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Special Skills are unlocked at certain points during the character's growth, but only by completing certain quests. With a few exceptions (e.g. Nation Alignment and Astral Board License), Special Skills are unlocked after completing the Class Rank Promotion Quest, which is avaliable every 10 levels the character advances.

Players will gain a Special Skill after completing the 1st, 2nd, 5th and 8th Class Rank Promotion Quest.

Combo Mode[edit]

Combo Mode is unlocked at level 10 after the Class Rank promotion quest. From then on, players are able to charge their SP (Spirit Point) bar. For characters between levels 10 and 19, only one SP bar can be charged. For each successful promotion beyond that point, characters will be able to charge an additional bar, up to a maximum of 5 SP bars. The SP bar is charged as the character performs actions, such as using skills. Combo mode uses a small amount of SP to activate. Once activated, a meter will appear on the screen, which will be quickly filled up. The player must execute a skill on a monster while the meter is in the "combo point" range, which is about three-quarters of the combo meter. Depending on where the player executes the skill, a miss, bad, good, or excellent will appear. Bad grants the least benefits, while excellent grants the most. Miss, however, will end the combo.

A successful execution of a skill in a combo will continue the combo until the player misses. Skills are executed faster than usual in a combo with a damage boost. Skills do not miss during a combo. The higher count success of the combo will result in the combo point range getting smaller and smaller, making continuing the combo more difficult. In order to continue a combo across several enemies, players must target another enemy as their character is performing the skill on the enemy he is attacking. Failure to do so will cause the combo mode to end after the current enemy dies. Many players have stated that combos are very hard to perform.

Battle Aura[edit]

Battle Aura is attained at level 20 after performing the promotion quest. Players may choose from water, ice, fire, thunder, earth, or wind. There is no difference in stats gain for different elements, only the appearance will be different. Battle Aura takes one SP bar to activate, and cannot be canceled until the duration of the mode ends. The battle aura is the growing characters first battle style although it more buff-like it takes 1 SP bar(5000sp)SP is gained faster while dancing. There are 2 dances; 1 that can be found in special skills, and and 1 which is activated with a command. To activate the second dance type /dance2 in the chat in normal mode. If there is more than 1 person dancing, they can be synchronized by typing /sync in the chat while in normal mode.

Battle Mode 1 and Battle Mode 2[edit]

Battle Mode 1 is gained at level 30 after finishing the promotion quest. Unlike Battle Aura, Battle Mode 1s are different for each class. Warriors will get Berserker, Bladers will get Illusionist, Wizard will get Chain Caster, Force Archers will get Multi Shooter, Force Shielders will get Counter Attack, and Force Bladers will get Force Enchanter.

Battle Mode 2 is gained at level 50 after completing the promotion quest. Unlike, Battle Mode 1 and Aura, each class summons an Astral Weapon and gains a specific skill that can only be used during Battle Mode 2. Some skills cannot be used during Battle Mode 2. Warriors will become Lancers, with their Astral Weapon being a Scythe. Bladers will become Grapplers; their Astral Weapons being a pair of Dual Claws. Wizards will become Double Casters; their Astral Weapons being Astral Orbs. Force Archers will become Twin Gunners; their Astral Weapons being a pair of Dual Handguns. Force Shielders will become Shield Masters; their Astral Weapons being a Blade Shield. Force Bladers will become Blader Shooters; their Astral Weapon being an Arm Cannon.

The cost of activating the Battle Modes is 1 SP bar (5000 SP).

Astral Bike & Buff Duration Increase[edit]

At level 80, players would be able to summon an Astral Bike, that functions like an Astral Board. Like the Astral Board, it is available as a rare drop from high-level monsters. It can also be bought permanently from the CABAL Online Cash Shop. At level 80, your buff durations will also increase by 100%. Finally, at lv 120 and Lv 150, buff duration will again increase by 150% and 200% respectively.

At level 50, players are given the ability to chain attacks on their Astral Bike. As with the Astral Board chain skill, you are only given one attack at level 90. One extra skill per promotion is given until the character has four attacks at level 120, and if they are able to chain four attacks, they can continue the combo. The astral board summoning skill is gained on lvl 40 with the rank up quest boards have different bonuses for players using them you can buy board from the C.C.(Cabal Cash)shop with the duration of 30 days or pernament. to get C.C. go to official cabalonline site

Stacking Buffs and Modes[edit]

At level 140, characters would be able to use two unrelated non-evoluated buffs at the same time. At level 170, players will have the ability to use three non-Evoluated buffs at the same time.

Players are allowed to activate both Battle Aura and Battle Mode 1 together at level 40. At level 60, Aura and Battle Mode 2 can be stacked. At level 110, players can use combo mode while using Battle Mode 1. At level 130, they are allowed to combine Battle Mode 1, Aura, and Combo mode.

At level 120, players are allowed to have six buffs on them, followed by seven buffs at 130, eight buffs at 140, nine buffs at 150, and ten buffs at 160.