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The Blooming Sakura
Silver Trophy unlocked.png
50 Gamerscore points
The Blooming Sakura
Complete Tomoyo Sakagami's scenario.
Tomoyo, Weapon of Mass Destruction
Gold Trophy unlocked.png
40 Gamerscore points
Tomoyo, Weapon of Mass Destruction
Achieve a 64 hit combo with Tomoyo.

Tomoyo Sakagami (坂上 智代 Sakagami Tomoyo?) is a second-year transfer student, and is thus shrouded in mystery. Rumors of violence have followed her from her past, and remain a popular topic of conversation among the students, much to her chagrin. Despite being younger than Tomoya, she does not address him with the respect that an underclassman would ordinarily give to an upperclassman. Unbeknownst to most of her peers, Tomoyo has a younger brother named Takafumi Sakagami (坂上 鷹文 Sakagami Takafumi?).

Tomoyo is one of the five main heroines of CLANNAD, and therefore has a long route. At the end of her route, if all choices below are followed, Tomoya will receive two light orbs, though this is only possible if Misae Sagara's route was cleared beforehand. A 64 hit combo can also be achieved on Tomoyo's route, by returning to it after all other routes have been completed; simply save where instructed and load once the other endings have been achieved. Although Tomoyo isn't the "true" route of the game (a distinction that belongs to Nagisa Furukawa), Tomoyo gained enough popularity among the game's fan base for her story to be continued as an alternate timeline in the spin-off Tomoyo After: It's a Wonderful Life.

April 14[edit]

  • Record your own voice over it
  • Just say whatever comes to mind

April 15[edit]

  • Ignore her
  • Sit through class
  • Go down to the courtyard
  • Keep talking
  • Watch how things turn out
  • I'm interested in this
  • I feel concerned
  • Talk to her

April 16[edit]

  • Go with Sunohara
  • Don't skip
  • Run to buy a sandwich
  • Make her do it alone

April 17[edit]

  • Go and watch
  • Follow him
  • Follow him
  • Waste time inside school
  • Sleep
  • Try talking to her
  • Talk to her

April 18[edit]

  • Accept
  • Kick him back
  • Let Sunohara do it
  • Let her go
  • An empty classroom
  • I'll watch her just a bit more
  • Go sleep
  • Leave here
  • Help her
  • Talk to her

April 19[edit]

  • Have him stop it already
  • Go straight home

April 20[edit]

  • Follow him
  • Leave
  • Don't come again

April 21[edit]

  • Wake up like a good student
  • Say something
  • Keep waiting
  • I guess so
  • I eat it anyway

April 22[edit]

  • I'm on my way home
  • No, it's not like that
  • Have him stop it already

April 23[edit]

  • There is nothing unnecessary, right?
  • React to finding me
  • Sleep
  • About the fact that she's trying to reform the drama club

April 24[edit]

  • Perhaps I just want to be with Tomoyo

April 25[edit]

  • Start getting ready

April 26[edit]

  • Let's eat in the school cafeteria

May 2[edit]

  • Why don't you imagine those things too, then

May 3[edit]

  • Run a simulation
  • Let's not
  • No... Probably not

May 4[edit]

  • Leave for real

May 5[edit]

  • Think things can't go on like this

May 6[edit]

  • Interfere
  • It's not all right

May 11[edit]

  • Kick him back (Save at this choice and return after completing all other routes for a 64 hit combo.)
  • Help