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For the squadmate mode on the Wii, the player with the second Remote button can enter by pressing A button. The second player is limited to fire, interact/reload and cycle weapons. To exit this mode, press 1 button to end the cooperative mode. The Wii also has the controls designed for the Wii Zapper. Check the button layout and motions you're going to use if you decide to choose the Wii Zapper as an alternative control method instead of the Wii Remote and Nunchuk.

PlayStation 3 Wii Windows Xbox 360 Action
Neutral lstick Neutral nunchuk Neutral lstick Move up/down; Strafe left/right.
Circle button C button B button Change stance. Hold to go prone.
L1 button Z button LT button Aim through your gun.
Cross button Up dpad A button Jump.
Left dpad Toggle Special Weapons. Hold for Kill Streak Reward (Multiplayer only).
Triangle button Right dpad Y button Cycle Normal Weapons.
R3 button Down dpad or Shake Remote button Click Neutral rstick Melee attack.
L3 button A button Click Neutral lstick Lock camera/sprint.
Square button Minus button X button Interact/reload. Alternative way of reloading is the shake Nunchuk button.
R2 button Plus button RB button Throw primary grenade. To throw secondary grenade, twist counter-clockwise while pressing Plus button.
Start button 1 button Start button Pause/show objective.
2 button Scoreboard (Multiplayer only).
R1 button B button RT button Fire.
Neutral rstick Remote button Neutral rstick Aim/look. Point at and move the reticle around the screen.