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Shi No Numa[edit]

More Than 2 Guns[edit]

When the mystery box is in either the Fishing Hut or the Doctor's Quarters the gun glitch can be possibly done. Make sure you have enough points for the perk in the hut and the mystery box. Open the mystery box and wait until you know what gun you're getting and you can take it. Buy the perk and while the bottle is still in your hands or while you're still drinking the perk, take the gun. You will now have 3 guns. Hold a grenade in your hand until you get downed and make sure there is someone there to revive you. You will no longer have the perk you just bought. Repeat the process you used to get your third gun and you will now have 4 guns. Repeat this process until you have as many guns as you want or need.


When you open up storage and go past the small shed-like hut to the right, you will see a large red meteorite outside the barriers of the map. Shoot it and your character will comment on it.

Music Easter Egg[edit]

At the Comm. Room hut, one of the rooms will have a desk with communication equipment. On the desk there will be a small black telephone. Press the reload button while close to and facing the telephone. A voice will say: "I know when you're sleeping" and 'The One' sung by Elena Siegman will start playing.

Zombie Verruckt[edit]

Music Easter Egg[edit]

Near the electric room there are toilets. Press the reload button to flush the toilet all the way to the left. Flush it three times and 'Lullaby for a Dead Man' sung by Elena Siegman will start playing.


  • If you crouch next to the open crematory oven in the right side starting room, you can hear crying.
  • If you press the reload button next to and facing the dentist chair, you can hear a man screaming and a drill.

Der Riese[edit]

Music Easter Egg[edit]

Press the reload button when close to and facing three green jars with spines in them around the map. Two are near the Trench Gun and the last one is found near Teleporter Z-B. When finished, the song 'Beauty of Annihilation' sung by Elena Siegman will start playing.

Extra Change[edit]

If you go prone in front of any perk machine, you will get 25 points. This can only be done once for each machine.

Three Guns[edit]

When the Pack-a-Punch machine is open, make sure you have enough money for the Kar (200 points) and the Pack-a-Punch (5000 points) and you have at least one Bouncing Bettie. Make sure there's a crawler and none of the other players or the crawler will be in your way. While you put your gun to upgrade, run and buy the Kar. Run back to the machine and while switching from a gun to a Bouncing Bettie, take the upgraded gun. If done correctly, you will have three guns. The maximum guns you can have with this glitch is three.

Screaming Monkey[edit]

Go the furnace room, right behind the Thompson, equipped with Monkey Bombs. Throw a Monkey Bomb into the furnace and it will scream until it explodes. A little girl (presumably Maxis' daughter) will say: "Why are you being so cruel to Mister Monkey? He just wanted to play!"

Hidden Note[edit]

Next to the Thompson will be a pile of bricks. Press the reload button while aiming at a small, differently-colored brick. It will sink into the ground, revealing a note. It can be read with the PTRS-80's scope.