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Name Type Maximum Ammo Capacity Magazine Size Description
.357 Magnum Revolver 80 6 Can kill up to three zombies in one shot. Can be used when downed.
Arisaka Bolt-Action Rifle 50 5 Makes its first and only appearance in Shi No Numa. It's best in early rounds.
BAR Automatic Rifle 140 20 Has a small ammo capacity and low rate of fire.
Bouncing Betty Mine 2 2 Are restored after every round. Often used for glitches.
Bowie Knife Knife - - The only weapon that stays with the player after they die and respawn. It's only in Der Riese.
Double-Barreled Shotgun Shotgun 60 2 A powerful shotgun that needs close range to be very effective.
FG42 Light Machine Gun 192 32 A powerful gun with high fire rate.
Gewehr 43 Semi-Automatic Rifle 120 10 Found in the starting rooms of Verruckt, Der Riese and Shi No Numa. Best for early rounds.
Kar 98K Bolt-Action Rifle 50 5 Has low damage and low rate of fire, best for head shots in early rounds.
M1 Garand Semi-Automatic Rifle 128 8 Commonly in the mystery box with rifle grenades- which is good for making crawlers.
M1911 Semi-Automatic Pistol 80 8 Players always start with this gun.
M1897 Trenchgun Shotgun 60 6 Powerful shotgun, larger ammo capacity than the Double-Barreled Shotgun but slow reload time.
M1919 Browning Machine Gun 500 125 The Browning's bullets are stronger than the MG42 but it has a slower fire rate.
M1A1 Carbine Semi-Automatic Rifle 120 15 Best in early rounds, like all semi-automatic rifles.
M2 Flamethrower Flamethrower Unlimited but overheats - The Flamethrower is useless in later rounds but is a good weapon for Insta-Kill, since it wastes no ammo.
M24 Stielhandgranate Grenade Player receive 2 every round - Players start with 2 and get 2 every round. If thrown too close to the player, they can stun/down the player.
MG42 Machine Gun 500 125 Quickly runs out of ammo due to its high fire rate but is very effective.
MP40 Sub-Machine Gun 192 32 Has higher damage and larger magazine than the Thompson but has a low fire rate.
Molotov Cocktail Special/Secondary Grenade 4 - The most they can do is make crawlers, many players believe this is the most useless weapon obtainable from the box.
Monkey Bomb Special/Secondary Grenade/Wonder Weapon 3 - Nazi Zombies are attracted to Monkey Bombs when thrown. They are often used to make time to save downed players or to get a Max Ammo pick-up.
PPSh-41 Sub-Machine Gun 355 71 Has a very high rate of fire, makes ammo run out quickly but is very effective against zombies.
PTRS-41 Scoped Sniper Rifle 55 5 The only sniper rifle available in Nazi Zombies, it is capable of killing zombies with one shot when sniping.
Panzerschreck Anti-Armor Rocket Launcher 16 (Verruckt), 20 (Shi No Numa) 1 Useful against large groups of zombies but has large splash damage.
Ray Gun Wonder Weapon 160 20 One of the most powerful weapons in the game that's often used for back-up.
Springfield Bolt-Action Rifle 50 5 Only appears in the first 2 maps, considered one of the weakest guns.
Thompson Sub-Machine Gun 200 20 Very effective weapon with good accuracy, but gets weaker in later rounds.
Type 100 Sub-Machine Gun 180 30 A good gun with good accuracy that's often compared to the Thompson.
Wunderwaffe DG-2 Wonder Weapon 15 3 Immediately kills the zombie shot at and up to ten other nearby zombies.