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A simple sprint around a racetrack. First to get a specific number of laps and/or reach the finish wins.

Road Rage[edit]

In this mode, you are asked to achieve a specific number of takedowns. The game ends either before time runs out, or you total your car. You can see hen you are about to wreck it when you see "Damage Critical" flash up.

Grand Prix[edit]

In this mode, you must compete in a championship, a series of races. Every time you finish a race, points will be added to your score. Higher the place, higher the score. At the end of the event, the racer with the most points wins.

Face Off[edit]

A 1-on-1 race. Winner takes car.


Another race format, where the last person to cross the line during a lap is eliminated.

Burning Lap[edit]

In here, you race against the clock, and there is no opponets. Set times are placed, and you must beat them. The event ends when you finish a lap.


Similar to a Burning Lap, except you are racing with cars that you do not own(well, at the time of unlock).


Here, your objecteve is to cause the most damage possible.