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Brecourt is very roughly based on the Brecourt Manor campaign mission. A battle between American and German forces, its mix of wide landscapes and trenches demonstrates the excellent balance of multiplayer maps in Call of Duty.


Brecourt can roughly be divided into two sides, the north and the south side, divided by the large hedge and the trench that runs through the middle. To the northwest corner is the farm, which sees much more action in Deathmatch rather than Team Deathmatch games. Going across to the east from the farm is a wide, open field dotted with bushes and trees. It is largely guarded by the lone MG facing the direction of the farm. This is a major strategic position. The north side is also a favorite skirmishing area for Tommy gunners in Deathmatch.

In the middle is a large hedge dividing the two sides and a trench running along its south side. The trench is generally a refuge for submachine and support gunners, where their weapons are at their maximum deadliness and cover is maximized against riflemen. The south side is even more open than the north, with the only cover being the ruins of a house and some dead cows. In this region, snipers and riflemen reign supreme, even on Deathmatch.



In deathmatch, probably the safest way to move around is through the trench, with the exception of the trench intersection. Toss a grenade or two at the intersection before approaching. If you do meet people in the trench, an effective way to combat them is to go prone and blast them away. It's usually an unexpected attack that will take them down quickly.

Take cover by the small shed before moving towards the farm. When going along the north side, stay close to the edge and use the bushes to conceal yourself from enemy fire. In this area, personal skill will come greatly into play, with its open nature. There are slight differences in terrain; whenever you can take the high ground.

On the south side, riflers will be expected in the ruins and bomb craters, so don't stay there too long. The best place to stay as a sniper is among the copse of trees to the east, because you have the clearest view of the rest of the battlefield in a relatively remote location. The other location is behind the bushes by the trench, prone.