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Find and destroy the 25 garden gnomes throughout the game world to unlock the Gnome outfit in Jimmy's wardrobe and a gnome trophy in the dorm room. When you complete Geography class #5 in Scholarship Edition, you unlock the locations on your map.

Gnome locations[edit]

  1. in the harrington house garden
  2. outside the police station by town hall
  3. in front of window to house 11
  4. next to mailbox to house 15
  5. by the door to happy hills retirement home
  6. to the right of the church doors
  7. to the right of the steps of house 21
  8. in a shed, next to the port o potty by the gazebo in old bulworth vale gardens
  9. same as above
  10. by the north east entrance to old bulworth vale gardens.
  11. same as above
  12. in the front yard of house 23.
  13. front door to house 22 (must hop broken part of fence)
  14. in front of house 26 (must hop broken part of fence)
  15. by parked car in house 32
  16. right by the door, house 29
  17. next to the garage at Spencer estates
  18. to the left of the house at Spencer estates
  19. by the stairs entering the gazebo at Spencer estates
  20. on the right side of house 31
  21. by the east entrance to Old bulworth vale gardens
  22. on the beach north of the wrecked ship.
  23. there is one by the docks in blue skies(chapter 5) on a barge. this one can easily be knocked out with your sling shot, so don't even bother trying to bunny hop onto the barge.
  24. a back yard in Blue Skies, next door (clockwise) to the tattoo parlour

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