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Machine Guns refer to any automatic weapon that does high damage, has large magazine sizes and low hipfire accuracy and movement speed in Call of Duty: World at War.


Machine Guns generally are intended for medium range combat, but can be devastators when it comes to close range due to rate of fire, with the only disadvantage being the movement speed and restricted movement that comes with it. As such, Machine guns are mainly used to defend choke points or objectives for the defending team.

There are several different machine guns that warrant different ways of using them to maximize their effectiveness.

  • Type-99: The Japanese Machine gun. Has a slow rate of fire, but makes up for it with damage and the choice of a bayonet for increased melee range at the cost of weapon recovery time.
  • BAR: Short form for the Browning Automatic Rifle, this weapon like the Type-99 has a slow rate of fire, but also has high recoil. It is recommended that a player should semi-automatically trigger tap as this weapon has excellent damage.
  • DP-28: This gun has a distinctive sound that can be removed by suppressors, and can be mounted like all machine guns with the Bipod attachement, but suffers poor hip-fire accuracy as a result and Steady Aim is recommended to use this gun.
  • MG42: This gun does the weakest damage out of all the Machine Guns, but makes up for it with it's very fast rate of fire and minimal recoil in comparison to the other Machine Guns. Sleight of Hand is recommended for usage with this gun as it takes twice as long to reload the MG42 in Multiplayer than it is to reload in Singleplayer and Zombie mode.
  • FG42: This gun is comparable to the MG42 in terms of rate of fire, but pales when it comes to matching it's ammo capacity as players often run out of ammo quickly, making Bandolier a popular perk choice.
  • M1919 Browning: At 6.4 seconds to reload, this gun takes the longest time to reload in World at War, making Sleight of Hand a necessity when using this gun. It has a slower rate of fire than the latter two MGs, but it also does as much damage as the FG42 with less recoil than the BAR or DP-28.

All Machine guns have this attachments in common:

  • Bipod: Renders an MG deployable, instead of reloading the gun overheats after long periods of firing and takes 5 seconds to cool down. It also completely mitigates recoil. A unique feature is that when deployed a weapon fires in 3 round bursts, even when tapping the trigger once, making it very effective in fending off enemy attacks.