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With the Greasers and Preppies on his side, Jimmy's well on his way to running Bullworth. It's time to take on the last clique: the Jocks.

Stronghold Assault[edit]

  • Starts: Bullworth Academy Library

If you're going to get the Jocks, you'll need to have backup from their arch-enemies, the Nerds. They're none too keen to help you though, so Petey suggests you'll have to take on their leader, Earnest, to get the rest of them to fall in.

Outside the library, you'll find a group of Nerds — land a couple of blows on whichever one's marked by the arrow, and you'll be told he's in the Observatory. On the south side of the Library you'll find a narrow alleyway, with Bucky blocking your way. A couple of punches and he'll tell you the access code for the gate leading to the nerds' HQ.

As you follow the path, Nerds will attack you with firecrackers, bottle rockets and stink bombs. However, if you use your slingshot, it's pretty easy to take them all out from a distance which makes the ordeal easier. You can also ignore them and run the gauntlet: keep your speed up and they won't land too many hits. Assuming you're fully armed and in full health, then they have nothing that you need from them.

As you reach the end of the path you'll come to a crude corrugated iron doorway; pass through and it will close behind you, so you can't go back to retrieve any cola or weapons from the nerds you've already felled. This isn't a checkpoint, though: fail whilst attacking the spud cannon or observatory doors, then you'll find Jimmy outside the Infirmary and you'll have to start the task again.

Once through the doorway, Earnest will make his appearance, manning the Spud Cannon on top of the observatory's entrance arch. To get through, you're going to have to take out the transformer beside Earnest that controls the gate locks.

Stay where you are for now; you're covered by the cliff face which prevents Earnest from hitting you with his cannon. There are two nerds across from you - use your slingshot to take them out without needing to leave cover.

Get into first person mode with your slingshot by pressing Up dpad twice, and turn towards the observatory. Use Neutral lstick to move out slowly until you can see the transformer but not Earnest. You could also duck down the line of pillars to get a shot from closer, but if you can do it from a distance then that would be the safest tactic.

Take out the transformer and Earnest abandons his post, running into the observatory to hide.

You can now leave cover - there's two Nerds guarding the gates, but they're not too difficult to deal with. Open the gate with Triangle button, and run up to the Spud Cannon.

You've got to shoot the observatory doors until they buckle and break open - there's a health bar that shows you how close you are. At the same time, Nerds will appear at the windows and along the roof of the observatory to throw firecrackers and shoot rockets at you — use the Spud Cannon to take them out as they appear.

When the doors break, Jimmy runs inside to face Earnest.

Nerd Boss Fight[edit]

Inside the observatory, Earnest has prepared his last stand on the gantries along the roof.

The layout of the room is similar to the outside of the observatory — there are four pillars you can use as cover from Earnest's bottle rockets. You've got to shoot down the pulleys holding up the gantry; there's one on each side of Earnest's position, and they take two or three slingshots each to break.

When you break the first gantry, Earnest will move to the left onto another gantry, from which he'll start throwing bombs at you. Again, take out the pulleys and Earnest will move onto the final platform. Hiding behind the pillars won't necessarily protect you from the explosions. The firecrackers will also erode the pillars, which you need for cover in the next section, so try not to take too long on the second gantry.

On the third gantry, he starts firing the hand-held Spud Gun at you. As before, use cover and take out both pulleys to defeat him.

Earnest falls to the floor, where Jimmy helps him up. He's initially distrustful, but Jimmy explains that he wants to take on the Jocks, with the Nerds' help — an idea that Earnest can really get behind.

As a reward, you'll get the Spud Gun weapon.


  • Starts: Bullworth Academy Observatory, 8am – 7pm
  • Requires: Stronghold Assault / Nerd Boss Fight
  • Rewards: $25; Jock respect -10, Nerd respect +5

Earnest has a plan that he claims will undermine the Jocks' confidence - he wants Jimmy to take inappropriate photos of the head cheerleader, Mandy. Jimmy's not convinced that it's a sound strategy, but agrees to follow along to see how the plan develops.

You need three photos of Mandy in inappropriate positions. Firstly, head to the gym. When you get inside, you'll see the cheerleaders practicing; Mandy has her back to you. Take out the camera and press Up dpad to bring up the viewfinder. When she leans forward, snap a picture of her.

