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As well as the various students around Bullworth Academy, there's all sorts of faculty members to affect Jimmy's academic career.

It's not just limited to the teachers, either; there are other staff members who'll have their own impact on your school days.


Mr. Burton[edit]

The Gym teacher. A former pro footballer, Mr. Burton has some rather strange interests in "laundry", and often hits on the female students (or tries to). On one certain mission, he sends Jimmy to sneak into the girls dormitories to collect some laundry. Zoe Taylor, a Townie girl despises him, describing him as a 'dirty creep' when Jimmy asks her why she had gotten expelled from Bullworth. He does assist Zoe in getting revenge on Mr. Burton, which is to lure him to one of the porter potties that is just near the edge of a high steep walkpath and when he enters inside, to tumble the potty straight down into the ground, causing him to be covered by his own excretion. He also had blamed Jimmy for nearly torching down the Gym but it was revealed to be one of the rough townie kids. After Jimmy defeats Gary, he reports Burton to be hitting on Zoe to Dr. Crabblesnitch, who immediately fires him.

Dr. Crabblesnitch[edit]

The headmaster of Bullworth Academy. He doesn't actually teach any classes, but does take an active (although not always positive) interest in the academic career of Bullworth's more troubled students.

Mr. Galloway[edit]

The English teacher. Lionel Galloway has a drinking problem that's only known to a few people, but he's in danger of getting fired over it. He is romantically involved with the Art teacher, Ms. Philips, and is particularly fond of Jimmy. He has admitted to Jimmy that he has tried to do other things like yoga, meditation etc. to ease the pain, but nothing eases pleasantly like Scotch. He is probably the youngest member of school teaching staff at 34. Mr. Hattrick harbors a deep hatred for Galloway, because of his heavy drinking that is and on a few attempts does try to get him fired for but it backfires as he gets fired himself for selling test answers to students, thanks to Jimmy. Though Dr. Crabblesnitch does warn Galloway that there had better not be any rumors of him drinking, thus letting him proceed his position as the English teacher.

Mr. Hattrick[edit]

The Math teacher. Mr. Hattrick is extremely unpopular at Bullworth, both among the students and the staff, for his arrogance and self-righteousness. He has a particular dislike for Mr. Galloway, and is determined to get the English teacher fired. Mr. Hattrick has also been known to sell test answers to some pupils. Feeling sorry for Mr. Galloway, Jimmy decides to teach Mr. Hattrick a lesson and so follows him to his home and destroys most of his outdoor objects. Mr. Hattrick does notify the police but they fail to capture Jimmy. After Jimmy displays some photographs of him selling test answers to students, through a preppie that is, selling the answers to other students from the other cliques, Dr Crabblesnitch fires him instead of Galloway.


The Shop teacher. He doesn't like to talk much, preferring that his students just shut up and get on with their work.

Ms. Philips[edit]

The Art and Photography teacher. Diedre Philips is one of the few people to know about Mr. Galloway's drinking problem, and helps Jimmy cover it up. At first Jimmy thought that Ms. Phillips was in love with him after she told him that she was in 'love' and had asked him to collect a few items for her, but it was revealed to be Mr. Galloway. She had encouraged Jimmy to visit Mr. Galloway at the Asylum, thanks to Mr. Hattrick but Jimmy manages to pull him out of there, thus missing his appointment.

Dr. Slawter[edit]

The Biology teacher. He's rather morbid, and enjoys taxidermy in his spare time. On one of the missions on the Second Chapter: Rich Kid Blues, he sends Jimmy to the Harrington House, while having to be disguised as a preppie to destroy the Crappula Maxima Fortissima, a plant that was given to Derby Harrington by his father.

Dr. Watts[edit]

The Chemistry teacher. His mental state seems a little fragile, and he's often forgetful. On the Third Chapter: Love Makes The World Go Around, he is being invited to attend a date with Edna, the Bullworth's Cafeteria cook, she admits to having a crush on him because of his bald head and crazy like eyes. She drugs him by slipping in a few aspirins into his coffee while on their date as Jimmy collected them from the trashcan as Edna had told him to instead of buying it.

Mr. Wiggins[edit]

The History teacher. Mr. Wiggins can be seen walking around the school grounds, but he has no involvement in the plot of the game.

Other staff[edit]

Mrs. Carvin[edit]

The school librarian, Mrs. Carvin has a pathological fear of rats.

Miss Danvers[edit]

Dr. Crabblesnitch's secretary. She's somewhat two-faced, being very polite in front of the headmaster but ruthlessly aggressive when he's not around. She is the first character introduced, coldly welcoming Jimmy into Bullworth Academy. There are a few hints that Miss Danvers is extremely fond of Dr. Crabblesnitch.


The unhygienic lunchlady. She's got a thing for the Chemistry teacher Dr. Watts, and isn't above using pupils to help her out with manic schemes to drug and bed him.

Mr. Luntz[edit]

The janitor, Mr. Luntz also works in the Bullworth Academy's clothing shop. If you target him with a super/slingshot he will start taking about how the students should be chained up in the basement. He has the same hair style as the man in the movie poster in the cinema saying "creepy watcher" although it is just a myth that they are the same man.

Mrs. McRae[edit]

The school nurse.

Mrs. Peabody[edit]

Hall monitor and girls' dorm mother. She hates Jimmy, and comes down especially hard on him if he's caught trespassing in the girls' dorms or bathrooms.