come to collect his trophy he won in the Race The Vale mission, but gets interrupted by Gord and Chad, two preppies who start giving him lip. They grab the trophy and run out of the shop.

For this mission, you've got backup from Ricky, a greaser who happened to be in the bike store when the preppies showed up.

Chase the preppies along the beach, towards the lighthouse. A couple more will appear out of the clubhouse, but to complete the mission you've just got to find and take out Gord. You can use a stink bomb to disable a group of the preppies from a distance and then take them down one by one with your slingshot.

You could also rush past the other preppies, leaving them to Ricky, and engage Gord close-up. He may be on the pier throwing eggs. You can wrest the trophy from him using Triangle button, without having to beat his health down. When you've defeated Gord (or taken the trophy from him), you'll finish the mission.

Weedkiller (optional)[edit | edit source]

  • Starts: Bullworth Academy Biology Classroom, outside class hours
  • Reward: $30

Dr. Slawter, the biology teacher, has a very rare venus flytrap — the Crapula Maxima Fortissima — which he's very proud of. Unfortunately, Derby Harrington's father also has one, which Dr. Slawter sees as an affront to his own collection. After correcting Jimmy on the goal of the mission, the teacher sends you to destroy Derby's plant.

The plant is being kept in a greenhouse on top of Harrington House — in order to get in, you'll have to disguise yourself as a preppie.

You should have an Aquaberry sweater or vest from The Eggs mission earlier, so head to the dorms and change into it.

You've also got to get a preppie haircut, from the Old Bullworth Vale salon; it's just east of the boxing club, marked on your radar as a yellow x. Any of the haircuts there will do the job; they all cost $12 except the Ivy League, which is $15.

With your image complete, head back to the school. Harrington House is to the south of the school, east of the bull mascot statue.

Inside, speak to Bif and he'll open the door into the main area of the building. The plant is right at the top, so take the stairs on the left up to the second floor. Through the door on your right, follow the game room around to the right, and you'll find yourself on a stone balcony outside. Up the stairs again, you'll see the ornate greenhouse ahead of you, and the massive flytrap at the far end.

For your convenience there is a pesticide spray on the bench to the left of the venus flytrap. Press Triangle button to pick it up, and use Up dpad to bring up a targeting reticle. Spray the poison with R1 button, and keep going until the plant's health bar is empty.

At this point, Gord and Chad burst in, determined to punish you for destroying their friend's rare plant. You don't have to beat them up, but it's certainly an option. They've locked the exit from the greenhouse, so you've got to beat the door down — if you press Square button while running, Jimmy will do a shoulder barge that should take out the door in one.

Once outside, run down the stairs and break down the other door to get into Harrington House proper.

There's two more preppies in here; you can grab a cricket bat off the wall to make things easier if you prefer. When you get around to the door back to the main hallway, you'll be greeted by another preppie bursting through.

Finally, on the ground floor you've got Bif to deal with. It's possible to just run past him and out the door; if your health's low that might be the best option, as he's pretty tough. Otherwise, just keep your distance and slingshot him. Firecrackers can also do a decent job against him.

When you get out of Harrington House, the mission ends.

Tad's House[edit | edit source]

  • Starts: Old Bullworth Vale Yum Yum Market, 8am – 11pm
  • Requires: Beach Rumble
  • Rewards: $15, Preppy respect -15 (=0)

Russell's manhandling the clerk from Yum Yum Market in Old Bullworth Vale — evidently the guy called him stupid. As thanks for Jimmy's help in getting Russell to leave him alone, the clerk has some inside information for you about how to get your own back on Tad for his double-cross at the end of The Eggs. Tad's parents are out at a party, so if you wanted to trash the house, now's your chance.

You've got Russell to watch your back for the mission, so follow him up to Tad's house — made easier if you've got a bike to hand. If not, there's one parked outside the boxing club.

Head east and up the stairway dead ahead, then follow the road up the hill and around to the right to get to the front gate of Tad's house. Equip your eggs, then open the gate with Triangle button.

There are six open windows — use Up dpad to bring up the reticle, and throw an egg through each of the windows. As you move around, preppies will appear to take you out, but for the most part Russell should do a decent job of protecting you.

When all the rooms have been egged, leave Tad's property by either the front or back gate to complete the mission.

Boxing Challenge[edit | edit source]

  • Starts: Old Bullworth Vale Pier

Jimmy needs Petey's advice — the preppies won't back down, and Jimmy has to get them in line if he's to have any hope of taking out Gary. Pete's suggestion is to take down their best boxer, Bif. Humiliate him publicly, and the rest should fall into place without much trouble.

Head to the preppies' boxing club and you'll take Bif on in the ring, with the others on hand to witness the bout. This isn't a terribly difficult fight; so long as you keep your guard up with L1 button and land plenty of heavy blows by holding Square button, you should chip away at his health handily.

He will regenerate a little health at the end of each round, but Jimmy will get more; after two or three rounds Bif should be ready for a KO — hold Square button to deliver the final blow.

If you do get beaten in the ring, you'll appear outside the medical center, and will have to head back the pier to retry the task.

That's not the end though — Derby arrives just as Bif hits the canvas to rally the remaining preppies to their true cause: smug snobbery.

Dishonorable Fight[edit | edit source]

  • Starts: automatically
  • Rewards: Preppy respect +100 (=100)

As Derby runs off to make ready his last stand, Jimmy jumps out of the boxing ring to face two preppies left behind to soften you up. If you're having trouble maintaining your health, use your slingshot for this section; keep circling and fire strong shots as often as you can.

Up the stairs, Chad's waiting, but you can take him out from a distance with the slingshot again. If you're running low on health, it's well worth taking the time to go back down to the vending machine and get a soda or two to top yourself up. If you do get knocked out, you won't have to fight Bif again, but will restart at the cut-scene where Derby arrives.


Into the bar, a brief exchange will end with two more preppies entering the room through one or both of the exits.

In order to stop Derby's backup from entering the room endlessly, run over to the barriers and tap Triangle button repeatedly to drop them. You'll have to do that to both doors to keep the fight as fair as possible.

Derby is susceptible to a cheap attack from the Leg Sweep combo. Keep using Square button Square hold in succession to easily knock his health all the way down.

With Derby taken down, Jimmy's conquered another clique, and the second chapter comes to a close.