Mandy sniffs her armpits, and leaves the gym to take a shower in the dorms. Head over and use the plant frame on the north side of the girls' dorm to get into the attic. Crouch using R3 button, otherwise Mrs. Peabody can hear you run. Head to the stairs at the far end, and move down to the upper dorm floor. Keep a close eye on Mrs. Peabody on your radar - wait until she moves downstairs before you leave the room.

Head into the bathroom, on the other side of the corridor about halfway down the hall. Don't get too close to the showers or Mandy'll see you, so stand over close to the stalls on the right before you take out your camera. The steam means you'll never really see anything, but take the photo anyway.

Mandy then leaves the showers for her room, which is the last one on the right as you leave the showers, directly the room with the stairs into the attic. Again, be careful Mrs. Peabody isn't about (hide in the bathroom trashcan if she's around), and leave the shower area. Don't go into Mandy's room, though - just stand in the corridor and shoot through the door.

With all three pictures in your possession, leave the dorm via the attic. Be careful coming down the ladder - if you fall from the top of the dorm it can knock you unconscious, failing the mission. Head to the Library, where Earnest's waiting with your reward, and it's mission complete.

Jocks Challenge (optional)[edit]

  • Starts: Bullworth Academy Gym, 8am – 11pm
  • Requires: Stronghold Assault / Nerd Boss Fight
  • Rewards: clubhouse access; $15

Win the dodgeball match against the Jocks, and you'll unlock a save location at the football field.

The best tactic to use in dodgeball is to jump, using Circle button, before throwing; it's much more difficult for your opponents to dodge than a standing throw. You can also use L2 button, the help button, before the dodgeball is going to hit one of your players to avoid them being knocked out of the dodgeball game.

You've got to win two out of three matches to beat the Jocks and unlock their clubhouse, at the west end of the football field.

Funhouse Fun[edit]

  • Starts: Bullworth Academy Library, 8am — 11pm
  • Requires: Stronghold Assault / Nerd Boss Fight
  • Rewards: $25; Jock respect -10, Nerd respect +5

Earnest has learned that the Jocks are planning a trip to the carnival this afternoon, and ahead of their trip the Nerds have taken over the Funhouse. Jimmy's asked to go and make sure everything's going to plan.

You've got to get to the Funhouse before the Jocks are due to arrive. It's towards the back of the carnival, to the left of the rollercoaster entrance. Run onto the tongue and the teeth will open up to let you through.

Inside, you'll have to crouch to get through the next section. In the next room, you'll see Fatty and Bucky being beaten up by two of the Jocks, who've apparently gotten there early.

Take out the Jocks and the Nerds will tell you that things have gone wrong - the football team has taken over the funhouse; Jimmy's got to get the Nerds out.

Hop up onto the table with Circle button, and press Triangle button where the blue book is sticking out of the bookcase. A ladder will drop down; climb it to get to the graveyard area of the funhouse.

Run over to the right, but be careful of the Reapers' blades. At the end, enter the door and activate the controls with Triangle button. You'll get a security camera view of the graveyard, where you'll see the Nerds run through the deactivated Reapers, followed by the Jocks climb the ladder out of the library room.

Use Cross button to drop the Reapers' blades and knock out the Jocks. There's five Reapers and three Jocks, so you can afford to miss a couple of times.

Follow the Nerds through the door, and you'll discover that they've gotten themselves lost in the maze. It's not terribly complex, but you can check the map if you need to.

From your start point, open the first door on the left. Take the left path, and open the door straight ahead to find Bucky. Open the door directly beside the door Bucky was behind and follow that corridor around, opening all the doors until you find Fatty. Keep following the corridor past that point, and you'll come to the exit.

With the Jocks out of commission, leave the control room and head through the door to the right of the screen, into the mine area.

Climb the ladder directly to your right, and take out the Jock at the control panel. Throw the switch to stop the Miners from swinging their spades, allowing the Nerds to move through the first part of this area.

Follow the raised walkway you're on down the slope, and you'll see another Jock-controlled panel. Defeat this Jock and throw the switch to allow the Nerds to progress a little further.

Keep going along the walkway and you'll see the final Jock; again, beat him up and you'll have access to throw the final switch in the area, which will let the Nerds make it to the mine's exit.

