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As you progress through the game, you'll unlock or buy new clothing for Jimmy to wear. You can change what he's wearing at a wardrobe.

There's a wardrobe at each of the game's save locations with the exception of the school office, and at the school gym. Use the wardrobe by walking into the coathanger icon and pressing Triangle button. Different parts of the outfit are selected by pressing Up dpad and Down dpad; scroll through the individual items by using Left dpad and Right dpad.

When you're done with selecting your clothes, press Cross button to exit with the chosen clothes.

Changing clothes[edit]

When you open the wardrobe menu, you've got several choices of what you want to change.

  • Head
    Cycles through the various hats, masks and helmets you've acquired.
  • Body
    Cycles through the various shirts, jumpers and jackets you've acquired.
  • Left arm and Right arm
    Cycle through the different watches, bracelets and sweatbands you've collected.
  • Legs
    Cycles through the various trousers and shorts you've acquired.
  • Feet
    Cycles through the various footwear you've acquired.
  • Outfit
    Certain items will be part of a complete outfit — this option cycles through all the complete outfits you've picked up.

Custom outfit[edit]

By selecting your own individual pieces of clothing, you can save one custom outfit by pressing Circle button. It can be chosen by going to the Outfit section and cycling through to the "Custom Outfit" option.

Wardrobe locations[edit]

  • Jimmy's dorm room
  • Gym changing room
  • Beach clubhouse (after Preps Challenge mission in Chapter 2)
  • "The Dragon's Wing" nerd hideout (after Nerds Challenge mission in Chapter 3)
  • "Blue Balls" greasers hideout (after Greasers Challenge mission in Chapter 3)
  • In the house at the side of the football court (after Jocks Challenge mission in Chapter 4)
  • In a factory at Blue Skies (after Townies Challenge mission in Chapter 5)

Unlockable clothing[edit]

Mission rewards[edit]

  • Cheerful Reindeer Sweater — Complete the mission Christmas is Here in Chapter 3.
  • Mascot Costume — Complete the Nice Outfit mission in Chapter 4.
  • Orderly Uniform — Complete the mission Finding Johnny Vincent in Chapter 5. This allows you to walk around the asylum without being stopped by the orderlies.
  • Red Ninja Outfit — Complete the Big Prank mission at Halloween in Chapter 1.
  • Skeleton Costume — Complete the mission Halloween in Chapter 1.

Other rewards[edit]

  • Bike Helmet and Jersey — Win at least one bike race.
  • Black Cowboy Hat — Complete the errand Weird Hobo in Bullworth Town.
  • Black Ninja Outfit — Obtain every yearbook photo.
  • BMX Helmet — Complete all bike races.
  • Boxing Outfit — Complete either Boxing Challenge or Prep's Challenge at the boxing club in Old Bullworth Vale.
  • Bandit Mask — Found in a locker after successfully picking 5 locks without getting caught.
  • Crash Helmet — Complete Go-kart race 1.
  • Dunce Cap — Fail at least 5 classes.
  • Edna Mask — Destroy all 19 tombstones. These are found around Bullworth Academy during Halloween only, but if you miss them then, they can be found in a Spencer shipping warehouse in the Blue Skies industrial area.
  • Fast Food Outfit — Attempt the errand Fast Food in Old Bullworth Vale.
  • Firefighter's Helmet — Pull the fire alarm 20 times.
  • Graduation hat — Pass all classes in every subject.
  • Green Ninja Outfit — Hit 1000 times with projectile weapons (eggs, stink bombs etc.)
  • Grotto Master Outfit — Collect all 40 G&G cards.
  • Gnome Outfit — Smash all 25 gnomes.
  • Gold Suit Outfit — Buy all clothing in the game.
  • Incognito Hat — Complete the errand Detective Jimmy near City Hall.
  • Pirate Hat — Beat up the hidden secret pirate on the large island to the west of Bullworth Academy.
  • Prison Uniform — Complete all three detention mini-games at least once.
  • Pumpkin Head — Destroy all 27 pumpkins.
  • Soda Hat — Drink 500 sodas.
  • Tiny Swimsuit — Complete errand Swim Meet near the Beach House.
  • Viking Helmet — Collect all rubber bands and G&G cards.
  • Werewolf Mask — Found in a locker.
  • Wrestling Uniform — Complete Gym class 1.
  • Running Shorts — Travel 100km on foot
  • Bike Shorts — Travel 100km on bike