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The students of Bullworth Academy fall into five groups, none of which get along particularly well, while a sixth gang controls the industrial area of the town.

There are also two other groups, the prefects and the little kids, who aren't really cliques like the others but do appear around Bullworth very frequently.

The Yearbook section of this guide has photos of all the students enrolled at Bullworth.

Cliques[edit | edit source]

Main characters[edit | edit source]

The three main characters of the game.

  • Jimmy Hopkins
  • Pete Kowalski
  • Gary Smith

Bullies[edit | edit source]

Leader: Russell Northrop- At first he is the antagonist in the first chapter: Making New Friends and Enemies, after Jimmy defeats one of his allies in a little fight and almost knocking Jimmy out himself completely, but the fight was broken up by Mr. Hattrick. He is seen again near the end of the first chapter, fighting Jimmy once and for all in the school basement after Gary 'claims' that Jimmy had talked about his mother and farmyard animals. Though surprisingly he is defeated and throughout the remaining chapters in the game, he becomes Jimmy's biggest ally.

The bullies dress in white Bullworth Polo shirts, and typically hang out around the main school building and the dorms. They are surprisingly poor fighters, apart from Russell. They will target any students from other cliques, but mainly they target the Nerds and the Non-Clique students. They are the only group without a girl member.


  • Trent Northwick
  • Ethan Robinson
  • Tom Gurney
  • Davis White
  • Troy Miller
  • Wade Martin

Nerds[edit | edit source]

Leader: Earnest Jones

The nerds wear green Astronomy Club vests and spend most of their time around the library. What these brainiacs lack in muscle, they make up for with their impressive arsenal of weaponry. Their main target is the Jocks.


  • Algernon Papadopolous
  • Bucky Pasteur
  • Fatty Johnson
  • Cornelius Johnson
  • Melvin O'Connor
  • Donald Anderson
  • Thad Carlson
  • Beatrice Trudeau

Preppies[edit | edit source]

Leader: Darby Harrington

The Preppies wear light blue Aquaberry sweaters, and prefer to hang out at Harrington House and their boxing club than on school grounds. These guys are skilled boxers and have exceptional fighting abilities.


  • Bif Taylor
  • Gord Vendome
  • Justin Vandervelde
  • Chad Morris
  • Parker Ogilvie
  • Bryce Montrose
  • Tad Spencer
  • Pinky Gauthier

Greasers[edit | edit source]

Leader: Johnny Vincent

The 50's throwbacks, the Greasers wear leather jackets and spend most of their time around the workshop and New Coventry. They are fairly tough, and will steal your bike if it is left unattended for too long.


  • Peanut Romano
  • Lola Lombardi
  • Vance Medici
  • Hal Esposito
  • Ricky Pucino
  • Lefty Mancini
  • Lucky De Luca
  • Norton Williams

Jocks[edit | edit source]

Leader: Ted Thompson

The jocks wear blue Letterman sport jackets or their football uniforms, and hang out around the gym and football field. Due to their physical prowess, they can be very hard to beat in hand-to-hand combat.

This group technically also includes the cheerleaders.


  • Damon West
  • Kirby Olsen
  • Juri Karamozov
  • Dan Wilson
  • Mandy Wiles
  • Bo Jackson
  • Casey Harris
  • Luis Luna

Townies[edit | edit source]

Leader: Edgar Munsen

The townies' haunt is the Blue Skies Industrial Park, in Bullworth town. They don't have a set look, but none of them wear anything resembling a Bullworth Academy uniform. They tend to wear Orange.


  • Zoe Taylor
  • Omar Romero
  • Otto Tyler
  • Duncan
  • Jerry
  • Leon
  • Clint (aka Henry)
  • Gurney

Prefects[edit | edit source]

Leader: Seth Kolbe

The prefects are Bullworth's law enforcement - they're the ones that come down on you if you break the rules. They wear dark blue blazers.


  • Karl Branting
  • Edward Seymour II
  • Max MacTavish

Non-clique Students[edit | edit source]

The students in this group don't belong to any clique, and hang anywhere in Bullworth or Campus. This group also technically includes the little kids.


  • Constantinos Brakus
  • Christy Martin
  • Angie Ng
  • Ray Hughes
  • Ivan Alexander
  • Gloria Jackson
  • Lance Jackson
  • Melody Adams
  • Sheldon Thompson
  • Pedro De La Hoya
  • Trevor Moore
  • Karen Johnson
  • Eunice Pound