You'll find yourself in what looks to be a backstage area of a theatre - throw the switch to open the curtains and run off the stage, through the audience and out the door at the back to get out of the funhouse and complete the mission.

Defender Of The Castle[edit]

  • Starts: Bullworth Academy Observatory, 8am – 11pm
  • Requires: both Paparazzi & Funhouse Fun completed
  • Reward: $25.00

The jocks are on their way - Earnest and the other Nerds aren't going to hang about. They're clearing their stuff out of the observatory, hoping to save their own skins from the coming onslaught. Jimmy manages to convince them to stand up to the Jocks, and heads out to beat the football team back.

The first defense point is a barricade along the back path to the observatory that you used in Stronghold Assault. Leaving the observatory, take the path to the left through the corrugated iron door, where a team of Nerds is waiting with Pete.

The best position to take is standing on the barrier itself; the Jocks don't have many projectiles to use, and the elevation is useful when it comes to seeing what's coming for you.

The spud cannon is extremely useful here, due to its power - a couple of hits will drop any of the Jocks. It will run out pretty fast though; when it's gone, the slingshot is a better option than bottle rockets due to its accuracy - over the kind of distance the Jocks are coming from, rockets aren't all that useful.

Eventually, the barrier will start to give way, and you've got to fall back to the gates of the observatory. Grab a soda can if you need it, and run up to the Spud Cannon on the observatory walls.

After a few seconds, the Jocks will start to come around the corner. If you aim for their legs, you can knock them down and hit their chests when they're on the ground. Most of them follow the same narrow route to the gates, so after a couple of them arrive you should have a fair idea where the rest will come from.

If any of the Jocks make it through the gates it's mission failed, but keeping them all out isn't all that difficult.

Here's to you, Ms. Philips (optional)[edit]

  • Starts: Bullworth Academy Art Room, 3:30pm – 7pm
  • Requires: complete Fighting Johnny Vincent (i.e. this task is available from the beginning of the chapter)
  • Rewards: $50

Ms. Philips is getting ready for a date, and due to some crossed wires Jimmy thinks he's the lucky guy. With that in mind, he's more than willing to help her get some things together for the big night.

The three items you need to pick up are perfume, a pearl necklace and Ms. Philips' dress. Two of the three are in stores in Old Bullworth Vale, so take a left out of the school grounds.

One of the greasers, Peanut, overheard the conversation Jimmy had with Ms. Philips and will be trying to make things difficult for you. He's not much trouble overall though; so long as your health isn't too low he'll not cause you any real trouble.

Old Bullworth Hair Nails and Beauty is on the northwest corner of the crossroads just west of the boxing club; run inside and pick up the perfume from the counter.

A little bit north of the salon is the Aquaberry store, where you'll get the pearl necklace Miss Philips asked for.

From here, keep going west and take a right up the hill, and right again at the top. Head across the bridge and past City Hall, following the road around to the right; you'll see the Worn In store where Ms. Philips' dress is being kept.

With all three items in your possession, get back to the art room. When Mr. Galloway shows up, the truth slowly dawns on Jimmy, but fortunately neither of the adults realises his mistake - so he gets off without any public embarrassment.

Discretion Assured[edit]

  • Starts: Bullworth Academy Gym
  • Reward: Mandy now likes you. Nerd Respect -5

Dirty posters of Mandy, the head cheerleader, have started appearing around the school and Bullworth Town. She's despairing, and Jimmy takes pity on her. Apparently forgetting that he took the photos, he offers to take down, or at least cover up, the posters on her behalf.

As you leave the gym, head to the south wall of the school - you'll see a group of students standing around one of the posters. Walk up to the poster and press Triangle button to start spraypainting over it. The process is identical to tagging; when you're done the girl in the poster will be unidentifiable.

There's another poster on campus, over at the library.

When both of the on-campus posters are taken care of, another two will appear on your radar, scattered around Bullworth Town. One's near the Worn In store, the other is at the front of City Hall. At least one poster has hostile personnel around it, and you can't finish a tag while you're getting knocked around.

After you cover those two, Thad will start putting up more posters - if you take too long to cover up this fifth poster, he'll clean up the ones you've already covered. You can find Thad and knock him out, which will make things a whole lot easier.

