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  • Joystick: Use the joystick to direct Peter Pepper in four directions. Push left or right to make Peter run in either direction, provided a platform is available for him to run on. Push up or down while standing on, or in front of, a ladder to climb up or down.
  • Pepper: Press the pepper button to throw a sprinkle of pepper in whichever direction Peter is currently facing, as long as Peter still has a supply of pepper left to use. If an enemy is hit with pepper, it becomes temporarily frozen and harmless. The pepper will only appear directly in front of Peter, it won't fly forward any appreciable distance, so make sure that an enemy is right next to Peter when you use it, or it will go to waste.
  • 1-2 Players: Press either button to start a 1 or 2 player game.


Chef Peter Pepper[edit]

The master chef, Peter Pepper, greatest hamburger flipper that ever lived, is in for the challenge of his life. He must complete the assembly of massive over-sized hamburgers while outwitting various pieces of food that are descending on him. But Peter is not completely defenseless. He can make use of his award winning pepper mix to send the food into sneezing fits that temporarily take them out of play. But the pepper is in short supply, and while Peter can earn a few refills, he still needs to use it as sparingly as possible. He can also use the very layers of the hamburgers themselves to attack the evil food by dropping them on top of the enemies, or even letting a burger layer drop with an enemy standing on top of it. The added weight will send the layer crashing down two extra levels for every enemy caught on it, bringing Peter a lot closer to his goal. But don't stand still for long, the rest of the enemies are always on the move.

Mr. Hot Dog[edit]

Mr. Hot Dog is typically the most numerous enemy in each stage. He attempts to reach Peter by taking the quickest route possible, but seems to enjoy climbing ladders so much, that he has a tendency to use one even when it would take them away from Peter instead of towards him. Peter can use this to his advantage by climbing a few steps off of the ground, and luring Mr. Hot Dog to climb up parallel ladders, and drop back down to the ground once he is on his way. Mr. Hot Dog can't turn around and reverse his direction, so you can actually walk behind him for quite a while. He is worth 100 points when killed.

Mr. Egg[edit]

Mr. Egg is another dreaded foe of Peter's. Everything that is true for Mr. Hot Dog is true for Mr. Egg, their behavior is one and the same. Mr. Egg is worth 300 points when killed, and there is usually only one of him on the screen at one time.

Mr. Pickle[edit]

Mr. Pickle makes a late entrance to the game, starting on stage 3. Just like Mr. Egg, Mr. Pickle's behavior is identical to the Mr. Hot Dog. He has an odd way of moving about the stage, flipping around as he walks. He is worth 200 points whenever you kill him.


Pepper Bonus[edit]

Each stage has a certain number of hamburger layers that you must drop to the trays below before a pepper bonus item will appear on screen. When the right number of layers have been reached, one of these three items will appear near the center of the stage, and remain only for a few seconds. If you pick them up in time, your supply of pepper will increase by one. Don't miss out on these if you are close by, but don't risk your neck to collect them either.

The Burger[edit]

These are the various layers of a hamburger that you will find. The average burger size is four layers, though they can have as few as three or as many as eight in later stages. Remember that dropping layers on enemies is a great way to earn points and temporarily rid the stage of enemies. Waiting for an enemy to stand on the layer before you push it down completely is an even faster way to clear the stage.


Object Points
Dropping a burger 50 per story, per part
Mr. Hot Dog 100
Mr. Pickle 200
Mr. Egg 300
Ice Cream (stages 1, 4, 7...) 500 + pepper
Coffee (stages 2, 5, 8...) 1000 + pepper
French Fries (stages 3, 6, 9...) 1500 + pepper
Drop a burger with one enemy on it 500
Drop a burger with two enemies at once 1000
Drop a burger with three enemies at once 2000
Drop a burger with four enemies at once 4000
Drop a burger with five enemies at once 8000
Drop a burger with six enemies at once 16,000