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BNJ cpanel.jpg
  • Joystick: Use the joystick to direct your car in eight different directions across the road. Push the joystick up to increase your speed, and hold it down to decrease your speed. Use the joystick to push your car into opponent cars, or to steer away from the side of the roads if you get pushed.
  • Jump: Press the jump button to launch your car into the air. You must be traveling at least 100 MPH before you are allowed to jump. Use the jump button to dodge opponent cars, or leap over huge obstacles such as bodies of water. The faster you are driving, the farther you will jump.
  • 1-2 Players: Press either button to begin a one or two player game.



BNJ Car Player.png

This is a racing game with a car that can hold its own with the other cars in the race. You can bang into other cars. Better than that, you can even smash them off the road for extra points. The first impulse when you find that your car has this ability is to try and smash every car you can. This, however, can be very dangerous because both cars in a collision lose control for a second. Beware! The other cars can and will smash you into the rocks or water if they have the chance.


What do you do when your car is surrounded by other racers who are about to smash you into the wall? You "jump." Jumping is achieved by simply pressing the jump button next to the joystick. Your car must be traveling 100 MPH to jump. The jump itself is proportional to the speed you are traveling which makes speed an important factor in the game play. Luckily there is a speedometer on the top right-hand portion of the screen with a flashing sign that says, "Jump OK" if you are traveling 100 MPH or faster. Jumping is necessary to clear waterways in the road and is helpful in avoiding other cars, so it is important to keep your speed over 100 MPH.


There are a variety of other cars in the race and all are out to get you. The most dangerous opponent is the dump truck. The truck can go faster than your car and dump deadly rocks in your path. You must either avoid or jump these rocks. Deathmobiles are the second most dangerous foe on the course. They are black cars with skulls and crossbones on them. They are as fast as you and intelligent too. Watch out because they will try to gang up on you. Blue cars are also as fast as you but they are not as smart as the Deathmobiles. Yellow and green cars are slower than you and are easily bumped off the road. They are your easiest foe. Although tanks are in this race, they are very slow and not particularly dangerous. Tanks can rarely be bumped off the road due to their weight, so avoid bumping them.

BNJ Car A500.png BNJ Car B300.png BNJ Car C300.png BNJ Car D300.png BNJ Car E500.png
500 points 300 points 300 points 300 points 500 points
BNJ Car F300.png BNJ Car G200.png BNJ Car H300.png BNJ Car I200.png BNJ Car J200.png
300 points 200 points 300 points 200 points 200 points


The course itself will cause you more trouble than the other cars because of its jagged rocks, narrow bridges and long waterways. The rocks form difficult terrain through which you must maneuver your car. These rocky sections of the course are where bumping can be hazardous so try to avoid bumping other cars if possible.

Bridges are half as wide as normal roadways and appear suddenly so be ready to swerve or jump if necessary. You know you are on a bridge if you can see water to your left or to your right. Bridges are hazardous because maneuverability is limited and waterways are common.

Waterways are areas of the road which are washed over by water. To traverse a waterway, you must jump over it successfully. When you are approaching a waterway, a yellow exclamation point appears to warn you of a coming jump. There are two types of waterways. There first is a washed out roadway. These water jumps have a narrow bridge on the left-hand side and islands in the middle. Always go left on these jumps and land on the bridge. The bridge is only one or two car lengths so jump off it as soon as you see the end of the waterway. The length of these jumps vary so learn to recognize the rectangular island which will always appear before the end of the waterway. The other islands are large and square but the rectangular island is much smaller. When you see this island it is safe to jump off the bridge because the waterway will end.

The other type of waterway is a washed out bridge. These bridge jumps are more difficult than the road jumps because there is no bridge on the left or scattered islands in the water. To successfully cross these hazards you must jump after you see the exclamation point while having sufficient speed.