If you get all of them covered, you'll be told to head back to Mandy at the school. She's standing by the boys' dorm.

Discreet Deliveries (optional)[edit]

  • Starts: Bullworth Academy, outside the Chemistry classroom
  • Scholarship Edition only

The entire mission is timed, so it's best to have a bike handy; if not, you should be able to pick one up from your garage at the school car park.

Mr. Watt has some "chemical compounds" that need to get to his customers around the town. You'll have to go pick up the merchandise from the chem lab assistant.

The assistant, Bucky, is standing by the entrance to the Blue Skies industrial estate in New Coventry, near where Lola's Race started. Walk or ride up to him and he'll hand over the chemical; you've then got to deliver the packages to five customers.

To get to the first one, leave Bucky and head north, take a left at the intersection and then take the first right. Follow the road around to the left, and the customer is on the left hand side of the road.

Keep heading along that road, follow it around to the left, and then take a right at the intersection, heading out of New Coventry. Immediately after the railway bridge, take a left into the motel parking lot to find the second customer.

The third buyer is at the Yum Yum Market at the crossroads in the middle of Bullworth Town, and the fourth is in the southwest corner of Bullworth Town.

Finally, drop the last package off to the fifth customer at the front door of the Bullworth Academy Gym.

Go back to see Mr. Watt in the chemistry lab for your reward.

Galloway Away (optional)[edit]

  • Starts: Bullworth Academy Art Room, outside class hours
  • Requires: both Here's to you Ms. Philips and Stronghold Assault / Nerd Boss Fight to be completed
  • Reward: $60

Mr. Galloway's been missing for a few days, and Jimmy's started to wonder why. Ms. Philips eventually tells him that Hattrick guilted Mr. Galloway into checking himself into a mental institution, and they won't let her in to see him. Jimmy offers to help get Galloway out, and Ms. Philips arranges to meet him by the Happy Volts Asylum.

The main entrance road to the asylum isn't open yet in this chapter; you're going to have to take the back way in. Head to the back path that you used to get to the Observatory in Stronghold Assault; on the east side of the path there's a small tunnel that looks like a mine shaft. Follow it through the cliff, and you'll come out on another dirt path area with another tunnel straight ahead. Go down that shaft and you'll come out at the southwest corner of the asylum - head up the main road, away from the asylum, to meet Ms. Philips.

You're going to have to sneak into the asylum, but getting over the fence is the first objective. Head to the southeast corner of the asylum, down the dirt path to the right of the main gate. At the end of the path, there's a tree that you can climb; when you're hanging from the branch, sidle right along the branch and use Circle button to drop into the asylum grounds.

At this point, you'll be approached by one of the inmates. He tells Jimmy to beware the watcher, in reality a statue in the middle of the grounds with a transformer in front that controls the security system. Crouch using R3 button and follow the fence to the small out building - keep close to the low hedge to avoid being seen. At the back of the building there's a ladder; climb up and take out your slingshot. Press Up dpad twice to get into the first person view and shoot the transformer in front of the statue.

Go back down the ladder and stick to the hedge on your way up to the front door of the asylum, but watch out for gaps. At the end, wait for the guards to move to the far side of the door facing away from you, and run into the asylum.

In the main entrance, there's a corridor to the right with a guard in it. You'll have to be quite careless to be seen by him, but stay crouched and move along that wall anyway. Open the door when he's not looking, and you'll be in a clear area. Go through the next door, and head around to the left of the pillars. You can open all the cell doors on this side, but there's nothing in any of them. Galloway's cell is the one in the rear right corner, but you'll have to make sure you're not seen by the orderlies dealing with his neighbor.

Open the door to his room, Galloway will come to his senses. He'll then follow Jimmy out of the asylum to Ms. Philips waiting at the main gate, where you'll get your reward.

Note: the Orderly outfit will not protect you from being thrown out.

Nice Outfit[edit]

  • Starts: Bullworth Academy Observatory

Earnest's latest scheme to get to the Jocks has been drawn up, and again he needs Jimmy's help to execute it. Ahead of the big football game tonight, they're going to steal the school mascot outfit.

The mascot is on the football field. As you leave the observatory, follow the path to the right and you'll come out right beside a tree. You don't have to climb it, but it will make the mission a great deal easier, as you'll not have to worry about the other Jocks getting on your case.

