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There are several save locations available to you where you can record your progress. You save your game by walking over to the diary and pressing Triangle button when the prompt appears in the lower left.

You will then be presented with a list of save slots, including any existing save games on your memory card. Select the slot you wish to save in and press Cross button to save your game. Exit the screen with Triangle button.

The option to save your game is not available during a mission.

Bullworth Academy[edit | edit source]

Jimmy's dorm room[edit | edit source]

On the desk in the far corner of Jimmy's dorm room, after you've completed the Welcome To Bullworth mission in Chapter 1.

School office[edit | edit source]

On Miss Danvers' desk just inside the school office in the main building, after you've completed This Is Your School in Chapter 1.

Jock Clubhouse[edit | edit source]

On the west end of the football pitch, after completing the Jocks Challenge mission in Chapter 4.

Old Bullworth Vale[edit | edit source]

Beach clubhouse[edit | edit source]

In the small clubhouse building beside the lighthouse near the carnival entrance, once you've completed Preps Challenge in Chapter 2.

Bullworth Town[edit | edit source]

Dragon's Wing comics[edit | edit source]

In the basement of the Dragon's Wing comic store in the center of Bullworth Town, after beating Fatty's high score in the Nerds Challenge mission in Chapter 3.

New Coventry[edit | edit source]

Greaser hangout[edit | edit source]

Complete the Greasers Challenge mission in Chapter 3 to unlock the greaser hangout at the east end of New Coventry.

Blue Skies[edit | edit source]

Townie hangout[edit | edit source]

On the western side of the Blue Skies Industrial Estate, near the tunnel leading to Happy Volts Asylum, after completing the Townies Challenge mission in Chapter 5.