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I'll Grow My Hair Out Again
Silver Trophy unlocked.png
50 Gamerscore points
I'll Grow My Hair Out Again
Complete Kyou Fujibayashi's scenario.

Kyou Fujibayashi (藤林 杏 Fujibayashi Kyou?) is the older of the Fujibayashi twins, purple-haired sisters who have known Tomoya since his second year. Like her sister Ryou Fujibayashi, Kyou is a third-year and a class representative, though she doesn't seem to take her duty as seriously as Ryou does. Unlike her sister, Kyou is loud and brash, putting her at odds with Tomoya's similarly rude attitude. Kyou is aware of Ryou's crush on Tomoya and does her best to bring them together, though she seems to be hiding her own feelings. Unusually, she has a pet boar named Botan (ボタン?).

Kyou is one of the five main heroines of CLANNAD, though rather than having an individual route, her route branches off from Ryou's. Thus, Ryou is featured heavily in this route. However, unlike Ryou's route, a light orb is obtained from clearing it.

April 14[edit]

  • Just leave it there

April 15[edit]

  • Apologize
  • Sit through class
  • Do nothing
  • Escape
  • Do nothing

April 16[edit]

  • Talk to the old lady
  • Try pressing for details
  • Don't skip

April 17[edit]

  • Waste time outside school
  • Watch as she leaves

April 18[edit]

  • She uses playing cards
  • Return to the classroom after all

April 19[edit]

  • Go straight home

April 20[edit]

  • Ignore him

April 21[edit]

  • Be late
  • Jump right
  • Leave
  • Tear it up

April 22[edit]

  • React to finding me
  • Take him for now

April 23[edit]

  • Follow her
  • Act like an astronaut about to sacrifice himself to save Earth
  • Don't talk to her

April 24[edit]

  • Really? You will?

April 25[edit]

  • Just go to the school gate
  • Friends

April 26[edit]

  • Let's give it a try

April 28[edit]

  • Bring him along to school
  • Long hair

May 1[edit]

  • It's terrible...

May 3[edit]

  • Try practicing

May 4[edit]

  • Amethyst

May 5[edit]

  • Lovers
  • Kiss her

May 7[edit]

  • Run out