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Burn zombie burn artwork.jpg

Burn Zombie Burn! has a similar idea to regular top-down arcade shooters, but with a little twist of humor added to it. With zombies popularized in modern shooters by Call of Duty's Nazi Zombies, Burn Zombie Burn! offers a different style of undead enemies – dangerous, but comical at the same time. They can usually be seen getting up from out of their graves, and if Bruce or Bruno, the player-controlled character, dies, they are usually dragged into the ground by zombie hands. Your goal is to get a high score before you lose all of your lives – a score high enough to get a medal for the location you're trying out. As you go through more places, the scores required to unlock the medals get higher and higher.

Killing burning zombies usually gives you TNT upgrade pick-ups, which become useful when crowded around by a strong bunch of zombies. Killing normal zombies gives you health pick-ups, which are useful when you're getting bombarded by zombie attacks.

Generic weapon names, like the Shotgun, Pistol, and Uzi, offer a variety of different projectile weapons. But you don't only have to use guns. You can use a flamethrower or a baseball bat or even a Brain Sucker, which allows you to suck the brains out of zombies. Hold the fire button to power-up a shot that would blast away any zombie with a baseball bat, or use a quick run-through technique with the lawnmower. With a variety to choose from, find one that you're comfortable with and try using that one. You should also have some other favorites as well. Not all of the guns are usually available, as you start out with a Pistol. The Lawnmower and Flamethrower come in later on, as the zombies get stronger.