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  • New Game: Start the game from the beginning. This should be selected when beginning a new character's route.
  • Load: This option can be used if a previously saved game is present. In-game, use the menu to save and load.
  • After Story: This option appears after enough light orbs are obtained and Nagisa Furakawa's route has been cleared. Light orbs are obtained from successfully clearing certain routes (see the walkthrough page for details).
  • CG Mode: View previously-unlocked CGs, obtained by selecting the correct choices in-game.
  • Music Mode: Listen to previously-unlocked music. Songs are obtained by successfully clearing routes, as they will play over the credits.
  • Dangopedia: This is the game's glossary. Entries are unlocked by selecting certain choices in the story.
  • Config: Change the game's settings, such as text speed and skip settings.
  • Name: Change the name of the player character, Tomoya Okazaki (see below). Characters will still call him Tomoya regardless.


PS2/3/4/Vita Xbox 360 Switch PC Action
Cross button or Circle button A button or B button B button or A button Enter or X Continue/confirm
Triangle button Y button X button Backspace or Z or Esc Open menu
Neutral dpad Neutral dpad Neutral dpad PgUp or PgDn Rewind
R1 button RB button R button Ctrl Skip
Left lstick Left lstick Left lstick Previous choice
Right lstick Right lstick Right lstick Next choice (if all text is read)
Options button Start button Plus button Quick save

Tomoya Okazaki[edit]

Tomoya Okazaki (岡崎 朋也 Okazaki Tomoya?) is the unvoiced protagonist of CLANNAD. The player can choose what action he takes at certain points in the story, determining the direction of the story. At the start of the game, Tomoya is an apathetic high school student in his last year. Despite appearing carefree, as he will often skip classes and arrive to school late whenever he pleases, Tomoya is actually quite introspective and observant. It is these qualities that allow him to assist various characters from all walks of life throughout the story, though he masks this with a rude attitude and blunt honesty. Due to a strained relationship with his father, he tries to avoid his home and will occasionally stay at his friend Sunohara's dorm room instead. One of his favorite activities is pulling pranks on Sunohara.