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Bygg Bilar med Mulle Meck
Developer(s)ELD Interaktiv Produktion
Publisher(s)Levande Böcker
Year released1997
System(s)Windows, Mac OS
Followed byBygg Båtar med Mulle Meck
SeriesMulle Meck
ModesSingle player
LinksBygg Bilar med Mulle Meck ChannelSearchSearch

Bygg Bilar med Mulle Meck is a 1997 game based on the book "Mulle Meck bygger en bil".

In the game the player builds cars out of scrap and drives around in their creations to explore the local area, helping various people in need as well as competing in a car festival.

Table of Contents


Bygg Bilar med Mulle Meck/Table of Contents