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American campaign[edit]

In this campaign, as Pvt. Martin, you find yourself in the 101st Airborne Division on D-Day. You parachute in to set a radio beacon to guide pilots to a landing zone so they can insert soldiers. Following that, you attack the village of St.-Mere Eglise and destroy the three Flakpanzers in the area. Afterward, you defend the village from German counterattack. Then, you use a French car and a Kubelwagen to get to headquarters near Ste.-Marie-Du-Mont. Finally, to conclude D-Day missions, your squad is assigned to disable a German battery at Brecourt Manor.

After D-Day, there are missions behind enemy lines. The first one is to nab Captain Price from a chateau in the Bavarian Alps. The next and last mission behind enemy lines is to rescue Major Ingram from a POW Camp called Dulag IIIA.

In the epilogue, your company is somewhere northeast of Bastogne, Belgium. You are assigned to retrieve important documents about weapons like the V-2.As a result, a group from British SAS is assigned to destroy a mobile V-2 base near Bursteinfurt, Germany, named Batterie #445.

British campaign[edit]

This campaign sees you as Sgt. Evans in the 6th airborne Division also fighting in D-Day. You are assigned to capture Canal Bridge (known as Pegasus Bridge nowadays) near Benoville, France. Then in the morning, you have to hold it until reinforcements arrive.

After D-Day is over and you join the SAS, you have to go behind enemy lines to destroy the Eder Dam's air defense and power source in preparation of future RAF bombings. Following that,you are chased by German patrols as you attempt to get to the airport. Once there, you must fight off Stukas with a Flakverling. Finally, a mission requires you to board the Tirpitz to steal the patrol log, and sabotage its boilers and anti-aircraft electronics for a future RAF bombing mission.

In the epilogue, as a result of some Americans finding information about a mobile V-2 Rocket Base called Batterie #445, located near Burgsteinfurt, Germany, you are ordered to sabotage it. First, the anti-aircraft guns are destroyed, then you proceed to blow the V-2 Rockets.

Russian campaign[edit]

In this campaign, you find yourself as a conscripted Russian soldier in the 13th Guards named Pvt. Alexi Ivanovich Voronin crossing the Volga into Stalingrad to assist Russian forces fighting German invaders. You run around unarmed and wait until the Germans fall back. You continue to push them back from Red Square and once it is retaken, you are ordered to tell this news to Major Zubov. In order to do this, you must push through a train station. During this time, you acquire weapons.

Sometime later you are promoted to Junior Sgt., and you are ordered to find a reconnaissance team under the command of Sgt. Pavlov, that was assigned to scan a four-story apartment (the building is a good place to coordinate artillery strikes) via the sewers. Once you find the team, you assist in the capturing of the apartment.

At the beginning of the final year of World War II, after you get promoted to Sgt., you are moved to the 150th Rifle Division, and your squad is ordered to secure a tank factory complex in Warsaw, Poland. Afterward, you head through the rail yard to exit the premises of the complex.

Weeks after, due to a shortage of tank crews,you are put in 2nd Guards Tank Army. The army proceeds to break the German defense at the Oder River and secure a town near it.

In the epilogue (and final mission for the game), you have returned to your former unit the 150th, and you fight in the streets of Berlin to get to the Reichstag. Once inside the Reichstag, you and your comrades break through the defensive, and you witness the Soviet flag being waved when you reach the top. A cut scene that follows shows a black and white film showing the aftermath of the war from the point of view of a unknown Russian soldier (most likely Voronin).