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For a first-person shooter involved with blood and guts, you're going to encounter lots of surprises. If you want to get through the game straightaway, go to the Walkthrough. If you want to learn about your button layout, go on to the next page.

This is what you'll be experiencing in this game:

  • World War 2 up close and personal. You'll be traversing through a more real life war town of Germany, Russia and the jungles of Japan.
  • The enemies of war are not going to take you lightly. Even the Japanese are going mad into attacking you head on!
  • A few exceptional levels involve you driving a tank and taking control of the plane like a real hero soldier would. The plane mission is not available on the Wii version.
  • Play alone or play with a friend on split-screen or online. If you have a tough time alone, your friend would help you in all the missions. The Wii especially has a squadmate mode to give extra firepower if you are overpowered.
  • Experience multiplayer, building up experience and perks. All console except the Wii will also experience the horror of Nazi Zombies.
  • If you find it far too horrifying, you can tone down the graphics content in the game options menu but it won't work on online multiplayer.