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In addition to his fists, Jimmy can use various weapons against his opponents. All items are non-lethal, and do varying degrees of damage to other students.

To select a weapon from your inventory, use L2 button or R2 button to scroll through the available items. To fire or throw the weapon, press R1 button — locking on with L1 button is optional.

For thrown items and the slingshot, holding R1 button will increase the power of the shot.


The slingshot is Jimmy's favorite weapon, which fires small rocks. You've got infinite ammo with this weapon, so it's a good one to fall back on. Jimmy gets the slingshot by beating Davis in The Setup, and an upgraded version with a scope is unlockable by successfully defending Earnest in The Candidate. When aimed at someone's head, the slingshot should automatically knock them out. When aimed at someone's legs while they're riding a bike or any vehicle, they will fall off and be temporarily stunned.


Firecrackers are one of the most powerful weapons Jimmy can use, but you're limited to only five in your inventory. A well-placed firecracker can take out an enemy in one hit, but if Jimmy's too close he'll take damage as well.

Jimmy learns to make his own firecrackers in Chemistry 1.

Stink bombs[edit]

Stink bombs don't actually damage the person they hit, just annoy them, therefore they are most useful as an escape aid. They'll be preoccupied enough to allow Jimmy to make a quick getaway if you need to. Jimmy can't attack if he's too close to a stink bomb explosion, as he's too busy holding his nose. Jimmy's inventory can hold five stink bombs.

Jimmy learns to make his own stink bombs in Chemistry 2.

Itching powder[edit]

Like stink bombs, itching powder doesn't hurt your enemy, but it will distract them. This item is very useful against stronger enemies, since you can use it to distract them briefly and land a few quick blows while they're out of commission. Jimmy's inventory can hold five packets of itching powder.

Jimmy learns to make his own itching powder in Chemistry 3.


Eggs can be bought at any convenience store, or found in Jimmy's room after The Eggs. They deal little to no damage, but if you hit an enemy in the face they'll be temporarily blinded. Each carton you find holds 12 eggs.


The only remotely defensive item, marbles can be dropped behind Jimmy to trip up any pursuers as well as thrown at a target from a distance. Jimmy can hold up to five bags of marbles in his inventory.

Bottle rockets[edit]

After the Nerds Challenge mission, Jimmy will be able to use the bottle rocket launcher. The rockets are about as powerful as firecrackers, but the gun isn't very accurate at long range and the fire rate is quite slow. The explosion can hurt Jimmy if he's too close when the rocket hits. Your inventory can hold 12 rockets.

Spud gun[edit]

Unlocked after the Stronghold Assault mission, the spud gun fires whole potatoes at a target, dealing a large amount of damage. The gun can also knock out most targets in one hit, it is Jimmy's most powerful weapon in the game but can miss or deal less damage when shot from a far distance.

Rubber Band Ball[edit]

This weapon is unlocked after you find and collect all 75 Rubber Bands. It's used much the same as the dodgeball ball, and bounces around a lot after throwing.

Non-inventory weapons[edit]

Some items can only be held in-hand and will be dropped when an inventory item is equipped, or when performing other actions such as climbing a ladder or hiding in a locker. You have to drop them before grappling an opponent.

Use Triangle button to pick up an item from the ground, and the same button to drop one that you're holding. Unlike collectibles, they are not picked up automatically.

Stink Gun[edit]

Actually it has same effect like stink bomb, but just unlimited ammo.This weapons can only found on the top of Harrington House,but after you finish all Chapter 5.

Water bombs[edit]

You earn the right to use this weapon after accepting the errand mission from the Townie on top of The Happy Diner across the road from The Happy Mullet, near the town hall. You can refill water bombs at any tap, drinking fountain or sink. Also please note these are not easy weapons to find.

Baseball and cricket bats[edit]

Can be grabbed from people attacking you, or found in some locations. They will break after you use them for a short time. But they never seem to break when being used against you by another character.


Planks of wood can be found lying around, grabbed from others, or from smashing furniture. Not all furniture will yield a plank when destroyed. Otherwise they are like bats.

Trashcan lids[edit]

Metal bin lids are found laying around or are obtained by smashing rubbish bins. They seem to deal more damage than bats and sticks, and don't break.


Bricks are on the ground in some spots and serve as a thrown weapon. Their one-shot nature limits their usefulness compared to, say, the slingshot.

Fire extinguishers[edit]

Can be taken from the wall in places around the school. A fire extinguisher can be discharged at someone close-range — mainly just an annoyance. It also acts as a melee weapon if you punch whilst holding one. It will also be considered Theft if you take it from a public building.

Balls and frisbees[edit]

Found around the school, you can target people with balls and frisbees. They are thrown like any other ranged weapon. You can also hit someone accidentally when you kick a ball that's on the ground. They don't do much damage, but will get you busted if used against girls or little kids.

Other inventory items[edit]

In addition to outright weapons, the following items are available and are used in much the same way.


The skateboard can be selected and put away like any other weapon, or using the L1 button+R1 button shortcut. Tap or hold Cross button to speed up, and ollie with Circle button. The skateboard can go down stairs, but Jimmy will trip if you try to go up.


Select the camera as any other weapon, and use R1 button to take a photo. You can also use Up dpad to enter the viewfinder and zoom in, or lock on to your target with L1 button.

While locking on, you can press Cross button to call your subject, if they're not facing you.

After completing the Photography 1 class, you'll be able to take photos and save them to your Photo Album. Completing Photography 2 will unlock the Yearbook.

A colour camera is unlocked by completing Photography 3.


After finding a taggable area (marked by the tag icon), press Triangle button to take out the spraypaint.

A path will appear in the lower left corner of the screen. When Cross button appears, press and hold the button — it should change to a Neutral lstick. Move the icon along the path with the left stick, stopping to press and hold Cross button again when prompted.

Spraypaint can also be used as a weapon, temporarily blinding an enemy. Select the can like any other weapon, and hold R1 button to spray. Sometimes whatever clique you tag about and a member of that clique is nearby they might attack so be cautious.