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Breach and clear two deadly rooms full of enemies and hostages to capture the oil rig.

  • 1 Star: Regular
  • 2 Stars: Hardened
  • 3 Stars: Veteran

IW Best Time: 3:10.3


It is recommended to play this mission with only one player, it is possible to do with two players, but both of the breaches have more enemies and you need to shoot almost perfectly to win, especially on the last breach as there are explosive barrels as well as hostages near the enemies which will result in a mission failure if hit. As long as you know what targets you are going to hit in the breaches, you should be OK doing this with two players. It may be a good idea to practice on Regular as the enemy positions are the same in the breaches.

Start off by going to either door, aim for headshots on all of the enemies, then continue down the ship and a previously closed gate will open. Use the grenade launcher to kill most of the enemies, then retreat into the room with the hostages. Pick up an AT4 for later then shoot out of the door until all the enemies are dead then continue onwards. Enemies will come from the next floor, shoot them as they come down the stairs, then go up, continue forward and crouch next to a large wood shipment. There will be another AT4 here for the helicopter. As enemies appear, shoot a grenade from the grenade launcher at the large gas tanks, they should explode. Now switch to the AT4, a helicopter should appear on your left, shoot it when it stops moving and starts revving its gun.

After it dies, stay behind the wood until most of the enemies are dead, then throw a flashbang into the building on the right then rush in. Kill any remaining enemies, then look outside the door further on, some more enemies should be outside there but shooting them will be easy. Turn round the next corner and again there will be more enemies, take these down slowly, many will come down the set of stairs. After all of these are dead, take an Intervention with Thermal Sights (Multiplayer) or an F2000 with Thermal sights (Solo Play) from either the deck you are on now, or a container once you go up the stairs. After you get the weapon, switch to your primary rifle and go up to the top deck. As soon as you get up there, rush forward and kill the enemies in the window before they start to pop smoke. For multiplayer, there will be a cargo container with a thermal weapon near it, have one player take each side of this and wait until all the enemies are dead. For solo play, go back down the stairs and have them aim the F2000's sights at the top of the stirs, kill all the enemies then go back to the previously mentioned cargo container. Now go left with your thermal weapon ready, there will be one enemy sniper above you on the left and around two or three enemies on the ground. After you have killed these, go to the door on the right to breach. For single player, there will be four enemies that you need to kill, you should kill the two on the right first (one will try to knife you and another two are behind him. One may try to hide behind a pillar. The final enemy is on the left in plain view. After you kill there, the mission will be completed. On Multiplayer, the enemies will be the same but with a few more that your partner should kill, the main problem will be if your partner decides to kill one enemy that you're meant to, destroying the barrels.After you have killed all the enemies, you should win the mission.