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A Gentle Scenery
Silver Trophy unlocked.png
40 Gamerscore points
A Gentle Scenery
Complete Yukine Miyazawa's scenario.

Yukine Miyazawa (宮沢 有紀寧 Miyazawa Yukine?) is a second-year student who can usually be found in the school library's reference room. She acts more like a staff member than a student, providing assistance to fellow students in search of reference materials, as well as snacks and beverages to visitors. Her hospitable attitude draws Tomoya in, though he finds it odd just as much as he finds it endearing. Even more strange is her friendship with delinquents from other schools, a mystery that can only be explained by incidents in her past.

Though Yukine's route does reward Tomoya with a light orb, she is a side character, and so has one of the shorter routes in the game. She was originally planned to be one of the main heroines, but this plan was scrapped after her script did not meet the writers' expectations. Regardless, she remains on the cover of most physical versions of the game, a distinction that no other side character shares.

April 14[edit]

  • Record your own voice over it
  • Just say whatever comes to mind

April 15[edit]

  • Ignore her
  • Sit through class
  • Do nothing
  • Escape
  • Do nothing

April 16[edit]

  • Don't skip

April 17[edit]

  • Waste time outside school
  • Watch as she leaves

April 18[edit]

  • Let Sunohara do it
  • Go sleep
  • Talk to her a bit more
  • Just sleep

April 19[edit]

  • Go to the old school building
  • To the reference room

April 20[edit]

  • Follow him
  • See what happens for a bit longer
  • Refuse

April 21[edit]

  • Wake up like a good student

April 22[edit]

  • Start by introducing yourself
  • Go with Sunohara
  • Ryou

April 23[edit]

  • Act like we're lovers parting ways at a train station
  • Don't try the spell
  • Don't talk to her

April 24 onward[edit]

  • Don't do it
  • Let her sleep
  • It's all right
  • Let her sleep