From this safe position, use the slingshot, bottle rockets or spud gun to fill the mascot's irritation bar. Your auto lock (L1 button) works over a surprisingly long distance, but you can still aim manually if you prefer.

When the mascot's reached his limit, you'll see a cutscene where Jimmy runs into the pool building, hotly pursued by the angry mascot.

Bullhorns Mascot
Like most of the "boss" fights in the game, keeping your distance and striking with the slingshot or other projectile weapons makes the fight a relatively painless ordeal. That said, explosives aren't advisable in this fight given the close quarters nature of the arena, so stick to the spud cannon rather than the bottle rocket launcher. If you have found a third transistor and learned the 5-hit combo (Square buttonSquare buttonSquare buttonSquare buttonSquare button - and watch out for the mascot's counter-attack), this battle should be a piece of cake. Occasionally, Jimmy will be stunned by the mascot; if you don't tap Triangle button fast enough when this happens you'll be hit by a rush move similar to Russell's in the very first boss fight. However, if you get out of the way, you'll have some distance between you and your opponent, which can be useful for getting a couple of spuds in. Just in case, there is a beam cola at the corner of the pool.

The mascot falls, and Jimmy takes his outfit.

The Big Game[edit]

  • Starts: Bullworth Academy Observatory
  • Reward: $25

Earnest's master plan, Operation: Trojan Cow is proceeding perfectly, and is ready to enter its final stages. Dressed as the Bullworth Bullhorns mascot, Jimmy's task is to rendezvous with the Nerd agents scattered around the school to find his instructions to complete the operation.

On leaving the Observatory, you'll have to get Thad to open the gate by doing the Mascot Dance. Use L1 button to lock onto Thad, and press Cross button to begin the dance.

Just as you did for Chemistry class, you've got to press the correct button as it passes through the center of the screen. Doing the mascot dance will make any Jocks watching the dance leave an area, which allows you to go about your underhand mission in peace. On the Wii is similar but you got to shake the Remote button and Nunchuk button either on its sides or up and down.

Doing the mascot dance for Thad will cause him to open the gate, after which you've got to rendezvous with four other Nerds to get your assignments.

At several points you'll have to use the mascot dance to clear any potential witnesses away, so that you can complete the subquest.

  • Bucky is behind the east bleachers at the football field. He wants you to replace the game ball with an explosive one of his own design. The bag containing the game ball is sitting on the steps outside the Jock clubhouse at the west end of the field; use Triangle button to swap the balls.
  • Fatty is behind the west bleachers, and has some glue for you to put on the team benches. Use Triangle button at each of the four benches to spread the glue.
  • Algie is just to the right of the Bullworth statue as you head up to the school, near Harrington House. His job for Jimmy is to "enhance" the Jocks' halftime refreshments. Head down to the changing rooms under the gym; there's a barrel here with the halftime drinks in it. Press Triangle button to upgrade the refreshments.
  • Melvin is close to the shop entrance by the Bullworth statue. He's got some marbles for you to scatter on the pitch - there are three areas marked on the football field where you need to drop the marbles. Watch you don't stand on them yourself, though.

With all four of those jobs completed, there's a final Nerd agent to see - Cornelius is standing by the Bullworth statue. He's reprogrammed the scoreboard readout, but he needs you to flip the switch. The scoreboard is on the south side of the field, directly opposite the steps down, and the control panel is in a little wooden hut on the right hand side of the scoreboard.

With the big game in disarray, only one thing remains: take on the Jock leader, and beat him into submission.

There are three rounds to this fight, which repeat the same pattern.

Ted will throw an explosive football - you have to dodge it, then pick it up with Triangle button and throw it back with R1 button, taking out his three defence players. It takes one football to knock out each defender; when all three are down, Ted will retreat and the pattern will repeat.

In addition to Ted's projectile attacks, substitute players will also come onto the field in an attempt to take you down; you've got to fight them hand-to-hand.

Once you've beaten the final set of defensive players, Ted will start to run. In order to beat him for good, run after him by tapping Cross button, and hit Square button when you're close to knock him to the ground.

With the Jocks defeated in front of the whole school, Jimmy has brought every clique under his control and taken his place as the ruler of the student body.